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They are trying to detain you”…is what my attorney told me that cold, rainy December morning in 2013 in the Atlanta Georgia federal court house. Not exactly the words you want to hear as you are preparing to start court for what should be a typical signature bond release process after spending 2 days of the Thanksgiving weekend in the Atlanta City jail, sitting there in an orange jumpsuit with hand cuffs, leg chains and 2 U.S. Marshalls sitting 3 feet behind you watching your every move. “Wait what??? Detain me, for what???” I proclaimed totally dumbfounded. As she started sliding a document across the table to me for me to read she states, “They think you are extremely dangerous and will flee the country.” I looked at her like she was crazy and kind of laughed it off thinking this must be some kind of joke as I then start seeing this official document marked “SEALED” in big red letters by the FBI and the U.S Attorney’s office come more into focus with the following descriptions stating such things as: international flight risk, has made credible “death threats” to witness, is known to be armed, dangerous and violent, high risk of intimidation and physical threats to witnesses. “WHAT THE FUCK???” After reading this with my jaw dropped to the floor, I had to look at the name on the top of the document several times to see if it was actually my name on there or perhaps they had the wrong guy or hell maybe they just put me in the wrong damn court room. That must be it, that’s gotta be it…but nope, it had my name written all over it.


As the process begin I quickly came to the profound realization that yes it was my name listed on that document BUT there was someone else’s name that helped create and  author that document and her name was also all over it too. In fact, it was quite evident that without her “Testimony”, there was no case at all and I never would have been denied bond as I later found out that she was the “Star” FBI witness 1, 2, 3 and 4. As the US Attorney was questioning the FBI agent that arrested me and describing how “Violent and dangerous” I was, like he even knew me, had never met him before in my life, but yet he was the US Attorneys “Expert” on ME (HA!), I kept telling my attorney, put me on the stand, I want to testify, this is all bullshit, none of this ever happened, let me speak, I have proof, this is not true, let me take a polygraph now!!! She just kept telling me no, no and no. She would tell me “I can’t do that”, I was like “Why not…this doesn’t make any sense why I can’t tell my side of the story here, its my own damn hearing for God’s sake yet you wont let me defend myself”. Sadly, I have come to the profound understanding that all this back-n-forth stuff we see in court is all a big show and the reality of our legal system that many perhaps don’t want to believe is that anyone can say anything, can lie, destroy your life at ease, can claim whatever the hell they want with NO PROOF…and if the Feds or some overzealous prosecutor want to use it against you, that’s it…you are royally fucked!!! CASE CLOSED, don’t pass go, do not collect $200 and definitely no “Get out of Jail” card. (monopoly reference) The biggest lie in this country is the infamous false belief that we are “Innocent until proven guilty”…nope we are “guilty until proven innocent” however even that’s not accurate because there is no “Realistic” way to prove your innocence in a Federal court as it’s a TOTALLY one-sided system anyway that is hidden from the mass public. But that’s another story.


At the end of the hearing, after hearing what seemed like an eternity of horseshit going back and forth about me as if they even knew me and any of it was actually true, I knew full well what really just went down. There was no way in hell that this judge was going to allow me to go home and fight my case as I should have been allowed since I had no prior record of ANY kind and there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever of anything they were claiming. Even my attorney kept saying that over and over but the judge would have none of it. If anyone wants to believe that the court system is “Credible”, please people… I have a bridge to sell you, just for you good price! I knew that this testimony given to the FBI could have only come from one person, oh yes just one person for sure, one person who had a strong motive, a big vendetta, the connections, the experience, the only “Master Architect of deceit” that I have come to know very well and even once loved very much, my lovely ex-wife Melissa.


As if right on cue on this earthly drama play we call “Life”, the Universe in all its amazement gave me “The ORIGINAL script and the author” of what would come to be the next chapter of my life for the next 4 years and made sure that it literally fell right into my hands at the end of this charade bond hearing which I will describe in great detail later. Thank you Universe! This script, which I will gladly expose for you and the entire world to see as “Evidence” of this carefully orchestrated attack on my civil liberties, freedom and attempt on my human life. I can humble say that at that time, I truly had no idea what an impact that one fabricated testimony by Melissa to the FBI would drastically have on what was about to go down for the next 4 years of my life, but boy oh boy, I was about to find out in a big way. Shit got real, real quick…lol. If you read all through this entire Truth declaration, you will probably be just as shocked as I was, in fact I know you will be. Try living it! As the saying goes…”Once you know the Truth, you are never the same.” Happy reading!


Its been said for many, that their greatest fear is not death but the fear of what others might think about them, which essentially is not a physical death but a death to the self-the ego. For many, the greatest prison people live in is the fear of what people think. Could that fear of “What others think of me” drive someone, a spouse for that matter to create such a deceivious, malicious calculated cold hearted “Character assassination” scheme to deceive her spouse into signing a “fake divorce”, perjurize herself in numerous State courts with blatant false testimony because she “knows the system” very well as a former paralegal, put fraud on the court, attempt to turn his own family against him, contact the FBI, testify to grand acts of false accusations about beatings, abuse, verbal threats of killing them and burying their bodies in the desert, holding guns to their heads, strikes across the face often, and ultimately setting them up to be arrested. Even going as far as convincing others close to her to say the same thing to be on “Same page” when speaking to the FBI.


What if those actions eventually led to him being incarcerated in the worst possible inhumane conditions such as being held in Solitary confinement aka The SHU or the HOLE in prison for months on end? What if her direct testimony lead to someone not seeing daylight or breathing one breath of fresh outside air for 5 months! What if her actions also lead to an attempt on his life? What if that person was so intent on achieving her goal of protecting that “Precious perception” that others, such as maybe one of her best friends, were also convicted of a crime when they were 100% innocent. What if 10 different innocent people were all “Given up, ratted out, snitched on” as collateral damage & had their lives turned upside down investigated by the Feds just to save face of how she might be perceived from her family, friends & “fans”. ALL 100% TRUE!


While this might sound like an unlikely scenario made for a fiction movie, but once you finish reading this “Truth Declaration”, you will come to know the truth behind Melissa Gilliland aka Melissa Long aka my ex-wife Melissa Jones or as she is known online Melissa “Mad Duo Missy” Gilliland to all her tens of thousands of fans. Hmm, the irony of the nickname. Why even in her own words she openly declares in this online magazine interview  “A woman’s vengeance is calculated and patient but swift, ha”. Damn just telling it like it is huh? Life’s Modus Operandi perhaps???

So before I delve down memory lane and share my story to the world and expose the Truth for what it is, I want to share one important thing. This is not about petty revenge, this is not about the hope of destroying someone’s life through this process as I am a firm believer that what someone does to you is their karma and how you respond is yours. A truly strong person does not seek revenge but moves on and lets “Karma” do the dirty work which is what I fully intend to do. I am not asking you to believe me over her or judge her in any way. I believe the facts speak for themselves and you can believe or perceive what you want. If you want to judge me in any way, feel free but that’s on you. You are not defining me but yourself. I am by no means perfect, nor ever claimed to be or justifying my financial decisions done out of desperation that eventually lead me to prison nor asking for any sympathy or forgiveness, frankly I have never been one to give 2 rat shits what people think of me & I am not changing now. My ‘MO’ is easy explained in these words, “What people think of me is none of my business” & I am good with that. Plus the Truth doesn’t give a fuck what your opinion is…it just is what it is!


I am at complete peace with everything because I have learned a lot about myself in this process & am extremely grateful to the Universe for where I am now and my experiences. I have come to the extreme conclusion there is a conspiracy in the Universe FOR me. I will always apologize for being wrong but NEVER for being honest! My past does not define me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; it has only strengthened me. Perhaps there will be times during this declaration where my honestymight be perceived as anger or threatening or revenge, and that could be the farthest from the truth. My goal here is to simply set the record straight, include facts, mostly from Melissa’s own creation & you can take or leave what you want from it. This is MY own healing Truth declaration and as St. Augustine stated, “The truth is like a Lion, you don’t have to defend it, let it loose and it will defend itself” – It’s that simple for me.


I recently came to the profound realization with Melissa’s recent court actions with denying me my time with my son at Christmas 2017 (Again), that she will continue this relentless 7 year now “Character Assassination” attack against me either until I am dead or until I fight back. I prefer the latter. She can essentially keep taking “Shots” at me with no end, denying me my relationship and time with my son, continue this evil charade & truly believe that she is “untouchable”. Looking back on my now 18 years of knowing her, she has depicted every single characteristic of the perfect “Ninja Narcissist”, hiding who she really is from public view, which she would deny but then again, that’s what they do by nature. Narcissists have secret lives and lie effortlessly. They are two-faced appearing with a perfect public image that most people believe. In the shadows when no one is looking, they do tremendous damage to loved ones or EX-loved ones, including their own children. Narcissists don’t co-parent, they “counter-parent”. They don’t care about the collateral emotional damage done to the child as long as it hurts the other parent and you will see much evidence of that here.


Although I may have had my challenges in a family court room as that is Melissa’s playground of expertise, her being a former paralegal working for a powerful divorce attorney at one time, so advantage to her. I am sure I speak for millions of fathers too who have come to know that “Family court” isn’t a fair forum for dads anyway as it is, so going into to family court with someone like Melissa is a true no-win situation. However, there is another court that in my opinion is much more powerful. A court that takes no prisoners, is relentless, and can build or destroy an “Ego” effortlessly. When you have someone who is the opposite of me, whose entire self worth is based on what others might think of them, which is Missy to a “T”, then the most powerful court is not a physical court, but the infamous, unrelenting, truth be told, court of Public Opinion. The narcissist fears two things…1. losing control and 2. being exposed!  


This is my declaration of truth to the Universe to expose what really happened evidenced by Melissa’s own statements and evidence. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye…The Truth and nothing but the truth is now before you… The Honorable Lady “Bad Bitch” Karma will be presiding…Court is now in session…

To fully grasp the magnitude of this plot…we must break down this declaration into sections consisting of the following:

The Build up

The Set up

The Dagger

The Challenge

The Intention

***Perhaps there are some that may not agree with the vast amount of “Truth” information that I am providing here and here’s my answer to that. Honesty and the truth have a power that very few people can handle. There’s a reason why Jack Nicholson’s infamous line “You can’t handle the truth” has resonated with so many people, it’s the damn truth! The Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie. This is MY Truth declaration and I feel that it is imperative to be openly transparent as possible, list as much detail both good and bad and any supporting facts with the events that lead up to it to allow the reader to develop their own conclusion on how and what transpired. My intent is to keep this declaration as “Positive” as possible, but sometimes, the truth isn’t so pretty. Truth at times can sound like hate to those who hate the truth. Every truth passes through 3 stages before it is recognized. 1st stage-it is ridiculed. 2nd stage- it is opposed. 3rd stage- it is regarded as self evident. There is no hate or anger in my heart. I know that my Truth could just be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison and I am not afraid to share it in full. If this is what it takes, then so be it! I am totally fearless! I promise one thing, you will love the ending!   




Funny how life has a way of playing back moments in your head when you go, “Oh my God, how could I have been so stupid to miss THAT!” THAT exact moment was in the fall of 2001 approximately 4 months after I started dating Melissa Long originally from Double Springs Alabama. I was living in Nashville owning a mortgage company and one night while going to dinner she tells me details about her job working as a paralegal for Mike Binkley law firm in Nashville that specialized in “high end” divorces. She told me how her job was to “find the hidden assets of the cheating husbands” & “coach the women to getting the biggest divorce settlements.” I thought “Hmmm, OK, interesting”. It was this next statement that should have had me dumping her ass right then & there and running for the hills. She stated, “If a woman wants to win the sympathy from the court, all she has to do is claim physical, emotional & mental abuse and she will win.” I remember thinking 2 things, 1.I have no plans to ever marry this girl & 2. I’m not nor have I have ever been abusive to any woman in my life so that doesn’t apply to me. The key word in her statement which I’ve come to understand is “Claim”. Dammit…Missed that!


As the years passed I introduced Missy to a whole new life she never experienced. Empowering her in every way possible such as, helping her using my credit for her to build her own perfect credit, co-sign to buy  brand new car(s), brought her into living in my luxury home, helped pay for her with ahem…“augmentation” in April 2003. Took her all over the world like Mexico, Europe, Caribbean, Alaska, Vegas constantly, we even bought a pre-built luxury oceanfront condo in Cancun in both our names. Needless to say being 100% honest, before that she was flat broke, her Jeep was in “Hospice” that eventually would only drive in reverse and she had never been anywhere other than Alabama and Tennessee. She also PAID about $300 a month in child support to her ex-husband because essentially she gave up her 1st son Austin when he was like 4 or 5 years old since it was “inconvenient” for her to raise him on her own in Nashville as a single parent. (Let that sink in???)


As time went on I brought her into my world of mortgages & Real Estate, paid for her schooling & helped her become a real estate agent then eventually a broker & investor. Even going as far as buying her a building, yes a building, so she could run her offices out of. She became “Webbed” into every aspect of all transactions where she eventually handled the Real Estate contract, the notary signatures, the closing docs, the actual closings & the disbursement of funds on just about every deal. Many times she was involved in the initial meetings as well to secure the negotiations. Here are Melissa's own words to the FBI as evidence Link


The evolution of our relationship was simple, what started out as very casual dating in 2001 became more and more serious as time went on. As all my businesses grew, she grew right along with them and me. She is a very book smart woman who loves reading contracts and a big joke between us was that an “Owners manual” to a vehicle was like book porn to her. She had to read it all to figure out which button to push to see what it would do. In my business and personal life, I will give her credit because she complemented it quite well and was quite charming with all my business relationships and clients. She definitely knows how to “schmooze” with the best of them.


As the years passed and she became part of the success of all the businesses, let’s be totally honest here, the money was REALLY good at the time; everything was running on all cylinders, we were getting along good, having fun, and traveling the world. Life was pretty good.


I liked all her family and grew to love her son Austin. In fact, I included him on many of our trips to LA to visit my family, took him to Disneyland, Hollywood, the Dodger game which he found himself on TV during the National anthem. I also took him with us to Baltimore to visit my father, London England to go indoor snow skiing and of course the Caribbean to the Virgin Islands and Turks & Caicos. Austin and I made several “just us boys” trips to Memphis to go see some NBA games. He is a good kid and found out he is now a police officer. Good for you bro, proud of you…Be a “good cop” please and be safe! It just seemed like the natural “Life step” forward was to get married and start a family of my own. So I got down on one knee and proposed on Cinco de Mayo of 2004 at the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas. I was in my early 30’s and started hearing the “chatter” from my own family the strong innuendos of wanting grandkids and asking when are you gonna settle down and as time went on it was kind of hard to argue with that.


But, Damn how Missy enjoyed “the Good life” needless to say, and as time went on & her “confidence aka ego” increased or should I say exploded, she seized on many "Attempted" opportunities such as: trying out for Titans cheerleading team, (didn’t make it), entered the “Mrs. Tennessee” beauty pageant, (didn’t make it), drove to Indianapolis for a Playboy test shoot, (didn’t make it), went to several acting auditions in Nashville (didn’t make it). She did enjoy the $800 hair extensions from Europe, the Hot Pink Hummer, Link the New Dodge Durango we acquired for her mother for Mothers day in 2005, the building I bought for her Real estate business which I paid for her to have, the endless shopping sprees of $1,000’s for “Bebe” clothing, Louis Vuitton purses Link , a fur coat, & on & on. In her mind she saw herself as the “Paris Hilton” town socialite of Lebanon Tennessee. This coming out of her own mouth, not mine!!! In hindsight I realize I created “a mini monster” giving her that false sense of wealthy perception entitlement one can get easily. Money does that to all of us sometimes, it’s just human nature. You know when it’s happening; you enjoy providing, working hard & seeing the ones you love enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, especially MY labor of working 10 to 12 hours a day taking incredible financial risks. But damn how fast they turn when those fruits no longer produce.

Before pics couple months after we first met on our first vacation  Link   Aw pure as the white driven snow...dont you think? A couple years after we met Link  Yeah that’s a whole different woman there…perhaps a woman who is coming into her own, is it not?… lol


This next part I have to give some details in depth because well, it’s very relevant. In the spring of 2005 an incredible opportunity came for me to help acquire a beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. custom built log home on 7 acres just down the street from my house on my street that was being foreclosed. My father and I were extremely close and his life long dream was to live in a log home and this home was amazing, so I negotiated the deal to acquire it. My father lived in Maryland at the time in a modest home but I was able to convince him and my step-mother Barbara to move down in the summer of 2005 and it was wonderful for me to have my father close to me in his later years. In fact Barbara’s son and daughter-in-law Tom and Lil also followed them to Nashville and later began to work for me and became involved in part of the Real Estate business.


In April 2006 my father died due to injuries sustained from a freakish train accident just around the corner from me. The details were so bizarre how it all transpired that I blamed myself for years. I originally decided to leave out the details of the accident, but was later told by several entrusted people that I should include it if I am going to share the “Whole story”. So here it goes…


On Friday, April 7th 2006 a tornado ripped through Nashville Tennessee leaving a massive trail of destruction statewide. That afternoon about 4:30pm I received a call from 2 of my very close friends and business partners (Vaske) that their home was flattened to the foundation and asked if I could bring one of my fleet of box trucks and some of my maintenance workers to help them gather what were left of their belongings. I told them of course and would be over there first thing in the morning. I immediately called my father and told him that I needed to cancel our breakfast the next day at the Waffle House down the street to go help Vaske. He asked if he could go with me to help and the first thought I had was that my then 73 year old father didn’t need to be walking around wet muddy fields full of snakes picking up sharp tornado debris as that might be too dangerous and told him that we could just make it instead for the next day that being Sunday. I said I would call him after I was done and maybe we could meet for dinner. That was the last verbal conversation I ever had with him.


The next morning I drove out to Nashville to one of my properties to pick up a box truck. As I was driving back East bound on I-40, I had an instinct to call my dad and see how he was doing and actually had the phone in my hand but the box truck is so loud inside the cab that I thought I would just wait. Now I am driving down Hwy 109 which is the main road that is parallel to the road both my father and I live on. I needed to actually drive back through the area where I lived to get to the home of Vaske which was another 20 minutes past my neighborhood. As I was coming to the intersection where I would have turned to our street, I noticed on my right side the Watertown train which is a short train of only a few “cars” which was carrying kids and families for the pre-Easter excursion from Nashville to Watertown, was stopped on the tracks and all I saw was the back of it and the left side. The railroad tracks crossed over Hwy 109 at an angle going away from the road. I didn’t really think anything of it being stopped and passed right by it. Several miles later still on Hwy 109, I see several fire trucks hauling ass like crazy coming towards me and passing me with velocity and I remember then thinking to myself, “Damn they are hauling ass, they must me going to something serious.” Funny how those moments you never forget.


About 15 minutes or so later while driving to Vaske’s, I see that the tornado ripped right through a neighborhood where I had a rental home in Gallatin so decided to quickly pull in and access the damage while I was there. As I am standing there inside the living room, staring at several large 2 x 4 pieces of wood that were some how projected missiles through the air from God knows where and were sticking through the entire side of the home, while also seeing the entire row of homes that were across the street from my home that were a leveled by a “Direct hit”, I’m literally in awe of this awful scene in front of my eyes crying watching these people walk around and pick up what’s barely left of their lives, when I get a phone call, “J.C. your father has been hit by a train and is on his way to Vanderbilt ICU (Nashville).” That is a moment in one’s life where in 1 single second, there is an enormous inexplicable amount of emotion and energy that resonates through you that can NEVER be put into words. Everything STOPS!!! You have to literally re-focus yourself and try to numbingly digest what this person just said to you and then it hit me, man it hit me like a fucking ton of bricks. The reason the train stopped is because THAT was the accident. I passed right by the fucking accident, my own father was 200 ft from me crushed in his truck under the weight of a fucking train, with his entire left arm ripped off from his body, bleeding, disoriented, crying for help and I passed right by him and had no idea. OMFG!!!


I had to actually pass by the accident and see his Chevy Avalanche truck all fucked up on my way back to I-40 to get to Nashville Vanderbilt hospital. What happened in a nutshell is since I cancelled my breakfast with my dad, he decided to take the trash and recyclables over to the “Disposal center” which was right across Hwy 109 around the corner where we lived. As he was driving back, he was approaching where you cross over the tracks, well there are 2 tracks side by side and there had been a freight train that had been parked there "Illegally" for months and not being able to see the Watertown train coming on the 2nd track blocked by the first parked train, well as he crossed over the train tracks the train collided with his vehicle. He had no idea and probably had his music playing. This is a semi-rural area and there were no warning railroad crossing gate arms there but you want to know how fucked up it was, they were actually there but were still in a crate next to the tracks waiting to be installed for months. smh


After the events came playing over and over in my head like a horrible nightmare, I realized that the train had blocked my view of the accident when I had passed it and that the accident had JUST happened literally within that very minute. Of course, as the nightmare kept playing over n over in my head, the thoughts of “Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” just killed me from the inside. There is a saying in metaphysics that we “Crucify ourselves with our thoughts”, and I was doing just that but on super steroids. Why didn’t I take him with me, why didn’t I just make breakfast earlier, why didn’t I press send on the phone to call him when I had it in my hand, it was literally 3 minutes before accident. Why didn’t I see the accident and stop? There were 100 reasons why that I was so mad at myself and as I have most of my life, I put the blunt of the blame on myself.



After the accident happened,  my father had been in ICU at Vanderbilt Hospital for a week struggling in and out of conscious unable to talk with a trachea tube inserted, it was Easter morning Sunday April 16th at approx 1 AM in the morning. The Doctor stated that his vitals were fading very fast and that he would pass away that night and literally in the next few minutes. So… here I am on one side of the hospital bed and my step-mother Barbara (his wife of almost 20 years) on the other side watching his vitals fall rapidly, knowing that this is the end, the part where there is no turning back now, no thoughts of well he might get better or recover, nope, its happening, wanting to say my last “Good-byes” BEFORE I heard the beep of the flat-line sound which I wanted so desperately to avoid, and my “wonderful” step-mother looks at me and screams to me across his body on his death bed literally as he is taking his last few breaths of life, “Tennessee killed your father, why did you bring us down here, if you hadn’t talked us into moving down here he would still be alive, why, why, why?”


I was use to Barb being a “Negative-nelly” as that has always been her personality, but this comment was nothing short of a “motherfucker of a dagger”. I was fucking numb!!!! The idea that I had cancelled the breakfast with my father to help my friends who lost their home in the tornado was already eating me up badly but now my step-mother drops this bomb of a “mind-fuck” on me that somehow directly because of me that I had a direct hand in my fathers cause and effect of his death was mentally, emotionally and spiritually devastating to put it mildly.


Needless to say I was not mentally prepared for this and I had never had anyone close to me pass away. This was like “kryptonite” for Superman. His death and then my own “Guilt-trip” took me into a deep clinical depression for almost a year where I became reclusive, sad & “Mentally MIA” meaning I wasn’t in the mindset to run a multi-million dollar business empire which included hundreds of rental properties, a successful mortgage company, a pre-foreclosure company, a Real Estate company, an apartment building, a townhome complex, a property management company and having 20 plus employees which I did. I owned, over saw and ran it all!!! I’ll be the first to admit it was too much and grew “Too big too quick” but it was hard not to. Melissa and I were also scheduled to be married in June of that same year 2006. Ironically the breakfast with my dad was to discuss the travel plans and the destination wedding.


***Quick side note, due to the nature of the accident, initially there was a possibility that the train company that had illegally “parked” the non-moving train less than the required distance from the knuckle of the road, which it did, was at fault for my fathers accident which there were many elements to this accident which would be too much to explain here. We had retained an attorney to seek the possibility of suing the train and railroad company only to be told later that due to my fathers “elderly” age of 73 and that he had high blood pressure, he had “no life value”. Yeah seriously… however here is the note worth mentioning. For about 2 months after his death while there was an accident “investigation” going on and the discussion from the attorney that if the train and railroad company comes to be at fault, there could a substantial financial award in the millions if not tens of millions of dollars. At one point the attorney asked my step-mother Barbara to present his “Last will” to us to be read, which is standard. She was VERY resistant and acting very strange and he literally told her in front of another attorney, myself and Melissa that she needed to disclose that by law. After much hesitation, she gave him the document and turned away. As he read the document, my mouth dropped. My name was nowhere to be found anywhere. Keep in mind that I was my fathers ONLY biological child (no other siblings) & whom we have had a VERY close relationship all my life. It showed all “Funds” going to her directly and then directly to her 2 sons from a previous marriage which my father had nothing to do with them in any capacity raising them as they were all adults at the time they were married. Now I ask ANY parent who has a biological child and a heart, does that not seem strange? Keep in mind again my name even as executor or trustee or anything was nowhere to be found. Of course the person who “Witnessed” the documents being signed was a very close friend of Barbara. Now, I am not directly accusing here but if you were me, I think its fair to say that it seemed and still is very “Suspicious” wouldn’t you agree? Needless to say there was never any financial award but when you listen to what she told me at my father’s deathbed and then finding out how she was acting and that she tried to “screw” me over on the will when there was a potential for a massive financial settlement (allegedly), any person would have to agree it was kind of fucked up. 


One added side note that my mother just reminded me as she read this declaration; my name (again only biological child/ blood heir) was completely left out of my father’s obituary. Relatives that he had not seen or talked to in years were in there but mine “Just happened” to be left out. How coincidental???




So why is this important and relevant to my Truth declaration, well here it comes. During my year of what was eventually diagnosed as clinical depression, I was nowhere in the mindset to operate the incredible large Real Estate “Empire” that I had accumulated. I can humble admit to that. To put things into financial perspective, I had to average between $200-300K a MONTH flowing through my business accounts just to break even. Quite a difficult task when you are battling an “I don’t give a fuck” mindset because you can’t overcome the thoughts that perhaps I had a hand in the death of my father added to the fact that now my father was gone too.  Horace stated “Rule your mind or it will rule you” and that’s exactly what happened. I was busy “Looking for answers” that went far beyond “conventional thinking and religion.” I’ll leave all that “Metaphysical” stuff for an upcoming book I am now authoring.  Nevertheless, I realized that while I was in my depression that I exhausted much of my financial capital quickly as my businesses required funds to constantly be moving. Buy one house, refinance another, pull money out, buy another house, sell one, and repeat and repeat. That had been my business model for several years which was incredible successful and allowed me to accumulate properties very quickly only I had grown too quick and too fast. I can admit that but whoever claims about being “Too successful too fast” when its happening…NO ONE! But you start losing $60-100k cash a month in loss rents and it don’t take long to go through substantial reserves when you are paying 20 plus salaries, large TV advertising campaign contracts, loss rents, building costs, company vehicles, etc, etc. Keep in mind how much goes in to owning just 1 house, (mortgage/rental income-loss   /taxes/insurance/maintenance)… I had hundreds not including buildings. It requires someone to be “Mentally on” literally 24/7.


To bring this part of my life to a close in this story, after much of my reserves were drained, I found myself going from the depression to the beginning of the financial recession. I made desperate decisions at that time which I “Thought” were for the ultimate benefit of “saving the sinking ship” and as my Federal Judge later stated at my sentencing basically I was “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”. I moved money around not paying off previous closed mortgages in full and took “Risks” that I thought were in the benefit of keeping the ship afloat. I’ve always had and still do a mindset of an “Eternal optimist” so as I was doing this I kept thinking “ill figure this out” or “I’ll find a way to overcome this”. To put it all on the table, I had millions in equity (so I thought) but since nothing would sell and there was no way to tap into those funds, it was much like having a Big check from a foreign bank that you know is good but no one will cash for you in this country.


The absolute very last thing I wanted on my already troubled “Guilt trip” mind was to now be responsible that somehow my employees, my family, some of my family as I stated before that were also my employees, my business partners, people I had made contracts and deals with on homes would all lose their jobs, homes, livelihoods and their lives be destroyed because of my time being “Mentally MIA” and not steering the ship. That idea was almost on the “Too much to bear and I’m gonna take myself out” type mindset. I had the bad habit of always feeling “Responsible for other people’s lives” and thus I created a “psychological prison” for me through my business of doing just that. Lesson learned!


I attempted to liquidate properties but in a recession, selling is quite difficult because well people can’t get loans, there is no money.  Nobody thought what eventually happened with the worldwide financial collapse of the entire banking system would happen. I guess to the government, I did not qualify for the “Too Big to Fail” option so there was no bail-outs or “Golden parachutes” for many of us entrepreneur “risk-takers” and we were left to defend ourselves helplessly on our own. In the end I was too busy trying to save everyone else that I could not save myself and in April of 2009 I filed a bankruptcy on multi-millions of dollars of properties. The record will show that I actually initially had tried to file a Chapter 11/13 to “re-organize” everything however, per advice form my attorney, he stated that there was no other option but to file a Chapter 7, and of course in a 7 it’s a total liquidation which means that ALL properties needed to be relinquished, so my heart does go out to the people who lost their homes or options to buy them and had their lives disrupted by this process. My intent was for nobody to lose their jobs or homes but eventually everyone did as I was fighting forces way beyond my control. I too lost everything financially at that time if it makes anyone feel better. However this was never about greed and I proved that later in this declaration.





In the summer of 2009 after losing everything financially I decided that it was best to begin a new start out of the bad negativity that became Nashville at the time and take my family, Melissa and my new born son who was almost a year old and leave Tennessee back to my hometown of Los Angeles. I’ve always loved LA because of the fast pace energy, endless opportunities, great weather, the beach and most importantly, being close to my mother who was now approaching 70 years of age as she was my only surviving parent. In 2009 my grandfather and uncle who had down syndrome both died months apart and I felt that by having my son there, him being the ONLY grandson in the entire family, it would be a great “Boost” for them to have him there as my son was just full of life and energy and also for us too as my mom was the world’s best & cheapest “baby-sitter”. Hey keeping it honest here. My best friend at the time and business partner Steve also joined us in coming to LA as he was equally excited about a new life adventure and new business opportunities since my business ventures had vanished in Nashville which also trickled to his as well.


I had always known there was a possibility that sooner or later that my actions in the Real Estate business MIGHT be investigated and there could be consequences, but I always felt that the evidence would show that my intent which lead to the crime was never for greed and therefore would get some “leniency”. Before I left for Nashville I literally spent my last $15k to retain a top criminal defense attorney. I informed her of everything that transpired and she told me what my worst case scenario was. It was something that perhaps most would not understand and unless you were in my shoes you wouldn’t, but I was “OK” with. In other words at the time I felt that there was no other way around it and what started as something that I figured I could handle to cover the losses until properties sold, quickly escalated out of control when no properties would sell because hundreds of mortgage companies closed their doors, banks shut down and credit lines were closed. I had 36, yes 36 credit card accounts in every LLC and corporation I had and they ALL were closed within months, and this was when my credit was still great. To put this in perspective, one rep from I think it was Citibank told me that all my 8 accounts with them were flagged in what he called a “High Risk” category because they were all in mortgages, Real Estate and construction and he literally told me “Mr. Jones, if you had owned a lemonade stand we probably would not be having this conversation.” It’s funny now but not then.


In the fall of September of 2009 something happened that… well totally changed my perception of & eventually my relationship with Melissa. Before we left for our move to LA, Melissa had looked into and was excited about getting back into the paralegal field that she was well qualified in. She did research and saw where even part-time paralegals in LA were making $25-35 per hour. Full time paralegals were making $60k plus a year. I thought great, she can easily do that and help financially “Carry the load” until Steve and I begin a new business venture that we were pursuing with money he had from selling his own home and some new investor money. So here we are in Los Angeles staying at my mother’s home when Melissa comes in and tells me she just got a job part-time working as a “Glorified receptionist” at a Thai Massage Spa in Torrance making $10 per hour. I was like WTF??? “You have got to be kidding me???” I told Melissa your pay doesn’t even cover your child support for Austin that you pay, the gas for the SUV which in LA was like $4.50 a gallon at the time and your cell bill. As usual she did her best to turn it around on me and try to put a guilt trip on me.


To say that I was disappointed was the biggest understatement of the year. I was beyond disbelief. I felt so betrayed and “Let down” if one must truly know. I thought to myself, for almost 10 years, I gave every fucking thing to you that money could buy, totally changed your life, you already know the whole story…the one freakin time that you can “provide” financially for the family and use your skills to bring in some much needed funds to help us get by and you totally make it about “your convenience”. I relate it to someone desperately needing a kidney and finding out your spouse is the exact match and that spouse says no to giving it up. How could you ever look at that person the same again? You would have to seriously question the relationship with your spouse and ask yourself who is this person I married? That’s how I felt? I was completely disgusted with Melissa. Then in true narcissistic form, she decides to turn it around on me when I start to have no interest in her “Intimately”. Would you??? I then start getting accused of talking to women online when she is at work and hearing the infamous “Well if you’re not fucking me then you MUST be fucking someone else.” This while I am at home in mom’s house watching my son take his naps, SERIOUSLY???



In the spring of 2010, we were already living in the home literally right next door to my mother as I was able to secure a “Sweat equity” lease/purchase agreement. The home had been vacant for some time and needed much “updating” but was very livable and to be totally honest the home was ocean view and in a million dollar plus neighborhood so I felt I was still providing good for my family as that had always been my goal. Melissa still had the majority of her family living in Lebanon Tennessee and she continued to go back and forth to visit literally every couple months with my son. I had absolutely no personal or business ties there anymore and no connections with anyone as I was totally done with Tennessee at the time.


In April, Melissa started hinting that we should create a “Fake divorce” so she can show it back in Wilson County Tennessee as she had her sister who was a Deputy Sheriff there and was personal friends with one of the County commissioners and Judges there.  ***Keep in mind that we had already been living in Los Angeles for a year by now. She told me that she would draw it up as she had experience with those as a former paralegal and it would not cost us anything as it was just for show anyway. I wasn't totally sure what she was going to do with it, but I foolishly trusted her. Her ideology was that she was “too scared for her safety when she goes back there to visit because when we left Nashville we made a lot of enemies there and she was worried that if they found out that she was there visiting with my son that they would do something to her as revenge against me” and it would be for our “protection”. In all fairness before we left I did get one phone “threat” from someone who was upset about losing their house but nothing came of it. I told her repeatedly that she was crazy for thinking that and nothing would happen but of course if one truly knows Missy, she is relentless when she wants something. I got the whole guilt-trip enchilada of “Well JC its not you who still has family there and goes back often and if you truly cared about the safety of your son and me you would do this”. Her idea was that if “Word got out” that we were divorced that no one would then seek her out as revenge against me. It sounds crazy as hell I admit, but at the time some incredible things were happening with a new venture my business partner Steve and I were involved in that I was so pre-occupied with that I really wasn’t interested in her constant nagging. If there was ever any kind of mental abuse in our relationship, it would have came from her. She would never shut up when she had something on her mind! I am sure any husband will vouch sometimes we will do "Whatever" makes our wives happy just to shut them up! Don't


This new business venture had me traveling all over the world for meetings, going to trade shows and conferences, being invited to the Google campus and Gadgetfest, CNN interviews, several TV shows and I had secured a Las Vegas location in one of the top hotels to showcase our new business. It was exciting times and honestly I was back in “Super business mode” as I was just interested in 2 things…which was 1.) Providing for my family and financially recovering from the losses and 2.) Knowing that one day I might have to “payback” for the financial losses to the institutions. That was my end game goal period! Again being the “Eternal Optimist” I figured if I could make amends with what happened to the financial institutions that would “soften the blow” if anything ever came of it from an investigation. Anyone who knows my business mind knows that I get super focused on making that business a success and have no fear in calling directly CEO’s of some of the biggest companies in the world to let them know what I have that may be of value to them. I am fearless when it comes to business. That’s how I roll…lol


Just before Steve and I left for Vegas in mid June to set up our business I finally told Melissa that I would sign it as she was also heading back to Nashville to visit so she really amped up the pressure as she wanted to get this done while she was there. I was like “FINE, if this makes you happy then Ill do it.”  Melissa presented to me a very generic simple cut-n dry divorce document. Pretty much stated divorce was due to “Irreconcilable differences”, no assets, uncontested, pretty generic, simple and straightforward from what I saw. As she told me and my mother over and over, that is was “Just for show” and that it would make her feel “safe”. Whatever???…You know when you are with someone literally everyday for almost 10 years and have 1 child with, even things that sometimes don’t make total sense you do because of trust for your spouse and out of love and respect. So I went with it, signed it and thought really nothing more about it. Her Deputy Sheriff sister Barbara McNabb “notarized” the divorce decree. How coincidental and convenient perhaps? 



Now this is where the story starts getting “Good”. While I was in Vegas starting up the business, Missy had asked for me to send money to handle “Expenses” at home such as utilities, food, baby necessities, gas expense, and remodeling money for the home as any husband would do when he leaves to work somewhere at a distance from home. Remember we were in a “sweat equity” lease purchase and although we had no rent to pay, we made sure that certain projects were completed every month to show progress to Mr. Gross the son of the elderly owner of the home who was now in a nursing home. I agreed to send home as much as I could which averaged about $2500k-3500 per month which was ALL my own personal profit from the business after all our business expenses. Remember we just launched the business. Evidenced here in the email between Missy and I dated July 30th, 2010 she lists some “landscaping costs” she wants to have done by wanting another $3k added to the original request. You can read my frustration with her always asking for more money. I even state “We have only just started making money.” Link


What I had also not been aware of, several months earlier in May, Melissa, unknowingly to me, had conned my mother into giving her a “Loan” for $7,550. The loan was actually for $8,000 total which included her flights back to LA from Nashville for her and my son.  Link


Melissa told my mom that it was urgent and that she needed to pay an unpaid attorney debt of mine in Nashville. This was a blatant lie! Again at that time I was traveling and my mother believed her. Melissa can be very convincing when she wants something, especially money! It wasn’t until much later that I found out about it and I was furious. Needless to say that money was never paid by Melissa and in fact my mother eventually filed a small claims court against her and won a judgment. Link  That judgment has now almost doubled in interest and is now at $13,000 and my mother has decided to collect by all means necessary in Georgia. What we discovered later was in August of 2010 her son Austin was turning 16 years old and low and behold he got a car for his birthday. Imagine that??? When my mother found out about it, Melissa stated to her that all her sisters pitched in to buy it. Yeah right!


We continued to live together in the same house, we slept in the same bed when I came home to LA to visit even 6 months AFTER our “Divorce”, we continued to eat together, we continued to talk everyday via text or phone calls, she was next door at my mothers literally 5 to 10 times a day, she still picked me up at the airport when I flew, in other words, our lives did NOT change one bit. The only difference was that I was spending a lot of time in Vegas to run the business but would send any profits back home to her to “pay the bills”. Here is proof in one email conversation between us in October 2010 while I visited the country of Turkey and Portugal for business meetings. Notice how this is 5 months AFTER our “Divorce” and the exchange is pretty much like most “married couples”.  We discuss “Skyping” and her asking when my flight is so she can pick me up. Link  Exhibit J even starts with her being “getting worried…thinking of terrorist crap when I didn’t hear from you.” We even end it with “Love you’s”. Link


In December of that same year Melissa had again gone back to Tennessee and Alabama to visit her family for the holidays. It was in one particular conversation that we had, just after Christmas, when I knew something was up. She was acting very “Weird” and started telling me things like, “I don’t know if I want to be in LA anymore” and comments of that nature. I told my mother I know Missy and she is up to something and may try to take my son away from me and away from California. This is something that Melissa had promised to me endless amounts of times that she would “Never take my son away from his daddy”.


I intentionally avoided coming home for several weeks in January while I was secretly working with an attorney to file paperwork. Melissa by then was acting very cold on the phone and almost defiant with even the simplest requests that I would make. She kept demanding more and more money from me which I avoided because I knew something was up. She kept telling me we needed to talk in person over and over and I would brush it off and tell her I was finishing up some business meetings and couldn’t leave.


On Feb. 9th, 0f 2011, I “Arrived” back to my house, walked in and Melissa and I sat down at the dining room table. She made sure to have my son being watched by my mother next door. This is exactly how the conversation went.

Me: Okay so I am finally here, so what’s up that’s so important that you had to wait weeks so we could discuss this in person

Melissa: Well I guess I’m telling you this because I still love you but there’s a lot of things happening back in Tennessee and its pretty serious and you should really think about leaving the country… seriously like now.

Me: Leave the country?…Missy good Lord, I am not running away from my problems and definitely not leaving my family, my life here and especially Cash (son) for what…the rest of my life, that’s beyond crazy to even think that I would ever do such a thing or even consider it, seriously?

Melissa: Well there is a strong possibility you could be going to jail for a longtime.

Me: I doubt that Miss, so don’t start in on me with this stupid shit…enough with the scare tactics will ya, we’ve already been through this before woman, I’ve been talking to Kim in depth about this…yeah I have (My criminal attorney) and I have faith that everything will work out one way or the other...I’ll …I’ll take my chances and leave it in God’s hands

Melissa: Really JC…Leaving the country would be the best thing for you and for everyone

Me: Who’s everyone? What? Missy you are out of your fucking mind, I’ve already told you before…what at least a thousand times…I am not doing that or would ever even consider it… so why are you even bringing this up again, like, what’s up with all this suddenly, seriously….being “on the run” and not having contact with my mom or Cash for the rest of my life… for what, a white collar crime? Christ, It’s not even an option and so beyond stupid to even suggest that…I didn’t kill anyone, or rob a bank at gunpoint or whatever…This is so fucking retarded…Look I don’t know where you are going with this but I seriously doubt that you are so concerned with my well being…yeah right…so can we get off this subject Missy because it aint happening alright… Christ

Melissa: I’m just saying JC you don’t know what’s going on

Me: I don’t care Missy, I don’t give a shit, I am not living the rest of my life in fear

Melissa: its just something you should really consider

Me: What part of this don’t you get, I am not scared to go to prison, if that’s what ultimately happens to what a “Camp”, I am not running from my problems, you of all people should know me by now and I sure as hell am not going on the run from the feds living in what 2nd and 3rd world countries for the rest of my fucking life, seriously? So woman…enough already alright…Move on …Christ all mighty…now what the hell is so important that you’ve been nagging me for weeks about having to meet me about?

Melissa: Well JC I‘ve uh  I’ve decided that I… I am not happy here and I am taking Cashman back to Tennessee and if you even try to stop me Ill leave right now and call the police.

Me: Call the police?? What the hell is wrong with you??? For what?

Melissa: you are holding me against my will and I feel threatened

Me: Threatened?? Woman you have lost your fucking mind, seriously, is this what this is all about, you wanting to leave, yeah I figured you were up to something when you were in Alabama making all those comments on the phone “I don’t like LA I cant make it there…Im over it, I”….

Melissa: I don’t care JC, I don’t want to be here in LA anymore and that’s that

Me: I see…So this is what it’s has come down to huh, what ever happened to oh “I would never take Cash away from his daddy”

Melissa: Things have changed JC and I am planning on leaving in the next few weeks unless you try and stop me then Ill just leave right now, I just don’t care

Me: is that right…yeah I see that…hmm…well doesn’t seem like you are giving me any options here are you…its basically a big fuck you JC Im talking my son away from his dada and I better accept it or else you call the police on me…right?

This went back and forth for a couple minutes when...Like perfect Universal timing…there was a knock at the door.

Melissa gets up and states arrogantly, “Oh I wonder who this is…maybe one of your Vegas whores JC.”

Me: Really Miss??? wow, You never fucking change do you

Person at door: Hello looking for Melissa Jones?

Melissa: yes

Person at door: Mrs. Jones you have been served…this is an ex-parte filed in the Superior  Court of Los Angeles County for you to appear in court…

Basically it was an emergency filing to stop her from leaving the State of California with my son.

What happened next even shocked me. She turned around and started screaming BEYOND hysterically…


Melissa: You mother fucker!!! You fucking mother fucker!!! Oh my god…I hate you…I so fucking hate you…I can’t believe you did this! How fucking dare you!! Oh you are going to pay for this JC you motherfucker, just wait, oh you are so gonna fucking pay…you think you and your mothers money is gonna keep me here.


She then picks up the phone and starts calling her sister Barbie, the deputy Sheriff in Wilson County and starts screaming at her over what I had just done. Melissa was telling her that I wasn’t going to get away with this. I just sat there grinning at the table patiently waiting for her to finish. When she finished she threw the phone down and flew out the door running next door to my mother’s house screaming. When she got there, she violently and disrespectfully slams the door open to my mothers home, she starts screaming for my son, she screams to my elderly mother and her 80 year old husband sitting there calmly watching TV, the one who trustingly loaned her almost $8k with no collateral of course a few months before, how “We were all evil” and that she was going to see that we all went to jail and that they were going to lose their million dollar house because of me, just wait and see. Yeah that was quite the defining moment to say the least and started to see who she really is. I can say her actions truly went beyond “Psycho”. Like “Nuclear psycho”! Melissa from that moment on never let me see my son again for months, even though I was 12 feet right next door.

*In case anyone wants to know how I can give such explicit detail in what was said, I recorded most of it on my phone ;)



So moving along, we have court soon after and the judge states that Melissa cannot leave the State with our son until it has been decided if California has “Home state” jurisdiction of the child. Well that’s when things started to get VERY interesting. In her declaration to the California court, she stated that she had been living in Tennessee all this time, that she only “Visited” California and never officially moved to California, that she had been working a job there in Tennessee, had a place to live, and of course here comes the “divorce decree” that she filed 8 months before in Tennessee as her “proof”. Except there was one major problem, she ADDED a whole bunch of stuff to the decree without my knowledge. In fact there was a parenting plan where I just easily “GAVE UP FULL CUSTODY” willingly of my son to her. WTF??? Where I had agreed to pay her $2500 A MONTH in alimony (Double WTF???) with another $1200 A MONTH for child support…(Triple WTF???) It was so one-sided in her favor of course it was beyond ridiculous.  These were NEVER in the documents she showed me or I would have never signed them, would you??? My guess is that she added these in after I sent back the documents to her and added the signature. In California when certain docs are notarized, they just staple a whole certification page to the docs and not actually stamp the page where your signature is. So it would be very easy to just un-staple it and add it to whatever it is you want to do like a…hmm lets see…a Fake divorce in another State perhaps that you originate yourself? So lets break this all down and have a lil fun exposing some fraud on the court by Melissa shall we?…Remember these documents ALL come from her!!!

I show you the following exhibits…

In this document submitted by Melissa to the Wilson County court clerk which was part of the Child Support worksheet included in the Divorce filing, she states her Gross Income to be $625 per month or $7500 per year. She states MY income to be $10,000 per month. Now this is June 23rd, keep in mind that we just started our business venture at its location literally that week so there was no way in hell that I would know or be making $10k per month. Link

However on Melissa’s 2010-1040 Sch-C tax return, Melissa filed her 1099 from Oasis Thai Massage for $12,292. Hmmm…that’s a difference of $5,000. In fact here is in her ownwriting a copy of her itemizations just in case there was any doubt. Link

A lil misleading dontcha think…oh wait but there’s more…much, much more!!!

Now before we get too far along I would like your opinion on something…here are 2 signatures that did NOT require a notary signature for the divorce and plan presented to the Judge in Wilson County both on June 17th and August 12th see the signatures please and also notice on the last one where Melissa filed it PRO-SE showing it to the court as she was actually living at the address of 201 Harvest Ct. Lebanon TN…this is actually one of her sisters address and has been for over a decade. (Sorry Deb…but she made this public record!)  Link           Link

Now look at these court documents filed from other dates with my signature on it one from 2014 and another from 2106.   Link           Link     Link   Do ANY of these signatures and the ones Melissa submitted to the court look similar??? Just asking?

According to this Income worksheet that was filed by Melissa as well…her Gross income went down ever further to $537 per month while mine “Magically” stayed the same and notice how “conveniently” the worksheet shows that the “calculations” for my child support just happen to come to lil over $1200 per month and I just “happened” to EXACTLY agree to $1200 per month in child support too. Anyone find that amazingly “Coincidental”? Link


So as I stated, Melissa got “Served” with papers to stop her from leaving the State ofCalifornia on Feb. 9th, 2011. She immediately went into “Super Paralegal” mode and filed acting as her own attorney in TN court so Tennessee could “register” my son as the “Home State”. Why is where is the child’s home state an important thing, well because that is where the court will make all the determinations on the child’s well being including “Child support” which she knows is her leverage on me. See where she stated to a court “Under the penalty of perjury” the following in this “Petition to Modify Parenting Plan and Visitation”:

1. “At all times prior…parties were residing in Wilson County Tennessee.”

***Now keep in mind that not only had we been living in California since June of 2009, but we had not even lived in “Wilson County” since 2007 as we lived in Sumner County before we left for California.

2. #4 she states that “Due to respondents abandonment and refusal to support…petitioner …been temporarily residing with his family in California”  Link

***Well now, I think the previous emails showing me sending thousands every month to her show there was never any “Abandonment and/or refusal to support”, between me and my mother she made out like a bandit. Next, people who “Temporarily are living someplace do not have the following for 2 years…

2009 sch C showing California as residence    Link

Document showing she had a California Drivers license issued 04/08/2010    Link

2010 California resident tax return     Link

3. She states that Petitioner Melissa has “Already secured housing and employment in Wilson County”. Really??? Interesting…well she provided this “Proof” to the court as evidence

According to this letter, dated Feb. 11th just 2 days after Melissa getting served, from Bidmor Auction, states that “Melissa is CURRENTLY employed…in the administrative office.” She also averages…again averages means she has been doing this regularly working “40.7 hours per week”. It gets better, she also qualifies for bonuses which average another $1,000 per month!!! So according to the “Employment verification from this Debra Beasley…Melissa is already making $4,000 A MONTH!!!  Link

Hell she was making way more than me apparently!!! Hmmm…well her 2010 tax returns definitely don’t show that and keep in mind she also was living in California all this time…she must be a super commuter.

And lastly this letter “Claims” she is currently leasing a home located at 803 Gina Court for $1100 per month…well there is a slight problem with that too. I pulled up the listing on the property dated March 11 and the property had been “Actively” listed to sell and was currently VACANT for some time even before it had been listed a month before. See listing with pics of EMPTY HOME!!!  Link



To show the caliber of Melissa’s lies, here is a copy of Melissa’s new social security registration to the LA office showing again her sister Debbie’s address weeks after Missy had “Already has been leasing a home at 803 Gina ct.” Which was now under her brand new married name Melissa J. Gilliland.    Link   Melissa and her brand new husband Sgt. James “Jim” Gilliland, a former Army Ranger Sniper, drove to Las Vegas from LA and got married on Feb. 19th 2011. Well now, hmm verrrrry interesting… this is all starting to make total sense now.


People you have no idea how relieved I was when I found this out. Maybe some folks would be upset, I was not at all and was surprisingly happy. I kept asking myself “Why am I not upset about this, should I be upset this but I am not, is it weird that I am actually happy about this?” Now all I had to focus on was my son. I was ecstatic to see that she was now someone else’s financial responsibility. Phew!!!!! I found out later that James was I believe the younger brother of one of Melissa’s high school best friends and the “Hometown hero” of Double Springs Alabama which has a whopping 1,051 total residents! (saaaa-looot “Hee-haw”) This now totally makes sense to someone like Missy who cares so much about “What other people think” to be married to the hero of her hometown. Oh the pride she must feel…I especially love how she claims and portrays herself to all his & her “Fans” how she is such a supportive “Army wife” “AS IF” she was the one waiting at home holding the fort down keeping the home fires burning “sacrificing” while he was at war. She did NONE of that while in fact while he was in Iraq she was married to me “Living like a Queen.”

***Attn Debra Beasley from Mount Juliet Tennessee, I would love to see some cancelled checks and paystubs from her employment and rent with you….yeah right…did you know you were an accomplice to providing “Fraud on the court”?

Folks we are just getting started…grab some popcorn. Num num num num.!!!


Now the documents above were filed for the Wilson County court….In California, it was a whole different story…she filed something completely different and this is where I first saw the “Knives” really start to come out. We already had the court date for the “Ex-parte” which meant that she could not leave until the Judge established whether California or Tennessee had “Home state” jurisdiction of our child. We now had court scheduled for a March 21st 2011 hearing and this is the “Responsive Declaration of Melissa Janelle Jones” in her own words.

She states in line 3 that it was never her intent to permanently move to California…hmm, then why did you need thousands of dollars for landscaping a house you did not want to own per my previous emails?    Link  

She also states that it was her hope that I would get arrested so she could return…Ok, well why would you then be worried about “Terrorist Crap” when I was on my business trip to Turkey. She states that we left TN because I was “Running from the authorities” to evade arrest. Well somebody please tell me if this makes ANY fucking sense. If she truly wanted to leave me as she claims because I “Threatened” her, then why did she just not stay in TN the numerous times she went back and visited her family and be ‘totally safe’ because if one was truly afraid of getting arrested as she claims, then I sure as hell would not go back to TN under any circumstances to "get her", now would I?

She also states that she “Discovered” that I was unfaithful to her. Uh “Negatory”, the only thing she discovered was a really bad psychic who “supposedly” told her that I had cheated on her and that’s when Melissa started with constant accusations. OMG she drove me fucking crazy with the innuendos!!! Honestly I thought she was just insanely hormonal due to the pregnancy. What do you do in those type situations?

Page 2 is where the shit got real, real quick. She states AGAIN that she and I were residents of TN at time of filing divorce, which we now know is a blatant lie. BUT, this is the first time EVER that I ever heard anything about any “Abuse” in our marriage.

***Important to note here in this declaration in early March of 2011 she ONLY states “Sustained bruises on arms of respondent grabbing me”. NOT claiming striking, hitting, slapping, beating but JUST grabbing me. Then she claims I threw papers and kicked a chair, again not kicked her but A chair. A chair and a human are 2 totally different things last time I checked. Notice how she even stated not a chair she was sitting in either. You will see why this is important in a lil bit. I never hit our toddler in back of head, Jesus really? Oh and that “I am a violent man and live in fear of him”…Hmmm where have I heard that before…oh yeah 2001 when she stated to me, “If a woman wants to win sympathy of the court, all she has to do is CLAIM (key word here) mental, physical and emotional abuse”. Well here comes her training.    Link

Page 3 is where this started to get like “Crazy out there”. At the bottom where highlighted she declares that, that home was a temporary place but also states that we pay no rent. This will be important lil later too. She then goes to claim that “On or about October 2010” I stated “There was a big desert out here and no one would ever find you” I guess “implying” that was some kind of threat of killing her….well now call ME crazy but I think IF someone gave me a real “death threat”, I would know when EXACTLY it happened, especially the day it happened and not just “guessing a month”, dontcha think? Furthermore, just in October of 2010, I went to Vegas, New York, Houston, Istanbul Turkey and Lisbon Portugal, in fact went to Europe twice in that same month. You have already read the emails with the “Love you’s” and “Worried about you” and all that IN the month of Oct. So I ask you the reader, how “Realistic” do you believe that threat was ever made? It wasn’t.    Link

On Page 5, Melissa declares that my mother “On several occasions”- meaning it happened more than once right, stated to Melissa that she wished her own son, “me” would “rot in jail”. Now remember, I moved across the country and right next door to be close to my own mother and now SUPPOSEDLY she is going to wish that her own son, her ONLY child for that matter, would rot in jail…seriously???  Link

Missy also states that she took him to a Yo Gabba gabba concert and WE (meaning all of us) went to a Disney on Ice performance. Well for starters I took my son to the Yo Gabba Gabba show and here is the proof…Link         

Well wait a minute, according to Melissa TN declaration she filed, I supposedly “Abandoned” my family…interesting? Usually when you “Abandon your family”, Disney shows are not on the “to-do” list. But here is also a pic of Missy taken by me 12-19-2010 at Disney’s “On Ice” show.   Link  This is generally not the look from a woman who is in such fear for her life…really???    Link



Now people can say what they want about polygraph results, I understand and have heard a lot of both good and bad. I actually had a 6th grade teacher who’s husband did that for a living and she told me even back then that the accuracy depended on the examiner. I also know that the FBI and most Federal agencies give these tests to their own employees quite often so I figured they must be good for something. So I finally decided to take one and researched a lot of companies to find a polygraph examiner that had decades of experience. I actually found John Grogan who has done almost 1,000 TV shows and probably the most “Famous” examiner in the world with over 30k tests and hundreds of celebrity clients and also works with the LAPD directly. This test was taken this Jan 2018.

The questions were as follows:

  1. While with Melissa from 2002 until your divorce in June 2010 did you ever have sex of any kind with another woman?
  2. Is it true it was Melissa who heavily persuaded you to flee the country to avoid arrest?
  3. Were you ever violently dangerous to Melissa such as striking Melissa across the face?
  4. Did you ever threaten to bury Melissa’s body in the desert after killing her?

Here are the results…I think they speaks for themselves. Pg1 Link       Pg 2 Link     Pg3 Link     Pg4 Link


Furthermore, I was beyond elated and vindicated after taking the test that the very next day I asked my mother to take one as well. Here were the questions…

  1. Did Melissa Gilliland then Melissa Jones deliberately deceive you into falsely giving her $8,000?
  2. Did you ever state to Melissa that you wished your son Charles would be incarcerated?
  3. Did Melissa tell you in 2010 that the divorce filed was just for ‘show’ back in Tennessee for their protection?
  4. Did Melissa tell you numerous statements about your son which you now come to know as false in an attempt to have you turn against Charles?

Again here are the results… Pg1    Link    Pg2    Link    Pg3    Link    Pg4  Link

***For the record, although I am sure Melissa will probably “Claim” that somehow I managed to outsmart, cheat or manipulate the results on the polygraph, as she does to everything I do; my 74 year old elderly mother sure as hell did not!


Sidenote- Out of respect for their own lives and privacy, in case you haven’t noticed on these documents posted, although most are ‘Public documents’, I have still chosen to ‘black out’ the full names of my mother, our son, Melissa’s son name and anyone else  where it may be pertinent including anything like social security #’s etc.


Moving on to our court date March 21st, the judge ordered that we had “Joint custody” (which she hated) and that California have “Home State” jurisdiction after the judge in Wilson County stated he wanted no part in this contest, (Gee, wonder why) however the CA judge did allow Melissa to leave the state. When my mother and I got home that day, the home Melissa and I had lived in had been trashed and cleared out of our belongings while we were at court and Melissa went directly from courthouse to LAX and took off with my son on a plane to TN. She did not allow me any contact with him whatsoever from the date she got served with papers over 1 ½ months even though I was 12 ft away in the house right next door. Lil fucked up wouldn’t you say?


Eventually in April, after her stunt backfired in the CA court and she screwed herself with having to pay for Cash’s flights which she did not want to do, she reluctantly negotiated with me where I could see Cash on a normal basis and this was the deal. I or my mother, usually me, flew from LA to Atlanta airport, picks up Cash and flies right back the same day. He stays with me for 2 weeks and then we return him back to Atlanta and fly back again the same day. It was incredible exhausting and expensive but well worth it. I also had to pay her $600 a month for child support even though he spent 2 weeks with me every month. Our agreement was supposed to be for 2 ½ years until he was old enough to begin kindergarten. Of course that didn’t last as she broke that agreement too. So on top of the $600 a month, I paid thousands in airfare every month for 6 flights not including all the shows and places we went to but if was worth it to see him.



Up until this time I never had any “Issues” with or even knew her husband James “Jim” Gilliland. As far as I was concerned, he did me a huge favor by marrying Missy, I had no reason to dislike him and as I stated before, he provided a safe home for my son and as long as there was no kind of abuse physically or sexually then I was cool with him. In Jan 2012, Melissa refused to give me their home address of where my son lived. Think about that? This was a time when Alabama and Georgia had been just hit with some severe weather especially Tornados and as a worried concerned parent, I wanted to know where my son actually lived in the event that God forbid something happened. Wouldn’t you want to know where your ONLY child lived??? Missy kept refusing to give it to me so I sent a text to Missy stating that if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, there are other ways to find out. This was nothing threatening by any means just stating a fact, but of course Missy has to “spin it”. Well of course Missy had to play the whole “I feel threatened, he is gonna get me” act with James and so he calls me on the phone.

James and I had an “Interesting” conversation between us both to say the least that I shall keep private out of respect …for now, but in the end I understood that he was simply acting as a newlywed husband who was most likely believing that somehow he was “protecting” his new wife and I can respect that, however I will share this respectfully. I told him that there are 2 sides to this story and there is A LOT that Melissa has hidden from you I’m sure of it and that you are being deceived in the worst way. I kept telling him, “What part of Thank you for marrying her do you not get?” I told him as long as my son is safe than I am good. I ended it by telling him that one day you will discover the truth who is the “Real Melissa.” Perhaps that day is upon us James. As Buddha stated…”Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth”

You know the irony of something…I truly believe everything happens for  a reason…its all about signs…Melissa named her favorite competition rifle the “Blackwidow”…hmm how telling is that?  Can’t make this shit up…thanks for so much good material Missy. Link



So from April of 2011 to August 2012, pretty much I was able to see my son which I loved. Every 2 weeks, he came to LA to visit. In August of 2012, I was dropping off my son with Melissa and James at the “meeting spot” there at Atlanta airport when Missy and James decided to quickly grab Cash and literally run off with my son while he was crying trying to say good bye to me. Not Cool Bro! It happened so damn fast and out of nowhere that I stood there dumbfounded asking why the hell they would even need to do this, then 3 seconds later a guy comes up to me and tells me that I was served with court papers. Really???

Surprise, surprise…Melissa files papers in court again. The court papers Missy filed this time was another fraudulent attempt on the court to try and deceive the judge in California that I no longer lived in California but in Vegas and that now since my “Residence” changed, that California no longer had jurisdiction and that Missy should get full custody of my son. Melissa was so determined that again she created documents that did not exist and presented these as evidence. Melissa’s attempt was to smear me in any way she could with the court. Here is a perfect example.

In this document below, it “Appears” as if some random escort/hooker created a “Safety Incident report” against me and this incident states simply “Do not see this guy”. Now here is where this gets good. First off it states “Charles Jones and Steve”. Now… somehow this “Escort” knew my “birth name” yet did not know Steve’s? Here is another “Shocker”. Anyone who knows me, knows that for the OVER 25 YEARS now, I have gone by J.C. Jones. It’s only been in the last year that I finally decided to do away with J.C. and go with my birth name which I never did because well it was quite common. That’s why now you see me as Charles J. Jones. Furthermore, this phone number is a number that my hand to God have no idea who’s number that is and I have no connection whatsoever with it. Also, at the time of this “Alleged” incident, it states Aria/Bellagio, well which one is it? They are 2 different places and owned by 2 different companies. At the time of Feb. 2012, I had not yet visited the Aria as it had just opened a couple years before and also during the whole month of Feb 2012, I was NOT in Vegas but in LA. Lastly this “Escort” that just happened to report this incident just happened to remember my name yet not state any description marks of me or of what the encounter was other than “do not see this guy”? You know, I am not mad at Melissa for making this shit up and “Trying” to smear me as much as I am in her desperately insulting my intelligence with this crap. How desperate and stupid is this??? I mean wouldn’t you be? Link

Melissa consistently used the term “Deadbeat dad” in court, so Melissa I have a question…if I am a deadbeat dad because you make it as difficult as can be for me to be in my child’s life…what type of person does it make you since you have made every attempt to remove the child from my life? Just answer that please?

Memo to Missy…Never try to fuck up someone’s life with a lie when yours can be destroyed by the Truth!


Here is an interesting email between Missy and myself. I describe how she forged the divorced decree for $10k a month, broke our agreement AGAIN, the phony “” report, and I think the paragraph below you will find quite entertaining where I describe her anger at me for rejecting her at the end of our marriage. Link

This subject will come up again later so you may be questioning what the comment about the 2 previous lives means. In April of 2008, Melissa and I were on a “Spiritual cruise” in Mexico. Dr. Wayne Dyer known as the “Father of Inspiration” was my favorite author and this cruise had many great authors such as him, mediums and metaphysical teachers on it. This is something that Melissa and I were drawn to after I encountered some “Unique metaphysical” experiences after the death of my father. Again more information I’ll share in my book.

Although what some may perceive as “Bashing” Melissa in this declaration, which this is nothing more than just “connecting the dots” of Truth and exposing it, I will forever be grateful to Melissa and her family for their support during that difficult time and her helping me come out of the depression. With that said, both Melissa and I decided to do “Past life hypnosis regression” by a certified hypnotist on the cruise. Say what you want to any “Non-believers” but until you have that experience yourself…STFU because it will change you. If anyone cares, my 2 lives were as an Aztec chief warrior killed by a spear through the heart and as a King somewhere in Europe hundreds of years ago. I found out I was a “Bad king” and poisoned by my own people. Damn peasants! Lol…Melissa, well that was interesting in itself and somewhat revealing. Her first life she was a prostitute/dancer somewhere where she saw desert, tents, camels, and she was choked to death as her “Exit point”. Her next life she “Regressed” was somewhere in the old West as what else, a saloon girl/prostitute. Soooo damn tempting…but No comment!!! lol But thus the comments in the end of the paragraph in our private email.


The next document she presented to the court was all too detailing of where it REALLY came from. So…earlier that year in May of 2012, the owner’s son of the property we had been doing a “Sweat equity” lease purchase on came knocking on the door. This was very strange as in the 2 ½ years prior since we originally took possession of the property in December of 2009, we had never even spoken to him once. There was no rent and I paid all utilities and did improvements as we agreed to. Now this may be hard to believe but its true and my thought was that he was perhaps just waiting for his mother, who actually owned the house, to pass away which then he would get full rightful control of the property and he could do what he wanted. He came to the home with another individual who tried to “Appear” threatening (but wasn’t, I don’t get intimidated too easily) but I was questioning why the hell he would feel the need to bring someone where he might feel threatened. He stated that he needed me to move out of the home immediately. I of course asked why? He stated that he was no longer going to honor our agreement and needed the property back. I asked him if he needed me to buy it from him and he wouldn’t even consider selling it to me. He in all reality acted VERY weird but for the life of me could not figure why all of a sudden this would happen. It was not a good confrontation between us, but in all reality, I considered whether it was in my best interest to create a legal fight to stay there or perhaps the Universe was directing me in another direction. So after a couple weeks to consider my options, I agreed to leave.



So back to court, here we are in October 2012, 5 months later, in a LA family court room where low and behold, Melissa’s attorney in an attempt to persuade the judge that I was no longer living in LA and now in Vegas FULL TIME, presented this document to the court “Allegedly” from the owner’s son that just “happened” to be ONLY typed with NO signature and no fax number on top which stated the following:

-“Your ex-husband”…well we had no contact with him since December of 2009 so how would he even know it was “Your ex-husband”?

-“He still owes me rent money….a sum of $14,000”….hmmm interesting, even Melissa herself in a previous court declaration stated we pay no rent…see highlighted bottom of page 9... so how does that work???  Link

-and isn’t it just “Coincidental” that it states “currently living in Las Vegas”. Oh yeah no innuendos there right?

-This letter was “Typed” with no fax number on top on Oct. 6th- which was a Saturday from Long Beach CA…and we had court on Oct. 12th a Friday which Melissa would have had to fly the day before Thursday. So amazingly this letter went from Long Beach to Columbus Georgia (3,000 miles) in 3 business days??? Yeah right…

So one of the reasons we ever acquired the opportunity to that property in the first place was because my Step-father and the mother of Mr. Gross were the very first 2 people who bought in that new subdivision back in 1965. They had been neighbors and good friends for almost 50 YEARS!!! My Step-father literally saw Mr. Gross grow up from the time he was a toddler. So when my family found out that Mrs. Gross was moved into an elderly facility and the house was empty with her stuff, we reached out to them to allow us to move in and do the deal.


So in 2013 after I had already moved from the property, Mr. Gross was one day at the home doing some updates to get the home ready to rent when my Step-father approached him outside. They talked for a while and eventually my Step-father asked him what happened with the home. Mr. Gross apparently apologized to him and stated Melissa had contacted him and told him that I would “Screw him over” on the remodeling, that I was violent, that I was doing porn and running an escort service from the home (not true), and that I would soon be going to prison and to better cut ties with me now”. My Step-father never told my mother this until after I was arrested and we found out about what Melissa told the FBI. So there you have it…and in the words of Paul Harvey, “That’s the rest of the story”.


Melissa then proceeded to deceive the court that I was some “Porn Star” by declaring that a Youtube parody video I did was me doing a full on PORN scene. Notice how the document was “Carefully” cropped out to show 1 FRAME as if this was an actual scene from me doing a porn. AGAIN folks, this is YOUTUBE!!! There is NO PORN allowed on Youtube!!! At the time a girlfriend I was dating thought it would be funny to start a Youtube channel doing “Parody videos” off of Urban dictionary terms. We started hearing about Youtube channels making serious money off the views and we thought lets do a few and see if we get lucky and it goes viral. Again it was purely funny, fun to do and entertaining. You know I was enjoying being single again, had a super hot girlfriend, was happy and free and I was loving life so figured why not. Link

At the time of 2012, the virtual reality company that I was originally involved in from 2009 evolved into what we now know as 360 degree video or VR reality. If anyone has ever seen the Samsung commercials where people put on “VR glasses” and look around, that’s what it is. We partnered with a company that was years ahead of its time with this. In fact they were only a few companies worldwide (at that time) that had the technology where the headset when turned would not “lag”, meaning there would be a delay which makes people sick or cause a vertigo effect. Plus they could also go “live” which no one else could do in VR. This was all a very big deal. There are only a few uses for this technology in all reality…travel destinations, gaming, live events, and the adult industry…(its OK folks, we are all adults here) which between gaming and the adult industry are the most obvious. At that time, there were NO companies who had tested or done the adult industry with VR. So we used our resources to partner with this company to do a “Proof of concept”. Our idea was simple, lets see if this actually works for the adult industry and then license the rights to other production companies to then use our technology, video platform and make money. It’s really no different than what Google does, we use their “Search engine” platform to get information and they make money off the advertising. Brilliant right! Is Google involved in Porn? NO! But we use their technology for anyone wanting to find it to see it. Same damn thing! So we eventually contacted an adult production company in Las Vegas to test our equipment and platform with their “Stars”. That’s it…”Hey use our stuff and see if this VR even works for it.”


Seeing what was coming down the road as a possible new industry booming, in other words being a pioneer with new technology in one of the most profitable industries worldwide, (Fact: 37% of ALL internet use is for adult related activity, so chances are many of you reading this are some of them…don’t lie…lol) ) I did what I did for many years with Real Estate…I bought it to own because it normally increased in value. Domain names are the “Real Estate of the internet”, are they not? In fact “” had JUST sold in 2010 for a whopping $13 MILLION. So I proceeded to buy over dozens of domain names preparing in the event that this technology would take off and the domain names would be valuable. That’s simply a business move! Melissa then “Cyber stalked” me and proceeded to show and declare  to the court that my ownership of all these domain names constituted that I must be some “Porn producer” and undeserving of my relationship with my son, that I needed psychological evaluation, supervised visits and that I actually showed my son videos of it. Never happened, never will!!!


So essentially Melissa, what you are saying is that every person who has ever done a home amateur sex video with their partner or spouse, or a couple who were swingers, or someone into BDSM, or perhaps a stripper supporting their education or child or whatever you deem “Inappropriate” is undeserving of the right to a relationship with their child because you viewed it as “dirty”. Pretty damn judgmental wouldn’t you say?


Oh yeah, she claimed in many documents that I put “Bruises” on her arms and you know, that’s amazingly actually true, but NEVER from any kind of domestic violence as she falsely claimed. In fact the bruises started about 2005 and for a very good reason. That is when she started wearing hair extensions and “The hair” was off limits. Ahem…I’ll let you figure that one out on your own…There’s your “Bruises” mystery!!! Link

Back to the domain names…I don’t care who you are, or how “Self-righteous” you claim to be, anyone in their right mind would agree to just simply “own” a domain name in the event that someday they could sell it to a company that wanted to use it. TIME magazine did a front page story on how the VR adult entertainment alone is the fastest growing VR industry and now worth over $1.5 BILLION…that’s with a “B”. That was my total involvement in porn!



In the end of the October thru November court hearings of 2012, the Judge rightfully ruled that the “Home State” jurisdiction did not change from California because…well nothing had changed. Everything she submitted was false and the judge saw right through it. For once! Oh yeah, one last thing. The nominee for family court drama actress of the year for 2012 goes to none other than…drum roll please…I know folks, the suspense is killing you…aww dammit you guessed it...Melissa Gilliland! …and the crowd goes wild!!! I am by no means “mocking” her but folks seriously, I’m sorry, it was so beyond over the top exaggeration, we all were standing there looking at each other looking at her like “Are you for real???” Remember this was not about getting custody or anything like that, this was just simply about changing the jurisdiction of the State. She was crying, uncontrollable on the bench out side the court room screaming at me how “Selfish” I was, while James was also there next to her. It was such a ridiculous scene. Somebody please explain to me how her filing court papers falsely claiming to the CA court that I was no longer living full time in LA trying to change “Home state” jurisdiction and her trying to prevent me from seeing my son IN LA instead of IN Columbus Georgia under supervised visits and limited to the Columbus Georgia area, which there isn’t a damn thing to do there, by falsely portraying me as unworthy of visits with my own son because somehow I was “Painted” as heavily involved in the porn industry, how exactly is that selfish??? Perhaps she was REALLY crying for this reason… as long as California had jurisdiction she could not file the “Fake divorce” and try to enforce the bullshit child support amount against me. Yeah kind of obvious what it really was.



Before I leave this chapter and move on to the REALLY good stuff…let me share one thing here that I think is pretty relevant and shows the true “Intent” of Melissa. In her declaration to the CA court she states TWICE that my mother “Choco is wealthy”.  Link       Link

Now why would it matter to anyone? For the record my mother was not wealthy, although my step-father was very comfortable financially and had been when he fell in love with my mother, he was also what we would call a “Penny hoarder”, so my mother did not have “access” to his wealth per se but I believe Missy figured that if she could “manipulate” the court enough to get custody, she would try to enforce the original divorce where she claimed $1200 a month in child support and then if I don’t pay, well guess what, Georgia is a “deadbeat dad” state where if you don’t pay you go to jail. Imagine that…and for the record as well…in case anyone questions why I didn’t have a copy of the original divorce she sent me, well I did, but when the “Shit went down” in Feb of 2011 and she went “Nuclear psycho” on me, she stated if I came into the house that she would feel “threatened” and call the police on me and so she proceeded to destroy everything of mine and keep only what served her agenda. Nice person eh? Remember, at that time that was our home and I was still living there so all my stuff was there. There you go.



In the summer of 2013, Melissa was acting “Nice” for some odd reason. I guess that should have told me something was definitely up. If you read many of my correspondence emails with her that I have included in this declaration, you can see repeatedly where I have stated over and over statements like “I tried to be nice with you” etc. I never understood why she always had to be “Hateful” or “fake” with me. So she insisted that my mother and I and grandmother who was almost 90 years of age, go to my son’s birthday party in Columbus Georgia. So of course, excited to see him, we all flew to Georgia for his party, had a good time at Chuck E. Cheese and flew back. I thought at the time, well maybe she is finally putting the claws away and including me in my son’s life. Awww hell no, WRONG!!!! She was just sharpening them up. But as always I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, after all we were together for almost 10 years and she is the mother of my only child. Oh that’s right, according to her, I want no interest in my son. You would think in this day and age of so many fathers taking no interest to see their children or be in their lives, sadly, that a father who tries everything he can to have a relationship with his only son would be appreciated, but then again, that’s not what was in Melissa’s script.


So here comes November of 2013, and Melissa stated to me almost persistently that she “Felt bad because Big V (nickname of my step-father) was getting up an age and she thought it was good idea if Cash came to spend time with him”.  Both my mother and I were like “WTF?” BUT, her knowing that we would not pass up the chance to see my son for any holidays was too much to pass up so we “took the bait”. We honestly figured that she and James were going on some trip and Cash would need a babysitter or something. I’ve come to know she only does things when it suits her needs. Some people are not loyal to you…they are loyal to their need of you…Once their needs change, so does their loyalty and that’s exactly what happened with Melissa.

So her knowing that either my mother or I would travel to Atlanta to pick up and drop off my son, my mother did the first trip to pick him up and at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday, I travelled to drop him off. This happened on November 30th, 2013.



So here is how all this went down. Cash and I found James and Melissa by the courtyard where is our usual drop off point. I wished Missy a Happy Birthday as her birthday was the next day, she just gave me a fake smile and said “Thanks”. I knew something was up but again couldn’t tell what it was. I said goodbye to my son and proceeded to sit down at the local restaurant to grab a beer before going back through security and catch the last few minutes of the “Iron Bowl” game between Auburn and Alabama. Once I sat down and ordered my beer a gentleman in a tie and “pink flowers” came next to me and hovered over me. I guess that was “their cue”. Next thing I know I am surrounded by 10 Federal agents with guns and I hear one state to me, “Mr. Jones please stand up, you are under arrest.” AHA…should have known, so that’s what she was up to. Ok so I willingly got up, got handcuffed and we headed to the conference room there at the airport.


The arresting FBI agent told me what I was charged with and also told me that I would spend the 2 nights in the local Atlanta city jail, then on Monday, there would be a bond hearing and in his words exactly, “You have no prior criminal record and this is considered a non-violent white collar crime so most likely you will be bonded out probably with a signature or they may ask for some bond money but we can contact your family and tell them to come to court on Monday and you will most likely go home.” I thought Ok, spend 2 nights in jail, and be out on Monday, no big deal”.

“They are trying to detain you” is what my defense attorney stated to me on the cold rainy morning of Dec. 2nd. “Detain me, for what” I asked. She then showed me the documents filed by the US Attorneys office that stated that I was ALL of the following: : international flight risk, has made credible “death threats” to witness, is known to be armed, dangerous and violent, high risk of intimidation and physical threats to witnesses. Yeah that’s shit you always want printed following your name on a federal case document, right? I knew right there and then that all that information could have only come from 1 person and 1 person only…my lovely ex-wife Melissa Gilliland!


So the “Detainment hearing” was now scheduled for Thursday Dec. 5th 2013. Keep in mind I am still “In custody” and after the hearing on Dec. 2nd, now I am transferred to a local “Detention center” at Lovejoy and was placed in the SHU immediately upon my arrival. What is the SHU you may ask...well that’s a world of its own. The SHU stands for Segregated Housing Unit or as many also call it, “The Hole”. It is where you are locked down 24 hours a day in a cell the size of a closet. You have 1 toilet/sink combo, 1 set of clothes, extremely limited almost impossible access to a phone. In fact you have to bend down on your knees on the floor while reaching your hand through the small rectangle slot on the metal door and try and dial the phone which is rolled up to your door and try and “Blindly” dial the numbers since you cant see and barely reach. You get 1 hour of “Recreation” every couple days and you are placed in a cage by yourself outside pretty much like a dog kennel. Showers??? Ha, you get like 3 showers a week and you have to schedule it, then when its your turn, the guards come to your door, you have to turn your back to the door, squat way down, place your hands behind your back where the back of your hands go through the small rectangle door slot and wait for them to handcuff you. The guards then open the door, you must walk out backwards and with your head down slowly, then 2 guards again 2 freaking guards then escort you one on each side to the cages in the middle of the big room where you have to repeat the process to get your cuffs off so you can shower.


You get no TV, have to beg for a bible, nothing to occupy your time with except some paper and like 1/3 of a pencil. Sleeping is literally impossible because the other inmates scream 24/7 non-stop, either at the guards, each other, rapping in their cell, or the doors are slamming constantly. So that’s where I stayed because well, I was labeled an “International flight risk and dangerous” at that time and therefore that was my new classification. How do I know this…because I also saw a document what’s known as form USM-129. This is a US Marshals prisoner tracking system form where it stated that I was “High risk, dangerous and potential flight risk”. Gee wonder where they got that from???



The hearing starts off with the US Attorney Mary Roemer asking the FBI agent who arrested me about my arrest. Here you will see the actual transcripts from that day.  Link  Then the FBI agents describes on how they were “tipped” of my flights and received “Intel” I would be there and directly approached Melissa at the airport to confirm the pictures she provided. Wow what a coincidence that she was there and the FBI too at the same time and they recognized her too??? How did they ever know who she was??? Lol  Link


Then we start in on being “Physically and emotionally abused on multiple occasions”. Now lets see where did I hear that before, Oh yeah, Missy stating to me in the fall of 2001 on how women can win “sympathy of the court”. So, textbook play here Miss. Link

Next comes the firearms debate. Keep in mind I had a concealed weapons permit for over 15 years so I owned a firearm legally as did Melissa. I am the one who actually bought her a “Ladysmith” & Wesson 38 revolver for her own protection which she herself carried in her purse. Last time I checked, common sense would tell you that “physically abusive spouses” don’t usually arm their spouses with lethal weapons that could be used against them!!! Just pointing out a common sense fact, that’s all.


Notice how it comes back to the “Flight risk” part again and how I just “coincidently” mentioned the country of Turkey which I had been to ONCE for 3 days only for business 3 years prior. Gee, where did Turkey come from? Folks anyone with Google would be able to see in 3 seconds that Turkey DID have an extradition treaty with the US meaning that if anyone were to flee the country, Turkey would not be safe place to hide. I think anyone who would seriously consider fleeing would have “Looked that up” dontcha think? The US attorney lied to the court to deceive that Turkey did NOT have an extradition treaty with the US but I’ve come to know that facts and the truth are totally irrelevant when you are in court. We are just made to believe that so we comply. Link

Now here in this next document, there is some common sense from my attorney. She asked what documentation does he have that supports that there has ever been any type of “Abuse” of any kind that she ever reported to the police? He said none. In fact she then states that there was never any incident reported about abuse until she reported it to the FBI in March of 2011? Wait WHAT??????? Stop the presses here…so she reported it “Coincidently” in March of 2011 to the Feds…This is starting to “smell really fishy”!!! Link

Then as the hearing progressed, I started seeing a “Development” of what was really going on here and how I REALLY got here. This next bit of dialogue explains it perfectly. My defense attorney asks questions regarding alleged stolen identity and fraud of credit cards against an attorney, however there were no charges brought on by this. The FBI agent directly states that there were never any charges and also confirmed at the bottom that the information came from Melissa. It was at that time that I came to realize all this was all strategically set up by Melissa herself who twisted and falsely gave so much information to the FBI to have me arrested, not just handing me over to FBI on a silver platter, but giving them information to make them believe that I was involved with some vast criminal enterprise on so many levels, which was not true.  Link         Link


So this attorney that was mentioned was someone that Melissa worked with and was friends with from the time he was going through law school and working at a law firm that she worked at as a paralegal. When he became a lawyer, something happened at his law firm where he needed to go out on his own. By then he had represented me on several different things and I considered him a friend, so I offered him space in my building to put his law firm. It was suppose to be a “Net-profit” lease, but I never received a cent. Anyway, by then I had known him for several years and it was quite common for him to be in the office till midnight even many times sleeping in the office to prepare for a trial the next morning as he lived in downtown Nashville and where we were was about 30 minutes away. So many times as I worked 12-14 hours a day myself, I would stay late till about 10pm catching up on paperwork, going through mail, bills whatever and we would chat. It was my peaceful time being away from everyone and the daily chaos. He informed me that he was going through some “Issues” with his home mortgage and asked if I would help him. I realized his credit was nowhere where it needed to be so I offered him assistance on something that was a common thing for me and had done for about 10 people over many years who I considered to be close friends, in fact, I did this for Melissa in the very beginning of our relationship to help her establish good credit.


To be in my shoes with all the houses and businesses, and remember I had 36 different lines of credit, I would occasionally put someone down as an “Authorized user” on one of my credit cards. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means its quite simple. I call up my credit card company, tell them I want to add this person as an authorized user to MY account. I give the bank their social; the bank sends me a credit card in their name using MY CREDIT!!! So, a card comes to me with their name on it, of course the credit card never gets used, it sits in my desk in a safe place and now what reports on MY credit bureau will now report on their credit report. It’s a LEGAL way to help someone’s credit score. I was technically doing him a huge favor…again its using MY credit!!! Melissa knew this quite well because she had asked me to do the same thing for one of her sisters and again I did it for her as well. So apparently I later found out that Melissa gave the FBI a credit card with this attorneys name and told them in her testimony that I purposely stole this attorney’s identity and created a fraudulent account. The FBI tried to use that against me but of course the attorney never pressed charges because well, there was never any crime. Pretty slick Miss! Hey that should be your new nickname instead of “Mad Duo Missy”, dontcha think… “PRETTY SLICK MISS”…IT DEFINTELY FITS!!!



So this next dialogue is what sealed my fate with being detained and denied bond. The US Attorney Mary Roemer states pretty clearly, “Most of the concerns I will acknowledge that he’s a danger and flight risk do come from the ex-wife.” DROP THE MIC…BOOM…there you have it! When a US Attorney makes this kind of statement admitting that this is where the information came from, well it speaks for itself. It was ALL orchestrated and fabricated by none other than Melissa Gilliland.  Link

But wait, there’s more! Then she goes on to say that the “Strongest concern is raised by what the FBI learned through the ex-wife”…of course this goes back to me being an International flight risk which I have already evidenced that was never a possibility and was just created by Melissa to the Feds to keep me locked up.

I want to put something on the table here as a “Food for thought”. Lets create a hypothetical situation here shall we. Lets pretend and again this is pretend here, that all the false alleged “Abuses” that Melissa claimed to the Feds were true. Lets also pretend that I did threaten to leave the country to flee from the authorities. Ok now, if I was in the position of the “Victim” here and all these allegations were 100% true (again hypothetical) what option would be more “advantageous” to me being the victim.

Option1-The abuser flees the country to a non-extradition treaty country only to never and again never be able to return to the US for the rest of their lives, right. I mean, if I was really scared for my life and felt threatened by this abuser, the idea that this person could never come back into this country and ever confront me again for the rest of my life sounds like a pretty damn good safe bet, right?

Option 2-Tell the Feds he is a flight risk, have him detained, serve his time whatever it may be 3, 5 or 10 years ONLY to be able to get out of prison one day, STILL be in the country, STILL have to see him when it comes to the child situation for the rest of their lives and supposedly FEAR any kind of retaliation right?. Am I missing something here?


It’s very apparent here that Melissa’s motive was strictly out of vengeance and nothing more. Oh yeah what was that quote again that’s on her profile on some website. “A woman’s vengeance is calculated and patient but swift, ha” Yup, I sat that about pretty much sums it up! Pretty slick miss! Damn that has a ring to it.

The US Attorney continues to pound to the judge the false testimony made by Melissa to the Feds about wanting to kill her and dump her body in the desert. She does say something very telling as well when she states, “She is part of this case. Even if she is the ONLY ONE out there that feels threatened…” Link

My defense attorney point out the obvious when she states the following:

-“The ridiculousness of some of what she (Melissa) says speaks for itself.”

-“No woman is going to be with a man that long, don’t file 1 single police report, no pictures of 1 bruise, move across country, and of course the timing of her statements.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…thank you!

She even goes on to describe how Melissa invited myself, just a few months before, to my sons Chuck E. Cheese birthday party in their hometown of Columbus Georgia BUT, I found out that it was all just an elaborate FAILED set up by Melissa to have me arrested. So…my son’s birthday is the end of August. I later found out that in the first week of August, that’s when my case was presented to the Grand Jury for an indictment to be issued in Nashville. So essentially, Melissa knew about the Grand Jury because she had been the one orchestrating this entire thing and figured that the warrant would be issued by the time of his party which would only mean that I would then be arrested at my sons birthday party in front of her, my son, mother, my grandmother, my new wife and everyone else….again Pretty Slick Miss! Who thinks like this??? Well I guess I just answered my own question. The warrant was not issued till September. Read for yourself Link

The next argument from my defense attorney was pretty compelling. It discussed the absurdity with the idea of fleeing the country, leaving my new wife as well, going on the run, and making a point that I stated from the very beginning of why I NEVER ever considered fleeing to avoid arrest. This wasn’t a murder, a gun charge or a violent crime like bank robbery; this was a “White collar” crime with technically “no human victims” other than a few financial institutions. I always felt the Feds would see what the REAL facts were by my decision to do what I did and be somewhat fair. That was a chance I was willing to take. She discusses no prior criminal history and states what this entire Federal Case is all about. She states, “And it all comes from this one woman, nothing else. Without this woman, this would be a really easy case” Oh yeah…”Baby did a bad, bad thing!!!” Lol (Sing it Chris Isaak) Link



For the record, I’ve been asked many times about my 2nd wife so Ill share this quickly. I met my second wife in 2012 and knew within a few months that I was crazy in love with this woman like I had never been before. I was bat-shit crazy for this woman. She was a beautiful woman inside and out, affectionate, caring, exotic, from Central America, a beautiful soul, sexy accent, full of life, always happy and God we had soooo much fun together it was absolutely amazing. I wanted to give her the world.  I told her that the greatest compliment I could give her was that “She made everyday in life, fun.” Seriously, how many people in relationships can you say that about? For the almost 2 years before my arrest, it was fucking awesome. “Memories” of our time together while I was free before my arrest got me through many solitary nights in the SHU and for that I am so grateful.

After my arrest and detainment she herself went through a serious depression which I felt very guilty for. You never want to see someone you love going through depression because of you. It took a long while before I was sentenced which I will get into later but I eventually decided “Out of unconditional love” for this woman to distance myself from her by limiting my calls to her from prison simply because I felt at that time that what happened to me and the situation I was in was not her burden, so why should it be her fight too. She should not have had to do “Time” with me as well. I did not want to be like most inmates and be “Selfish” and expect her to “ride with me” and wait around for me to get out of prison while missing valuable years of her life she could be living. I am not that way and that’s not fair to her. Why should she be punished for this when she had nothing to do with it and at that time after seeing the enormous false testimony by Melissa to the Feds painting me out to be some mastermind criminal running a criminal enterprise while threatening to kill people…(REALLY???) I had no idea how much the Feds actually believed of it and the time I would be serving. I mean they actually believed all the bullshit lies from Melissa to deny me my bond so I had no idea how much other stuff Melissa told them they would believe and how much of a fight or for how long it would last. So as the saying goes, “If you truly love someone, set them free” and that’s what I decided to do. She (my 2nd wife) is an amazing woman and she deserves the best in everything. I wish I could have given it to her and her wonderful family. Dammit I forgot, according to Missy, I am so selfish.

In the end my attorney fought a good fight but it was quite evident that the US gvt. had an agenda to do and say whatever they had to do to keep me detained because of course you have Melissa claiming these outrageous lies to the FBI that if I am released that I will flee. In fact my attorney stated, “It seems very clear the government has gone out of its way to make sure that Mr. Jones was arrested in a jurisdiction where he had no ties”.

 I was ultimately denied bond and detained, in fact my family attempted to put up their home of 50 years which was mortgage free and well worth over $1 million as collateral and the Feds STILL would not accept it. What does that tell you? My attorney did make one valid point in her closing statement which was she stated that “she (Melissa) clearly is manipulating things, and the son is the one who is going to end up hurt here, and she clearly doesn’t care about that.” Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s the DNA of a true narcissist.  Link

Something VERY interesting happened at the end of my bond hearing. In fact I look at it as a gift from God to be quite honest. I was absolutely dumbfounded hearing all these beyond ridiculous accusations for the first time in a Federal Court and was just numb to the bone. At the very end when my defense attorney in Atlanta went up to the podium to give her last statements, she noticed that the US Attorney accidently left the bottom part of her paperwork about me on the stand. Very quickly my attorney grabbed it, turned around and said “Here, do not lose this.” At the time I was still in total disbelief that they could try and detain me on purely false lies from Melissa and had no clue what I really had in my hand. I took the paper with me after the hearing was over and made the long walk back to the “Holding tank” in handcuffs and leg chains to wait for the end of day before we are picked up to be transported back to the jail. I sat down and once I started reading it realized what I had in my hand that I was not suppose to. In the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory…”BADZINGA”!!!


I had what’s known as an FBI-302. What’s that? Well it’s basically the entire testimony that Melissa gave to the FBI on the date of MARCH 30, 2011. This was exactly 9 DAYS AFTER our bitter court battle in Los Angeles when I tried to keep Melissa from taking my son away from me to another state. Well now, ain’t that some shit here…no wonder this was all starting to “smell to high heaven”. I mean this all makes complete total fucking sense now…I file paper work that pisses you the fuck off and what better way than to get back at me than go directly to the FBI and lie through your fucking teeth to royally lay it on super thick and heavy to make sure that I do serious “Time”. This was all carefully calculated and orchestrated by none other than Melissa herself. Pretty slick Miss! Important note here, this again is not MY saying, but this is clearly evidenced in all the court proceedings in federal court. Interestingly, I found out later that “Allegedly” and this is coming from a direct source with knowledge, that her sister Barbara McNabb had a hand in delivering Melissa to the Feds. I will explain more in a bit.



So here are a few actual declarations from Melissa herself to the FBI as documented in the 302.

Please read where she states the following to the FBI that on numerous occasions she (Jones in the 302) thought about calling 911 to protect her from me, but that I would finish her off before authorities could make it to the house.

STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES!!!! People, her own damn younger sister Barbie McNabb WAS the police. Her sister was/is a deputy Sheriff for Wilson County. In fact she, if I remember correctly, handled suicide attempts, cps, hostage negotiations and domestic violence cases. We literally saw her every other day plus all the holidays. Not only did she work right down the street from us at the station…hold it, hold it, hold it, SHE WAS ALSO A REAL ESTATE AGENT WORKING OUT OF OUR OFFICE! Many times Barbie would stop by the offices after her shift and chat with everybody. Now in 9 years of Melissa and I together, there was NEVER a time that Barbie ever saw ANY type of evidence physical abuse on Melissa because there was NONE! Barbie never came up to me to “discuss” if I was being violent to Melissa. There was never an incident report and there was never even a call to the police. WHY??? Because there was NEVER again I repeat NEVER any abuse!!!


Folks, let me put this in perspective. My size has been used against me many times in my life to “Stereotype” me. How is society so naïve at times to think just because someone is big in stature that somehow that makes them also violent. I have been accused of looking like a pro-wrestler or football player all  my life.  I am 6’4, weigh a solid 280lbs, can throw massive amounts of weights daily at the gym, can kick box the hell out of heavy bag, took a couple years of Tae Kwon Do in my early 20’s, so… if I had EVER been even remotely physically abusive or violent, there would be pictures, videos, police reports, medical reports, affidavits from her sister…SOMETHING!!!! There are NONE because it never happened.

Furthermore, here is some common sense…NO former paralegal “Coach” to the wives going through divorces as Melissa was to where she worked before for many years is going to be physically “assaulted” for years again for YEARS and not have one, again NOT ONE single piece of evidence to support her claim. This coming from a woman who is meticulous at documenting everything who I found out later in our relationship she did this, wrote down in her calendar for as long as were together when and how often we had sex and how often I shaved my balls. Yes really! WTF??? Yet she calls ME crazy?

Melissa goes on to state that she hid guns from me (JC) when we were married so I would not have easy access to guns. Yet she carried the gun I bought her in her purse and we many times went to the gun range to practice together and even went with several of our friends.


This next part just floored me. This is the DAGGER! Melissa tells the FBI that I “STRUCK HER ACROSS THE FACE OFTEN”. Now folks, when you tell the FBI that you have been struck across the face OFTEN, you are claiming something serious here. This isn’t “Bruises on the arm” or “throwing papers in the air” like she claimed just weeks before in the Los Angeles Family court as evidenced earlier, no this bullshit is major. If a man my size “STRUCK” someone the size of Melissa, I think like 5’6 115lbs, Holy Hell there would be black eyes, broken noses, busted lips, missing teeth, swollen faces which would easily be documented. She goes on to say I threw her to the ground often…yeah right. Who knows…maybe she got ground and “bed” confused!…lol


This next line is fucking insane! She tells the FBI that in March of 2011, just weeks before her false testimony to the Feds, that I threatened to kill her and bury her body in the desert. Well exactly how did I do that if from Feb 9th to March 30th,  when I had NO verbal or physical contact with her directly and of course if it had been a voicemail or email or text, she would have easily given them the evidence because it was only a few weeks before. Telling the FBI that someone “Threatened to kill you” is one step short of accusing someone of ATTEMPTED MURDER!  Am I lying here?    Link

This next document here, pretty much shows that Melissa is quite not as innocent as she portrays. “Oh baby baby”…Why is the damn Britney Spears song now playing in my head? So Melissa actually ADMITS to the Feds that she FORGED the Title Agents signatures not just 1 time but pretty much every closing. Well now, ain’t that a shocker! Melissa got paid DIRECTLY from the Title company for every closing she acted as the closing agent on, even deals that had nothing to do with me. But see, you might ask why would Melissa not sign her own name, well quite simply, Melissa was also receiving the commission check as the Real Estate agent on the closing which is a big No-No. It’s called conflict of interest and illegal. But of course, according to her, I held a gun to her head on every closing and forced her to make this money right…which went into HER accounts! Folks I have 1000’s of documents, bank statements, contracts, loan applications, closing statements ALL with her signature that I could easily display here but then this declaration would never end. Not one thing that happened with my case, did not involve Melissa’s participation one way or the other and that’s just the God’s truth!   Link

So here’s the $64,000 question, if Melissa could easily forge Bank, Mortgage & Real Estate documents at ease and she admits to this on the FBI-302, exactly what would stop her from forging a divorce decree that she drew up, controlled the filing of and filed it in the small town where she has much support and leverage? There is a legal saying that states, “Preponderance of the evidence if 51% of evidence implies guilt”, and I think the enormous amount of evidence provided by Melissa’s OWN doing speaks for itself. But we are not done folks….aw hell no…there is soo much more! 

In this next document, Melissa goes on to speak FOR other people such as my business partner (Isbell) and my own Mother (Johnson) who I supposedly told that I would flee the country. She even uses the fact that I know fluent Spanish and that in 2005 BOTH Melissa and I purchased the contract on a pre-construction condo in Cancun but she carefully leaves out HER co-owning it too and implies to the Feds as if it was just ME who did this. Gotta create that good story right? “WE” sold the condo in 2008 and all the funds were used to offset the massive losses.

She also states that I hired an attorney for my criminal defense matters. NEWSFLASH!!! People who plan on fleeing don’t pay $15k to retain a criminal defense attorney years before!!! Funny that the Feds also knew and had evidence about this in 2011 yet they casually left this vitally important factor out at my bond hearing in Dec. of 2013. Imagine that??? Link


This next document folks just really sucks BIG TIME and if I was this person I would be fucking furious. As the saying goes, “The truth will set you free but first it will really piss you off” definitely applies here.  It shows clearly the level that Melissa will go to not only to throw her ex-husband under the bus but the closest people around her to save her own ass. Let me remind you, this is all from Melissa’s own declarations to the FBI which she willingly gave so they are NOT MY WORDS.


So she goes on to state these things, which are VERY important, why, because they imply “Guilt” on the part of that person. Not exactly something you want to tell the FBI unless you have a motivation to do so. Melissa states that her and Felts were good friends, yes they knew each other for years before Felts came to work for us, had their offices 10 ft from each other in our building, we all went to the gun range together, to Super Bowl parties at each others houses and even took Felts and her husband to Las Vegas together. Felts was instrumental in the day to day operations of ALL the businesses.


One day Felts informed me that she saw a listing for a local bowling alley that was up for sale. At that time, I saw the Real Estate mortgage market drying up and thought this might be a good investment to have “Income” to get us through the recession coming in for us and Felts, as well as I paid her a pretty good salary and knew she was valuable to the business plus she is a hard worker. Since business loans were hard to get at that time, we decided to do a “Lease purchase” with the owner. Melissa states to the Feds that I had bad credit to purchase bowling alley to make it appear as I was desperate yet there was no credit needed.


Now after we signed the contract to acquire it, Felts and I did spend a lot of time out of the office meeting with vendors for the food, drink machines, setting up payment systems, licenses, construction, etc. etc. Well Missy started getting very jealous and several times questioned why I was spending so much time with her. I would just look at her with such disgust as “Really?” Now Felts was happily married, had an adorable daughter and her husband was a great guy who had just started with the local police force if I remember correctly. I had nothing but respect for her and her family as they were all good people. Melissa also got very upset that we did not include her on the contract to purchase the bowling alley or on the sign above the cash register in the bowling alley to show who “All” the owners were. She felt that she should have been included in the transaction as well. As if she wasn’t already half owner of everything as it was but that tells you the “Mindset” of a true narcissist. “Appearances”…Oh the EGO!


So what did Melissa tell the FBI…well she stated “Felts BECAME A STRAW INVESTOR with JC.” Why is this so relevant? For those who do not know what “Straw Investors” are in Real estate, I will let the definition from “” describe it. It is a “Form of mortgage fraud, where a ‘straw buyer’ applies for a mortgage for a property that someone else will actually control and live in.” That testimony alone is a witness account that implies Felts was involved with mortgage fraud which she was eventually indicted for “Conspiracy to commit bank fraud” 18 U.S.C. §1349. Coincidence, I think not? The key word here is a property someone else actually “Controls.”


Now Felts and I owned several properties together and in fact owned an LLC together with a bank account just for the properties which we together controlled. So the term “Straw Investor” does not apply. So there was NO mortgage fraud on Felts part, however notice what Melissa states next. “JC and Felts spent a great deal of time together so Jones (Melissa) it is ‘Possible’ that Jones (Melissa) does not know what Felts would do under JC’s influence and went further to imply that she was not sure to the “EXTENT OF FELTS’ INVOLVEMENT AS A STRAW INVESTOR”. So what Melissa is basically alleging in other words is, “I know she is guilty, I just don’t know how guilty she is as a straw investor, but she is definitely a straw investor so essentially she is guilty.” DAMN Missy!!! If that does not imply guilt I don’t know what does! Giving comments like that to the FEDS is all they need to indict and “Include” someone in a conspiracy case, and that’s exactly what happened. Link

Newsflash!!!…Felts was and is 100% INNOCENT and NEVER did anything that would have caused her to be indicted as part of “The conspiracy.”  My heart truly goes out to her and her family for what happened as I never would have wanted that on her because I sure as hell did not testify against her or brought her name up or anyone else’s for that matter. It is my belief from reading this 302 provided by Melissa, that Felts was thrown under the bus in this conspiracy, included as “Collateral damage” and included in my case not because of anything Felts knowingly did but because of Melissa’s testimony of implication of guilt as a straw buyer. I mean folks, you see what Melissa stated right?


Keep in mind that the Feds can as the saying goes, “Indict a ham sandwich” if they wanted to and once an indictment is created, the chances of that going away once they file it is slim to none. Conspiracy is a very “Vague” term which the Feds use as a “web” to catch and include multiple people on indictments. It is virtually impossible to “Fight it” in court so going to trial against the Feds is an automatic 30 year sentence. They have a 99.2% conviction rate and it’s not because all those people were guilty. You either take a plea deal or sign your own lengthy sentence, go to trial and you will lose. That’s how the system works. You lose and you automatically get the max term which in this case is 30 years. It’s a VERY fucked up system in their favor that the public knows nothing about. The Feds don’t “Change their minds” to often if ever. I mishandled the funds because I was moving money around trying to keep all businesses and everyone afloat. I owned this mistake at my sentencing and have never denied it. Felts had NOTHING to do with it but it appears that Melissa’s testimony sealed her fate. You be the judge.


The next document is even more alarming for anyone who has any association with Melissa. As the saying goes, be careful of the company you keep. How can I say that, well when it’s YOUR WORDS specifically that willingly gives up EVERYONE involved with me on a silver platter, directly implicates them out to be “Straw Investors” to the Feds to only have their entire lives ruined and are now investigated by the FBI and DOJ, well that in my humble opinion is ROYALLY fucked up. That, my friends is commonly referred to as a “Rat”! Just saying what you are thinking. Don’t lie!

In this document Melissa stated how Goss was a straw investor, of course she also got indicted. For their own protection and their families, I have blacked out their first names and also any information which is irrelevant to this subject as well. But she did implicate Butler, Miller, Hostetler (who by the way was a Pastor), Felts who was indicted, Isbell, 2 different Helts, and the Horvath’s, as that bad word again, “Straw investors”. EIGHT (8) good INNOCENT hard working people whom she just easily “Handed over” to the Feds, who were all simply trying to become financially independent through Real Estate investing, which is NOT a crime. The document does not lie! Link

Let me put this into context to better make my point clear. If I had been a drug cartel kingpin, and this was a drug dealing conspiracy case and she was giving a statement to the Feds, she instead of saying these people were “Straw Investors” she could have said they were all “Drug dealers” for JC. It’s the same damn thing people! That’s how the Feds look at it.


She even states that it was possible that the number of properties that she herself estimated could have been lower because I was so “so secretive” about hiding properties. WOMAN…YOU handled ALL the listings, YOU handled the auctions, YOU were at the majority of the meetings, YOU handled the contracts, YOU handled the Closing Docs, YOU handled the Checks, YOU opened the bank statements, YOU saw the online deposits. My God Miss, shame the devil and tell the fucking truth for once!!!


Shall we continue??? In this next document she tells the FBI that she intentionally never learned about the mortgage side of JC’s business because then I would “Demand” and force her to do illegal transactions. Oh yes of course because you are so damn innocent. There’s that damn Britney Spears song playing again. Link

This next statement by Missy to the Feds is pretty freaking low for anyone. I’m sorry, I am trying to keep every statement as ‘Positive’ as possible while still trying to make a point BUT, sometimes you gotta call it for what it is and in my opinion, this was pretty shitty by anyone standards, or lack of. You are speaking on behalf of a DEAD woman. What the fuck Melissa??? Bernauer was an older lady friend of mine whom I had known for many years. When she came across some hard financial times I brought her into the mortgage world and showed her how to become a loan originator and she was instrumental in helping me when I launched the mortgage business in 2000. Bernauer was a sweetheart of a person and loved to cut up, had a big laugh and a great sarcastic fun personality that made any office environment fun. She was a riot!


Here Melissa goes on to speak on her behalf to imply that somehow Bernauer was “Scared of me”, I guess just to add “names” to the story to the FBI like the whole damn town is running in fear of me. Well Bernauer was a spunky lil thing who was not intimidated by anyone that’s for sure and had absolutely no reason to be scared of me. In fact she must have not been “Too scared” because in 2003, she came to me to help her with a serious medical issue and so I gave her $4,000 so she could get diagnosed and treatment for what she later found out to be Hepatitis which is what she eventually passed away from 5 years later. I KNOW my assistance helped her to get treatment until she finally received help from “TennCare” which helped to extend her life. Christ Missy, let the dead rest in peace and not use them as a pawn for your fabricated FBI narrative. Link

You will see something very important in all this. I think Abraham Lincoln stated, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” and that should apply to Melissa as well. In the 2nd paragraph she states a true fact that she was the listing agent for most of the properties associated with my company. Well didn’t she totally contradict herself later on in her false testimony? She was involved in literally EVERY single transaction legally and illegally.


Something else, as I’ve stated from the very beginning, I have always “Empowered women” and not destroyed them. That’s always been my nature. I learned that from my own mother who was and is a very strong independent powerful woman in her own right who has made many countless self-less sacrifices not only for me but my entire family and I respect for it. I have numerous situations in my life where I have proven that and numerous women in my life that can attest to that. Well in Melissa’s own declaration she confirms that as well by stating that I was the one who told her she could own her own business and even went as far by buying her a freaking building so she could run it from. Then she tells them something very significant, she states that she would earn 100% of the commissions from the properties related to our Real estate transactions. Now folks, it doesn’t take a genius to figure her motive here that she was receiving 100% commissions for hardly any “legwork” considering my other companies were paying $15-20k per month on advertisements for TV commercials, freeway billboards, front of yellow page book ads and on and on. There you have it in her own words. I guess she never expected these statements to the FBI to ever see daylight…woops my bad!


This last document from the 302 just left me shaking my head and grinning from ear to ear when I read it. So back in 2006 I stopped this woman’s house from foreclosure literally the day before it was schedule to be sold at the courthouse. We agreed I would purchase the property, give her like $20k grand from her house, give her 6 months free rent and then she would start paying rent. She loved the deal, Melissa and I went to her home, sat at her coffee table, she signed the docs, Melissa notarized it and then afterwards we went to this woman’s “partner’s” work where we got her girlfriend to sign off on the deed as well. There was not a damn thing fraudulent about the entire transaction. 8 months later this woman, Gurule fails to make the first payment, after 3 months we sent her a notice of eviction. I contact her and asked her what she did with the money, her answer, “I spent it”. She told me initially that she was going to use it to turn their basements and backyard for a day-care and her mid 20’s daughters would help her. I thought OK great but of course it never happened.


Next thing I know I am getting a lawsuit claiming that she didn’t know what she was signing and she thought it was a refinance not a sale of the home. Now folks, I had about 7 different forms that she signed specifically that stated this was a “Sale” transaction and in fact one document that did NOT require a notary, she faxed to me FROM her damn home with her home fax number at the top, but yet she still claimed she never signed it. Good God! NOBODY refinances their house when they are 2 days from a foreclosure sale date. Yet her signature on the document matched her actual signature. This was “par for the course” to be in that type of business to get people to file frivolous lawsuits. She went through “Legal aid” so it doesn’t cost her anything and she can live there “rent free” until the lawsuit is settled. It’s all a big game for many people and when they know you have money they try and sue and see what they get because they have nothing to lose. That’s a big reality of the foreclosure business and trying to help people BEFORE they lose their home.

Nevertheless, here is where it gets interesting, now there was nothing fraudulent on that entire transaction but somehow Melissa decided to bring this file up to the Feds and I think I know why. I found out later that Gurule filed a suit against Melissa herself and later that year in 2011 there was a trial scheduled. What makes this all VERY interesting is that she told the FBI that I “forced her” to notarize this document without Gurule present, which is not true BUT she then also filed an answer in her case where she “Denied” doing so. So which one is the truth Missy? Oh yeah, the truth is whatever fits your narrative and agenda for that situation. So you tell the FBI one thing but then file something else in another forum. Hmmm… anyone starting to see a pattern here?  Link                 Missys answer Link


Moving on from the 302’s

If there is any reason why this whole being denied bond thing is so damn important, this is everything here!!!

This is the typical scenario for a “Non-violent white collar crime”. Literally in about 95% of these types of crimes, this is what happens. The person who gets arrested, usually gets released with one of the following options:

-a signature bond

-a bond where you have to put up some collateral like a home or money

-hire a bail bondsmen where you pay like 10% of the bond

-an ankle bracelet monitor is placed for tracking

-house arrest

Usually the person spends no more than a couple days in jail IF that before they are released. I want to bring up an important fact here. There were 5 people who were allegedly “Involved” in this conspiracy, Melissa being one of them and only 4 of them were charged. Surprise, surprise guess who wasn’t? Furthermore, the other 3 people indicted as well or should I say “Connected” to the “conspiracy” case, were all released on a $10,000 bond. So basically for $1,000 they were able to avoid jail and go home. For me, a $1 MILLION free-n-clear home offered by my family was still not acceptable…WHY? Only one reason and one reason only…the false malicious fabricated testimony of Melissa Gilliland. No bail and the cards are definitely stacked against you.

This is what usually happens to white collar inmates awaiting sentencing. After they get released on bond, they are able to properly defend themselves which is EVERYTHING from home. You have access to computers, attorneys, your family, because well you are free. Many times during white collar type crimes, the sentencing can be delayed for years, 2 to 4 years is not uncommon. When they are finally sentenced, the judge will usually tell them they have so many days or weeks to report to such and such facility that they will serve out their sentence. In MOST white-collar sentences they are designated to what’s known as a “Camp”. Camps are usually NOT behind fences, are non-violent, and although you are in “Prison” per se, you do have restrictions somewhat, can’t leave property, have to follow these rules, etc. etc it’s definitely tolerable. Nobody wants to fight, or attack you or get caught with contraband because then they take the risk that they will be sent to the actual prison BEHIND the gates which is another world entirely. It’s a very laid back atmosphere of mostly non-violent offenders, white collar inmates and inmates who are at the end of 15 to 20 year sentences and just want to get out and don’t get into the prison politics. It’s a whole different environment oppose to being BEHIND the gates. Even the guards act differently. I can honestly say that I never really worried about the inmates even BEHIND the gates as much as I did the Guards. Hate to say it but some of those guards were just down right evil!


When I eventually made it to a camp after a couple years to serve my last 2 months, FINALLY at a camp with 2 months left to go, (Go figure) I asked many guys if they had ever been transported in chains or been in the SHU, or been in Max security, and they were all like “No, judge said needed to report to this place before such and such date, my wife and I drove up to the prison and I just walked in and checked in”. I was just shaking my head. Wow, my whole experience would have been soo much different had Melissa not lied to the Feds.


Because solely of Melissa’s false fabrications to the FBI, I was now labeled “Dangerous, violent, and a Flight Risk” everywhere I went. That meant that when I was being transported, I got “Special attention”. I had regular handcuffs, ankle chains, what’s known as a “Black Box” which is a box that surrounds the handcuffs where you cannot move your wrists, (black box) waist chains with 2 padlocks. Again 2 padlocks!!! Folks you would have thought I was the damn uni-bomber. You can’t even scratch your nose and you will stay like this for 6 to 10 hours straight while being transported. Then they also put you in a metal caged box inside an already caged van when transporting you on a metal bench. Try being in a van going 75 mph in chains sliding on a metal bunch, you are being thrown around bouncing off the cage. It’s hilarious now when I think about it but in all seriousness, that’s how Freddie Gray from Baltimore died while in custody of a spinal injury in the back of a police van in 2015.


Whenever I went to a new facility, I was either placed in the SHU as I mentioned before or I was placed in “MAX”, which is known as maximum security. Who gets put in “Max”, oh hell, “Lifers” meaning people who are facing life in prison, murderers, gang leaders, career violent criminals, just to name a few. There was months where I was the ONLY white guy in an all black pod. My nickname was “Big White Motherfucka”, no joke! I had an overdoes of “Street culture” to say the least, however I did learn a lot about that culture and why many get in that position and I have come to develop love & compassion and understanding for many of them and have even become life friends with a few as crazy as it sounds. I totally understand many of them now and what lead to their decisions! Down deep most are all just scared good people who just need to be loved and are lost!


However, I will be honest and say that if you put a big white guy like me who gets money put on his books for commissary in a pod with all blacks from “The street” whom many unfortunately get “forgotten” about with nothing on their books, it will create jealousies and confrontations, its just reality. About once a month I had a “Face-off ” confrontation for lack of better terms with one or even up to 3 inmates one time when it is really just a “test” to see if you will stand your ground or be a “punk”. It’s basically where they say something to you and you have to verbally defend yourself and/or let them know that you are ready to fight them no matter what even if threatening to fight 3 people at one time seems crazy, that’s just how it is. Sometimes a guard will hear the screaming and interfere and other times someone will step in and calm things down. It’s very chaotic and 1 single word can set someone off.

EVERYTHING in prison is about respect! You have to either earn it or show it. Intentionally disrespect the wrong person, you will get seriously beaten down or simply die! You have to stand up or they will destroy the weak or those who exude fear. With me it felt like if they had put a big white polar bear into a lions den, the lions didn’t quite know what to make of me but knew I was big, strong, not intimidated and knew that I would fight back if I had to and was not scared to do so. BUT, I showed respect and I earned it too. Most people would never understand this statement, but I am pretty damn proud of myself for navigating my way through what could have been a death sentence by finding a delicate balance between being smart kind, friendly yet also taking no shit and showing no fear. I believe they saw that and respected me for it. I think that just the fact that you are willing to fight 3 guys makes them take a step back and think you must be brave, crazy or a lil of both, but if you don’t stand up, they will see it as weakness and make your life a living hell. I saw it happen to many other inmates all the time. Most people would have cracked or been at the door screaming to get out of there. I witnessed A LOT of that. I actually think the “Brothers” (black inmates) respected me more because I didn’t show fear to them and treated them with like respect as well.

One interesting story, I did have one Italian inmate who was put in our pod one day due to over crowding who was (no joke) 6’8 and easily about 350lbs (Super Big dude!) but the way he carried himself showed he was weak almost  “Goofy-like’, folks the “brothers” did not even allow him to stay the first night. I noticed the pod energy change the moment they brought him in and the brothers were getting “Restless” having 2 big white dudes in there. So 2 pod brothers came into my cell where he was talking to me I guess trying to create an “Alliance” with me and told him straight out, “We cool with him (referring to me) but we aint letting another white motherfucka like you in this pod, you better hit the motherfuckin door bitch before we take you out ourselves, you feel me ni@@a.” I remember it quite well as I thought “Aw shit something is going to go down and I am being sucked right into this.” He asked me after they left what he should do and I told him, “Bro…you big boy, I had to earn my respect here and you need to fight your own battles and either earn their respect too or get the fuck out of dodge, this is prison, there is 15 of them and 2 of us, you do the math”. Within 5 minutes he was at the door with his bed mat pounding yelling at the guard to get him out and eventually moved to another pod and had to sleep on the floor.  TRUE story!

Creating “alliances” and deals is the smart thing to do. For example, many of the inmates sadly did not get any money put on their books so they got nothing from commissary, like potato chips, toothpaste, ramen soups or peanut butter. Jail food is human dog food…literally!!! Peanut butter and coffee are BIG luxuries in these type of environments. Folks, prison is a money making-screw the poor people-racket in itself charging $1 for the 10cent Ramen soups noodles bags you get at the store or $6 for a small jar of peanut butter. So doing a deal like “Ok I’ll trade you a jar of peanut butter for your breakfast trays in the morning every week is a BIG luxury for an inmate. Some sleep in and don’t eat breakfast, I do and trading it for a jar of peanut butter is good “relations”. All of a sudden, they don’t want you leaving the pod because they are getting something they really desire that they can’t get anywhere else and it’s a value for them. I was glad to do it because I also saw how much they enjoyed it.

As time went on, I tutored many of them, taught a few how to read past 2 syllable words in the Bible (seriously), tutored and actually helped one guy get his GED, we worked out together doing push up contests (breaking their balls, “Man you half my age and I can out push up you” type things), helped them write letters to their attorney on their case, talked to them about “metaphysics” and Universal laws. I was actually half-jokingly called the “Podfather” as opposed to the “Godfather”, by many of the black and Latino inmates in Max. To me, what I accomplished in this hostile dangerous environment I was “Thrusted” into was like a real life NON-TV version of “Survivor” only this shit was as real as it gets. I not only found my way, I succeeded. No regrets.

I have a friend who has 2 Black belts in 2 different forms of martial arts, and I asked him once, “You ever been in a life or death type situation where you were tested and possible had to use your abilities that could save your life?”…he stated no and I said, well I have.




For the most part I wished I could say it was all good with me… but not exactly.

On December 21st, 2014 while in Max in a County jail in Kentucky that also was a Federal detention center for Federal inmates from Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and others, 2 black inmates both in their late 20’s, one 6’1 the other 6’6, decided they were going to “shank” me if I didn’t hand over all my commissary. Shank means stab you in the intestines multiple times with a very sharp usually metal object that causes you to bleed out pretty quickly. Killings in prisons occur daily but they rarely ever make the news unless it’s a riot. There was saying that “No one ever dies IN prison”…meaning that even if the person was dead, they will always conveniently “Die” in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Nope the prison cant be responsible for that can they? Anyways, one of the known violent brothers wound up getting a “Homey” come in to the pod and I guess they got desperate and brave enough and thought going after me would be an easy target, HA… they were wrong! Up until that time I had several confrontations which could have been really bad for me but none that had turned physical. Sleeping with your tennis shoes on because shit can go down any minute is a real reality.


For anyone who questions this and why an inmate would take the chance of killing someone in prison, I will explain like this. The one inmate was offered a “Plea deal” of 30 years. Think about that? 30 years was his first offer from the Feds. He told me before the “Shanking” incident that when his attorney told him what the Feds were offering, he said he didn’t eat for 3 days. Then there comes a realization that they may just spend the rest of their lives in prison and never see freedom. They will most likely go to a Penitentiary that is extremely violent and they have a 50/50 chance of making it out. So when that reality eventually hits them, killing someone and having another charge (which they know they rarely charge anyone for murder while in prison is nothing to them and they have nothing to lose, BUT everything to gain with instant gratification with eating good food from commissary that most likely they would never be able to get again because they have no outside financial support. I can say being hungry in prison sucks big time and being in a closed environment with a dozen or more other people and smelling food that you cant afford or get is nothing but pure torture. So a basic human survival instinct kicks in for many of them that say to themselves, “Fuck this, I’m gonna get mine.”…and they will do that at all costs. That’s what makes this environment so dangerous. Just by eating something that someone else can’t, they can attack and try to kill you in a split second. Let that sink in!!!


If anyone ever wants to see the reality of how it is, watch the TV show “60 days in”. It is EXACTLY like that. It’s a pressure cooker where people get attacked in literally seconds out of nowhere like a calculated attack in the wild. While the two inmates had a broom, mop handle and a shank which is a metal object to stab you with, there was one “Weapon” I had to defend myself that I carried in my pocket 24/7, slept with next to my head, took to the shower, it was always ON me.


Anyone in martial arts knows that there are 3 ways to “Disarm” a physical attacker, cutting off the air supply, constricting his movements and/or blocking his eyesight where he can’t see. In a pod where I am outnumbered 15 to 1, the first 2 are not a reality, so I figured out the only option I had. When a new inmate gets in, the jail gives you a small bag with half a toothbrush (shankless), small tube of toothpaste, comb, hotel type lil things of soap and a small travel size of deodorant. So I did a lil “A-team” modification. I took the deodorant tube, took out the deodorant in it, cut a rectangle hole in it on top, half filled it with salt and a lil bit of rice. I had one in each pocket at ALL times!

When the 2 inmates tried to attack me, they came at me with one holding a mop handle that we use for cleaning, the other a broom, and one had a shiny metal object in his hand between his hand and the mop handle. I realized “Oh shit this is finally going to go down” that they were really going to come at me with full force and not back down once the one took the mop handle and swung it hard for my head, I was able to block it with my left arm/side where it split in two, I was able to throw salt in both eyes, punch the one 6’6 dude in the face with the broom handle where he fell back stunned and then take the one with the shank and wrestle him to the ground after he tried to stab me with the shank on my left side. Considering that the entire fight took a good minute which is a fucking long time when you are trying to fight off 2 guys with makeshift weapons, amazingly, the only damage was on my left side where he tried to stab me on the left side and before it was able to penetrate me I was fortunate enough to throw him down so there was a pretty good gash. Considering all that happened and I didn’t even a scratch on my face or anywhere else other than the left side was nothing short of a miracle.

When the guards FINALLY came in, keep in mind that there were no security cameras and the guard has to wait for “Back-up” before they can enter when there is a fight, I had one on the ground pounding his head when the next thing I know…BZZZZ ZAPPPPPP POWWWWWW…3 different discharges of 5 second cycles of 55,000 volts went through me when the Captain tased me. That’s 15 seconds folks!!! It felt like an elephant was standing on top of me and I was about to pass out!!! Well there was a slight problem, he missed!!! If anyone knows anything about taser prongs, there are 2 of them, well one hit my left top shoulder and the 2nd one missed and went through my entire left ear into my scalp. Oh yeah! Can’t make shit up, in fact it’s all documented.

I want to make one point VERY CLEAR! Melissa’s false testimony to FBI= MAX confinement, Max Confinement = Getting in altercation where they attempted to Shank me. If they had been successful and I had not known how to defend or prepare myself, I would have had 5 to 10 puncture wounds in the liver, stomach, kidneys, wherever and bled out and DIED!!! Plain and simple.


As crazy as it sounds, I am grateful it happened. Why??? Well because the Captain tased me above the shoulders which is illegal, the judge at my sentencing game me a nice “time-cut” which I am very grateful for. Also the guards realized that after what they saw happen and what I did to embarrass the 2 inmates, they could not keep me in Max anymore for I would have definitely gotten killed and moved me for my protection which after a year in Max I was glad to be done with it. Plus after that they feared a lawsuit so they were nice to me and sometimes the guards in prison are much worse than the inmates as crazy as it sounds.


One needs to understand that there is a HUGE, and I’ll say it again a HUGE difference between “Prison” and “Jail”. If I were to try an explain it, it would be like this. Prison is like camping, you know you are roughing it, not quite the luxuries of home, lil bit of an adventure but doable. You can go outside, work out, walk the track, play musical instruments, go to library, and have movement. Jail which is usually a county jail or a detention center for “Pre-sentencing” is much like being on the show Survivor only there is no TV crew or protection. It is the absolute worst conditions possible. You are in 1 room ALL day every day literally 24/7. 15 people will use one bathroom that has a toilet and sink combined with a shower. I went through 5 months, 5 months folks where I saw NO DAYLIGHT why because there was NO WINDOWS!!! Furthermore, I got no fresh outside air for those 5 months as well. Let that sink in for a bit. Why, because in the winter from Oct-March they don’t let you outside for rec. It is an absolute pressure cooker. I saw beat downs at least once a month. The tension is very high because you are living like rats in a very closed environment and most of the inmates are awaiting sentencing so they are extremely edgy. Anything can set someone off to the point where they are ready to kill someone. It’s a hostile environment that is almost impossible to put into words unless you experience it yourself. That’s why they did the TV show “60 Days In”, to try and bring some idea to the public of what it’s like. It is just like that folks!




In total I spent 18 months, HALF of my sentence in PRE-sentencing custody under these horrible type conditions which make it literally impossible to fight your case. You have no access to computers, limited access to phones, and the cards are really stacked against you. I would hear some prisoners who actually had been to prison before tell me, man you are going to be so happy when you finally get sentenced and they ship you out to prison. I kept thinking they were crazy but I eventually knew what they meant.


Before I delve into my sentencing, I want to come back to something Melissa strategically did literally a week after I was arrested. She filed paperwork in California court to seek custody of my son. But what really sucks is that she denied my son from visiting my mother, his grandma on an already scheduled and paid for visit for him to go to LA. Melissa sent a text to my mother stating “Per her advice from counsel, Cash will not be coming to LA for Christmas vacation”. You want to know the bullshit excuse she gave to the court? She stated that she feared that my 70 year old mother, who took care of her 82 year old husband who was not in good health, who just happened to have lived in that same house for over 50 fucking years, who also took care of her ailing 90 year old mother who had mobility issues, was going to take my son and leave them and all of it behind and flee the country to Mexico for the rest of her life. But Melissa is so kind to state that my mother can leave her husband and her immobile mother anytime she wants to and fly 3,000 miles to Atlanta then drive another hour and a half to bumfuck Columbus and be restricted to stay in that county alone to visit “minor child” anytime she wants to for a WHOLE weekend from 6pm on Friday to Sunday at 6pm and must give 2 weeks notice. She claims, “Petitioner FEARS that”, man you just know how to play that victim card don’t you? You are just too kind Melissa. Who really suffers, my son!!!  Link

Yet just 1 year before, in Melissa’s own declaration to the court, she herself states that my mother “cares for her eighty-two year old husband and her elderly mother…she has her hands more than full caring for herself and her family”.  So as long as it fits your agenda then its Ok, when it doesn’t, lets just make up whatever we want right…Pretty Slick Miss!  Link

My sentencing happened in May of 2015 and in the end I was grateful that the DOJ who prosecuted me and the Judge was able to see all through the BS lies Melissa gave and will say they were fair to me in my sentencing. Let me explain something very clearly that is important in all this for you the reader to understand. 99 times out of 100, when there is a crime, especially a crime where there are mortgage funds and/or large amounts of money involved, the root cause of all of it and the crime is some form of greed. Usually the “Money trail” leads to one living or attempting to live a lavish lifestyle or running some large criminal enterprise with the intent of defrauding victims. Mine was just the opposite. The victims here were financial institutions not people. Yes people eventually were affected by the end result as I was too; remember there were no “Golden parachutes” or government bail outs for many of us entrepreneurs left on our own to defend ourselves. But there was no greed and I repeat the evidence showed when it was all over that there was NO crime done with the intent of greed. In other words, during this alleged time of doing what I did, there was no purchase of any new vehicles, no new personal houses I bought to live in (in fact I downgraded significantly), no large luxury purchases like boats, jewelry or whatever on my behalf of any kind. All the funds went into the business accounts that paid salaries, lost rents, mortgages, business expenses etc. As the saying goes, “Numbers don’t lie”!


I originally filed a business Chapter 11 to re-organize everything but my attorney informed me that the losses were too great and there was no other option but to file a Chapter 7 and dissolve everything. There were so many bogus lawsuits that my attorney even stated, you can spend 250k on legal fees to fight every one and win, yet you will gain nothing from doing so, so let it all go and per his advice is what I did.  That proof however that this was not a crime for “personal gain” was undeniable and I am grateful that the Feds and judge realized that and moved beyond the false allegations from Melissa. Just because one is convicted of a crime does not mean they have a criminal mind.  I was sentenced to 55 months with good time 48 months.




In June of 2015 I was designated to Seagoville FCI in Texas just outside of Dallas due to the overcrowding of the West Coast and the very first week I am there, I am walking to my building and this guy passes me and says, “Hey you are J.C. Jones aren’t you?” I was like who the hell are you and how do you know me? What he told me next blew me away. Now I am sharing this information from what he told me. I will say I don’t know how much of it is true or not, honestly the information he gave me was so convincing as he knew specifics that it was hard to believe that what he told me he would have gained anything by lying to me. So again, I am not alleging anything, just passing along what he told me.


He introduced himself as John Edwards. He informed me and I later found out that he used to be a high ranking Deputy Sheriff for Wilson County and also worked with the FBI task force. He was indicted on federal charges for obstruction of justice and supposedly attempted murder of his wife. Folks I have come to know  how the Feds like to “Trump up” charges as I have seen countless examples of this many times over so I don’t know how much is true and isn’t. However, he proceeded to tell me how he was actually there and involved with my case with a certain bank in town (this was just before he was arrested) and he specifically stated to me, “Man your ex-wife fucked you over and sent your ass up the river, didn’t she.” I was bewildered how he knew so much about my case and then he goes on to share that he had first hand knowledge on how Melissa’s sister, Barbie McNabb was essential in making the connection between Melissa to the FBI and making sure Melissa was “protected”. I was aware that the Sheriffs did have close connections to the Nashville Branch FBI task force and John was very close to Barbie as well, so he stated. Lets be honest here, Nashville is not very big. So I am not “accusing” anyone of anything just stating facts that happened to me, but I find it another big “coincidence” that the Universe just happened to put me in the same prison, in the same building, 2000 miles away from someone who was actually there, was able to identify me and knew all about Melissa going to the FBI in March of 2011. Synchronicity!!!

***Oh yeah, Barbie just happened to notarize the “Fake divorce” decree as well for Missy. Funny how there are so many coincidences here. Now for the record, in full transparent disclosure, do I believe that Barbie “knowingly” colluded with Melissa to screw me over and hand me over to the Feds, no not at all. At least I hope not. I always knew Barbie to be very “square” and “by the book”, like to the extreme. Her job is her life and she takes it way too serious to do anything to jeopardize it. That I know! Knowing how manipulative and deceiving Melissa can be first hand, I have to believe that Melissa mislead and used her sister in this whole plot to achieve what Melissa wanted to do. Barbie probably did what she did, if what John says is true and again what does he have to gain by lying to me, believing what Melissa told her and helped her which any sister would do. I don’t blame Barbie in any capacity, know her and her husband Adrian are as they say in the South, “Good people” but share all this because… these are the facts that I know.


Everyone appreciates honesty until you’re honest about them then you’re an asshole, right?



While I was incarcerated from December of 2013 to November of 2016, Melissa continuously filed paperwork and “forum shopped” in any court she could to get what she wanted. Here are her filings.

Dec 17th 2013 Superior Court of California

Feb 27th, 2014 Superior Court of California

April 30th, 2015 Superior Court of California

March 4th 2016 Superior Court of Georgia

July 1st, 2016 Superior Court of California


Amazing how maliciously calculated and simple it is to continue filing bogus paperwork in courts all across the country when the other person is almost totally incapacitated while incarcerated and not able to appear in court. This was all about money. Very simple formula which is keep filing until she gets full custody, then Georgia gets home state jurisdiction, then whoop, what do you know, bring back the fake divorce that is over 5 years old with the child support of $1200 per month that she NEVER enforced in another court while I was out because I stated in the many emails that I would contest it because it was fraudulent, enforce that now in the new court, falsely mislead the court that he is a deadbeat dad and hasn’t paid it in years and owes a large sum, (like I am supposed to pay $1200 a month from prison) then try to threaten with “Contempt” and incarceration which Georgia does do. Well would do you think happened next folks…as if it could not have been a surprise to anyone by now. In this document she states ALL of the above and demands a whopping $64,750. Imagine that!!! Link

And here is the document she filed in Georgia asking for the “Fake divorce” to be domesticated in Georgia court (so they can enforce it), change my visitation rights where I am forced to visit my own son ONLY in the county there in Georgia knowing damn well that I would be on probation with limited access to travel, which only re-enforces what I have said all along that she has done everything possible to sever my relationship with my son. Of course she also asks on line (f) that the judge enforce her request through “punitive/CRIMINAL and/or civil powers” which means jail time.


Her genius master mind plan was if she could get that done, then put pressure on me or (MY MOTHER) to pay this lump sum or else, any order from the Georgia court that would incarcerate me for non-payment of child support arrears would do 2 things….1. Bring me to Georgia to be put in jail and 2. and here was the Big one Melissa was hoping for, would “violate” my terms of probation which would then send me back to federal prison AFTER I served the prison term in Georgia. Imagine that! Pretty Slick Miss! 


You know, my father was twice retired in law enforcement as a police officer and I grew up believing that there were criminal implications for lying on a court document, you know that scary line you always see, “Under Penalty of Perjury”, but seems Melissa had the upper hand as she knew what I have come to know sadly is that in family court, there is “no police” or D.A. to investigate the “he said/she said”. In fact, I have come to find out that in my experiences, the judges in family court many times NEVER even read the damn information you give to the court. You spend days, weeks, thousands of dollars putting so much effort and faith into that information to present to the court and it’s a big fucking sham!



In closing with the court documents in this declaration, here is the perfect scenario in my whole point of this. Melissa can’t even keep track of the many false statements she has given under sworn testimony. So in 2016 she files this with the Georgia court stating at the bottom that the child has solely lived with her for the last 5 years at the following addresses…She gives the dates of living in Palos Verdes California from Jan 2010 to March 2011... well wait a minute, if you have been paying attention in 2011 she claimed that she lived in Tennessee full time, rented a house there, had a job and only “Visited” California and gave all these declarations to the California courts. Its all catching up to you now isn’t it Miss?  Link         Link

So in April of 2016 something VERY interesting happened and as God as my witness, you can’t make this shit up. So I get a new “cellie”, Frank Ferdin into my room who is this hardcore die-hard Mexican gangbanger while I was in Seagoville Texas. He starts unloading his stuff and takes out this stack of magazines. I noticed they were borderline x-rated and you don’t see much of that in prison so I asked if I could take a look at them. FYI-in the Feds they don’t allow full nudity. So he handed me a stack and I started to go through them. These pics were from women who sell their pictures to men who are incarcerated for money. By the way-the inmates order them and then up sell them to other inmates for food or trade them for stamps. It’s a hustle. I get to about the 7th book and by now flipping through pretty quickly and then something looks VERY familiar…wait a freaking minute…I KNOW THAT ASS!!! “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! No fucking way, it’s my ex-wife Missy. Of course the inmate looks at me like I am crazy and full of it, and I immediately call my mother and tell her please send whatever pics you have of her so I can prove to these guys that I just found Missy showing her ass literally for dollars. (allegedly)    Link      Link    


Now folks, want to see the ultimate narcissistic move, even when confronted with the truth, what do they do…deny deny deny. Before I disclose the proof I want to get you all caught up. Now this proof brings me to the current events of today. To end my prison stay adventures, I was released on what’s called the 2nd Chance act 1 year prior than my release date of Nov. 30th 2017, so I was released to a South Central LA half-way house due to the incapacitation of my 87 year old step-father, my 74 year old mother and my 94 year old grandmother as they all had either serious health or mobility issues and as I have no siblings, I am their caretaker.


So as I stated in the beginning of this declaration, my son was scheduled to visit me and my mother for Christmas week vacation in December of 2017. Several days before the trip, Melissa calls my mother and chastises her accusing me of showing “Sex videos” to my son and that he might get expelled because he stated that he knew how babies were made and when someone asked him he stated that I showed him videos. I knew she was full of shit and knew exactly what she was trying to do. I had actually prepared for it. Now folks, anyone with a half a brain common sense would know that you don’t show “Porn” to a child, however someone who likes to spin things entirely to fit their narrative like Melissa will take what I did, which was show my son age appropriate Youtube videos about puberty and reproduction and sell it as if I am unfit and corrupting my son. Why?...well to prevent my son from visiting myself and my mother AGAIN. Keep in mind that this is the 3rd time in 4 years that she suddenly decided as she has stated so many times, “Per the advice of my counsel, Cash will not be visiting California.” 

So here is what happened, my son who was turning 9 was spending the summer vacation with me and one morning was very disturbed because he was having problems with certain parts that were always rising at attention…Ahem…I took it as an opportune time to have a true “Father-son” bonding moment since I was denied seeing him for several years while I was in prison. I found some Youtube videos that explained it all through cartoon type presentations and such and watched it with him and we had a great talk about the “Birds and the bees”. 

So after Missy talking with my mother, I sent her an email that was very “Bold” to say the least. What can I say, that’s just me. In this email I wanted her to know that I “Knew” that she lied to the Feds. Up until this time, she and I had ZERO contact with each other. I included the videos that I showed him as proof. I also shared the fact that I found the “Thirsty” pics of her selling pics of her ass for money. I think it’s worth reading the whole email.    Page 1 Link    Page 2    Link

So just guess what Melissa did next in true “Pretty Slick Miss” fashion. She filed ANOTHER filing in Georgia. Yeah… shocker right? This time to state that I was “Mentally unfit”, that I should be DENIED time with my son only with Supervised visits AFTER I take a “psychological exam” (a true narcissist), that “minor child will be harmed if parenting time are not modified immediately” and that I should only be allowed to see him again only in Columbus Georgia.  Oh yes my email to her was so threatening, hostile, erratic, and unstable. Woman Pluuuuease! Link


Remember… a Narcissist wears the mask of sanity. It is easier for them to make YOU out to be crazy-than it is for you to expose the reality of who you are…well now thanks to this platform of Truthavenger, exposing the actions of someone like Missy, is easier than ever. Narcissists remain levelheaded until you speak logic, reason and truth. That’s when they loudly claim that you’re unbalanced.

A narcissist weapon of choice is often verbal-slander, lies, playing the victim in flipped tales of who was the victim and who was the abuser, gossip, rage, verbal abuse and intentional infliction of emotional pain. It is a systematic dismantling of another person in every way. I think all this evidence I have showed proves my point.

BUTT WAIT, (pun intended) it gets better, here is the proof of all proofs of the utmost hypocrisy. So she declares to the court that “He attached several picture collage type digital images of VARIOUS WOMEN in lewd poses.” So when you state “Various women”, you are essentially denying to the court that any of them was you which she is doing. Really Miss???  Link

Now lookey lookey what I found, a blonde with your exact body type, smile, face features, hair, the “Bunny patch”- (you know that lil white round spot above your ass crack that would never get tanned in the tanning bed that looked like a fluffy white rabbits tail), with a RIFLE, boots you own, and the EXACT same damn PEACH thing bikini in the previous pics. Link

Then if you google “Melissa Gilliland Nude” this EXACT picture comes up right next to other pics of her with a bikini top and a rifle. Is that the SAME RIFLE…gee I think so.How stupid do you think we all are…wait that’s really a question not a challenge hunny, or is it bunny! Link

Where there is smoke there is fire…when you find out one thing the narcissist has been deceptive about, imagine how many more lies are still left uncovered? The smarter you become about a narcissist, the crazier the narcissist will say you are. When a narcissist can no longer control you, they will instead try and control how others see you.

DISCLAIMER:No copyright is claimed in images posted  in this declaration and to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, I assert that such alleged infringement is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright laws. Content and images are posted for the sole intent of educating the public and all images are the property of its rightful owner. I have used every avenue to protect any image not used for the sole educational purpose of this here declaration.

Although many people might think I am crazy- yeah I am sure Missy will file something for that again too…lol…It has been very liberating “Discovering” all this information that the Universe has given me. For years I was painted by Missy that it was me who was the “Bad guy” and having all this evidence is bliss freedom. Just like any person suffering from chronic pain eventually discovering the root cause of the symptom, I have discovered the real issue which has been simply Melissa being a true narcissist in every way shape and form. PROBLEM SOLVED! That in itself has also helped me in forgiving her, as narcissists are unable to change. It’s just not in their DNA. They do not take any responsibility for their actions, nor accept any blame for their wrongdoings. Why? They truly believe they are right! They feel justified in everything they do, no matter how distorted it is. Their “norm” (dysfunction) is to always be on the defense, and protect themselves aka their fragile ego/perception and ego never accepts the truth. It is not a matter of choice for them, they are simply incapable. A narcissist will always have someone they accuse of ruining their life. It is invariably the same person the narcissist is trying to destroy. This ALL makes total sense now!


When I first met Melissa in 2001 she informed me how her previous husband Shaun Lewis was very verbally and mentally abusive as was his entire family. She described how her mother in law Judy and Shaun’s father would all scream, slam doors and throw things at each other and how she had to “get away” from all that and therefore fled to Nashville from Double Springs Alabama. I don’t know how much of all that is really true now, when I met Shaun he always seemed very mild mannered and almost too laid back so my guess is that this was also fabricated by Missy. She has mastered playing the victim role.


Something very funny that I thought is so fitting of Melissa.  So I found this meme that states how facebook users have higher levels of Narcissim…While incarcerated, my 2nd wife decided to look up Missy on facebook to see who she was, what she was all about and so forth because until then, I didn’t talk about Missy other than her being the mother to my son. She informed me that one week she noticed that Missy had like a couple thousand facebook “likes” on her “Public figure Page” and then suddenly in one week’s time she had over 200k likes and followers. Folks anyone in the internet business knows that one can “BUY LIKES” and it’s been at 200k now for years. But it sure “Looks good” for the image right Miss? ;) By the way, being “Famous on Facebook” is like being rich on monopoly- it’s not real Miss so please calm down babe! ;) 







So we are winding this declaration down and I have put a lot of thought into what would be a great way to put someone on notice or “Serve them” so to speak since this is a hearing in the “Court of public opinion” is it not? I hope you are hungry Miss, you have the best table at the infamous “Karma café”…you’ve had reservations for a long time now…there are no menus babygirl. You WILL get served what you deserve.  Best quote from Karma ever…“I saw that”


Before I discuss this next part, I want to make something very clear. What I am about to say is by no means intended to be any type of online bullying, intimidation or threat from me or my attorneys of any kind. I have already made it clear my intentions in posting this declaration which is simply to declare my truths and expose what Melissa did, that’s all. However, I am aware that there is a fine line which I do not want to cross and these next paragraphs below are simply a declaration of my intent to protect myself civilly and what my options are. I believe sometimes we are forced to take certain measures to eventually and hopefully bring a resolution through a process called “Peace through strength”. Knowing Missy very well, I am also well aware how she operates and I want to make my point VERY clear that these are my powerful options that I may use in the event that she decides she wants to retaliate through more frivolous court proceedings and what the consequences would be.


Now I know that in true narcissistic fashion, missy will deny, lie, be revengeful, write on her blog ( …no that’s not a narcissistic title at all…lol…(in fact, you know what Missy… I think you accidently got the wrong domain name…Instead of “” maybe “The Lies of” would have been much more appropriate. OMG, thank you Universe, how fucking perfect was that! Off by 1 damn letter. HA! God I am so tempted to buy that…lol. Anyways, she will proudly claim that she is being attacked, play the victim card with all her drama queen power as she has perfected that for the last 8 years and may even say that she will sue me (go ahead and try and see what happens, I am MORE than prepared) So sue me for what, exposing the truth??? In fact let’s put all our “Legal cards” on the table Miss and discuss the options shall we. After this, I know you will look for every avenue that you can to sue me as you have always been about the “Tit for tat”. How predictable. Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth (here) but still believing the lies…That’s what I expect from her.


The most dangerous liars are the ones who believe they are telling the truth!

Well first, in the event that you decide to file anything in regards to this Truth declaration, be prepared for a massive counter-suit so we can go ahead and put all the 50 plus documents “On the record” of massive fraud on the court by you, that ought give you a lot of credibility in court. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust you to tell me what the correct time of day it is. So let me get this straight, you would want to sue me for simply exposing “Public documents” that YOU created yourself and filed in a Public Civil family law court as exhibits, of course completely false statements in different State courts, and evidence of you lying to the Feds from my own Federal case that I have the right to disclose and just simply “connected the dots” on how you deceived everyone and put serious fraud on the courts. I KNOW that in a million years you never once thought that I would publicly disclose and expose all the fraudulent documentation you provided to numerous courts did ya? TA-DAH!!!!!!

Then lets bring to light that you knowingly lied to the FBI…isn’t that a MAJOR crime in itself because last time I checked, people were going to prison for that and you know Miss, any conviction of ANY kind Federal or State or County and those days of you playing “Annie Oakley” shooting guns and your career as being a mediocre “professional long range shooter” would be over…as if it probably ain’t over after this anyway. In fact James would have to keep all the weapons and ammo OFF the home property or that would be a crime in itself for both you AND James. 

But here is where this is gonna get VERY, VERY REAL for you real quick. Pay attention James, as you would also be the one paying this bill for the rest of your life. I have the option, the very GREAT BIG option of filing in federal court that which entitles me to equitable tolling of the statute of limitations…look it up Miss (Pace v. DiGulielmo, 544 U.S. 408, 418 (U.S. 2005) which in a nutshell says that due to extraordinary circumstances that stood in the way (my incarceration in MAX/SHU solely because of your false testimony) I can file a Multi-Million dollar lawsuit (that’s a lot of commas and zeros) civilly and criminally for the following: Felony perjury to the FBI and State courts, unlawful imprisonment, compensatory damages, punitive damages, libel defamation, malicious and willful misconduct, emotional and mental anguish and human rights violations. All I need to do is prove one, and I can prove them ALL!!!


Now…If that doesn’t get your attention, I can also file a suit for “Liability of community property” for half the restitution I now owe simply because you financially benefited from the fraud and not only willingly co-conspired the fraud, but actively participated in the entire process which means you are guilty by “Relevant conduct”! There were A LOT of people in prison on relevant conduct charges.


You know it’s amazing when you put someone like me in a room the size of a closet with a shitter for months on end with no distractions like cell phones, TV, internet, or even magazines or even anything and have the ability to think for 18 hours solid every day and night and how amazingly clear one begins to think. I highly recommend it to every one as crazy as that sounds…it will change you forever. Now I get why Monks do what they do. When you are placed in a position like the SHU for months, deprived of almost every distraction possible, your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I was able to understand with a whole new perspective that the most difficult battle to conquer in our lifetime will not be against terrorists, your spouse or ex’s, the weight scale, your addictions, your boss, the government, poverty or even the devil (if you believe in that), the most difficult battle will be in conquering one’s self, your mind…lets face it folks, we crucify ourselves with our thoughts! Do we not??? I learned through strict practice and dedication how to FINALLY control what most suffer with and would call their “Monkey-mind”. Those are the thoughts which for most create anxiety, depression or restlessness in their head driving one crazy. What may be the biggest revelation of all, I realized that even though I was “Locked-up” physically, I learned that most in today’s free society, who are not incarcerated, are also doing “Time” themselves living in their own self created “Psychological prison.” Am I lying??? I finally started to laugh at the irony that many times when I was locked up in this “Hell hole”, I felt more peaceful and free than most of the people who were sadly living miserable existences in the free world. Let that REALLY sink in!!! So you told the court that I’m crazy Missy, hmmm maybe there is some truth to that but maybe you should have clarified it…yeah I’m crazy alright…perhaps crazy like a fucking fox!


So although its very and I mean VERY tempting to do all that and if provoked I just might still, the idea that you and James would be working for the rest of your lives to pay off my multi-million dollar judgment sounds really good, however unlike what you did to me in seeking to destroy me in every way shape and form, I am not here to destroy you or your family nor would I ever want to. That’s just not me! I just want to expose the truth and let Lady Karma do the rest and I’ll keep my karma clean. I truly believe what you do unto others you do unto yourself but I guess you never got that memo. If I did that to you with the intention of malicious revenge, than I would be no different than you. No thanks!


So I’ll make a deal with you Missy…You STOP lying about me and I’ll stop telling the truth about you!!! And STOP DENYING ME MY TIME WITH MY SON!!!


But then again, we just can’t leave things here can we? That ending would just suck. We have made it this far in this Truth declaration adventure, lets have a lil more fun shall we? So I have a challenge for you Missy. You like challenges right, you are always entering these long range rifle shooting challenges all across the country. In fact it’s so simple and it’s really easy money, so I know this will get your attention.

I hereby offer you a $15,000 POLYGRAPH CHALLENGE. All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions. That’s it…3 freaking questions…and it’s worth $15K. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me?

Here are the rules.

-You get a free roundtrip flight for you on Southwest airlines from Atlanta to LA.

-You get 1 night hotel accommodation at the Motel 6 LAX

-You choose 1 polygraph examiner from LA and I choose one polygraph examiner from LA

-You must agree to have BOTH video recorded

-You have till May 31st, 2018 to take challenge

-You must agree to have the results, pass or fail posted on all social media avenues and a future episode of a Truthavenger TV show episode.

***You want to be famous so bad touting yourself as “media writer, blogger, public speaker and TV personality”, well now… let’s help make you even more famous. We can add to some of that much needed exposure as co-host of “Trigger TimeTV” and all those booth appearances signing autographs. I am sure all your “Sponsors” and companies that you are “Brand ambassador” to will LOVE the much needed attention of being associated with someone like yourself. See if I was “vindictive” then I would be posting where you work but why bother. If the public wants to tell you how they feel about you, they will find you themselves. Lets see how the public decides to let your sponsors know how they feel associated to you especially all the gun-loving God fearing good “Divorced dads” that are “your fans” whom have been brutally slaughtered in family court too, had their own lives ruined and have lost precious time and relationships with their own children just because of actions of people just like you! Not exactly warm-n-fuzzy material.

I welcome ALL Fathers and mothers too whom have had their lives ruined by the actions of people just like Melissa to come forward and contact me and let me be a voice for the voiceless for you! Remember…For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. We are stronger together.


-IF you pass BOTH tests with the results indicating that you were being 100% truthful on all questions, my family has agreed to dismiss the entire $13,000 judgment ($3.56 interest accruing daily) that is now being pursued for collection from you through all means possible such as garnishment, seizing bank accounts, and lien on property. Your husband is fair game as well since Georgia is a community property state.

-Furthermore, we will also include another $2,000 so the full value of this challenge will be $15,000.

Here are the very simple polygraph questions.

  1.    Did you purposely lie to the FBI about your ex-husband Charles Jones?

       2.    Did you ever lie about your ex-husband Charles Jones using violence to  

               cause physical harm to you such as striking you across the face often?

        3.   Did you conspire with others to give false statements to the FBI regarding

               your ex-husband Charles Jones?

That’s it….Its pretty damn simple and straightforward. Just pass those 3 questions with BOTH results showing that you were “Not being deceptive and you were 100% truthful on ALL 3 questions” and its worth a whopping $15,000.  I know that if it was me, I would be all over this defending myself,  much like I am here now and hey I took a lie detector test too…so what do you say Missy? Up for this challenge? I would have to imagine that any “Counter” response to this declaration is a moot point unless you can back it up with actual evidence (not doctored up, not some phony story that you had pics but the phone broke or whatever, not current BS affidavits), REAL evidence to counter all the evidence that is listed here and to support what you have fabricated for 8 years now. No offense Miss, but after seeing all these facts, I can’t imagine anyone believing a damn word you say. But of course there are 2 ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true! Any response I will call you or whoever is declaring it out publically to prove it. I won’t hold my breath that’s for sure, Missy you and I both know, there isn’t any is there? ;)           

 So Melissa may now try and drop the physical abuse claim (since there is not one ounce of proof) after this post and then claim that it was mostly mental or emotional abuse. Ok well lets debunk that right here and now too shall we. Most may or may not know that it is a typical practice of anyone who is the abuser in a relationship, especially a man who seeks to mentally or emotionally abuse a woman, to isolate her and “Keep her down”. In other words, control her by DIS-empowering her, destroying her mentally in every way so she does not become independent enough or confident enough to leave. This is almost textbook practice. So hopefully by now I have made that theory very clear that none of that ever occurred either. Again, the proof here speaks for itself. I totally support any woman who has been in ANY kind of abusive relationship to empower herself, however, lets be 100% fair here, for every woman who has been abused, there is likely also a woman who has ABUSED the system in every way as well and that needs to be recognized and stopped!





When shit happens to you in life, you either get bitter or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down and then hate the world. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you. When something bad happens to you, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, destroy you, or strengthen you. As I stated earlier, what Melissa has done in all the evidence I have disclosed here has not only strengthened me, but she has no idea how empowered she has made me. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

However as I have stated earlier in this declaration, my intention here is not petty revenge. I don’t think exposing the Truth is revenge. As I stated before, I have forgiven her in my darkest heart of hearts. It’s taken every ounce of strength to do so but I also know enough that forgiving someone may cost you your pride, but NOT forgiving them will cost you your freedom. As the saying goes, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”, so I am good. I am free in every way possible and have never been happier in my life.

My mistake with the financial decisions I made and what I experienced all through this entire process made me humble, grateful and I know sometimes a mistake that makes one humble is much better than an achievement that makes you arrogant. Lesson learned! I own my crime and I own the experience. What else is there to say? Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self. I learned what you surrender to DOES become your power.

I recently told my mother that I felt that my prison experience with everything I went through, the SHU, the MAX, the prison politics, the chains, the food, the solitude, the chaos, everything was my own badge of honor and to me was much more powerful to me than being a soldier with medals. I’ll tell you why. Whether you or society agrees or not I don’t care. Everyone has their own journey to experience in their lifetime. A soldier going into today’s army gets top physical training like boot camp, gets trained in artillery, gets prepared for battle, has a CHOICE for that matter whether they enlist or not. Yes perhaps dying is not a “Conscious choice” but when they enlisted, they had to have some idea and the element of risk of what they were going to experience before they signed up. That soldier goes into battle with the best training, equipment, guns, support of other troops, and the backing of being part of the most dominant military force on this planet. Am I lying?

Unless you grow up in and out of the juvenile system, which most do not, you cannot possible prepare for prison and the experiences that come from it. It will break you! There is no way one day you can be loving life, eating out, drinking, having great sex with your lover, doing whatever makes you happy, then literally days later be thinking, should I sleep with my shoes on, what can I use as a weapon in the event that these people try to attack me where I have no protection whatsoever and nowhere to go. It’s a total mindfuck to say the least and the fact that I not only was placed in the most dangerous situations but I was able to not only survive but succeed, is my own proud achievement that I know most would have not been able to do. You might “Think” you would, but ask anyone who has experienced a similar situation and they will lay an overdose of reality on you.

I can say this with conviction, not all people whom have or are in prison are guilty or bad people or for that matter. For the faults of many, judge not the whole! In fact, I sadly found out that the people in prison were much more honest, loyal to stand and fight with you or for you than any of the employees/friends/family that I “Thought” I was protecting and helping when I did what I did as my crime. Funny how the very people I set out to protect were the very people that turned on me, but that’s just most of humanity isn’t it. People are about as loyal as a pet python. Another valuable lesson learned.

I can hear a few people now, “Well you had a choice before you created your financial crime.” Unless you were in that position of owning hundreds of properties, multi-businesses and dozens of employees you can’t and will never understand. At the time I felt like I had no choice. I felt it was the right thing to do. I understand now why it happened and am grateful for it. I was a “Miserable multi-millionaire” for a lack of better terms and the empire that I created was “it owned me instead of me owning it”. I know cry me a river right? I created it and have no one to blame but myself. I have come to understand there was a “Higher power” that created the perfect storm for me to lose everything and be able to get out of that chapter of my life. I also know why it was so easy to become depressed after the death of my father. The actor Jim Carrey brilliantly said, “Depression is your avatar telling you it’s tired of being the character you are trying to play” and man he was 100% right. I was tired of living that life I “Thought” was what I was suppose to do. You know the whole “Box’ thing that society tries to put you into…You must be married by this age you must live like this, you must think like this…etc. etc. No thanks, you can keep that. I know better now. 

The avenue of doing what I did started out not from anyone trying to make money from greed but from a very noble approach. As I mentioned before my business partner (Vaske) who owned a title company, the one whom I was on my way to help when my father was hit by the train, she as I mentioned had her home flattened by the tornado. She has actually been hit 3 times by a tornado so fair warning and don’t live by her…lol. In all seriousness though, it took her home owners insurance company over 6 months before they would ever pay the claim. She had a family, several young kids, plus a business with many employees as well who all relied on her for their lively hood. She told me that the only way in order for her to make it to live and keep the business afloat was she had to hold the entire payoff on a mortgage loan she closed until the next one happened and repeat the process until she finally received her insurance company check of like $225,000. Basically “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Because she saw the emotional toll that my fathers death created on me and my own guilt, she I believe, also out of guilt because it was her request for me to help her that forced me to cancel my breakfast with my father, offered to help me by doing the same thing for me as she was doing for herself. I don’t blame her because I know she did it out of love of a neighbor and was a true friend and not out of anything that would constitute greed. I finally decided to take her up on her offer when I saw my financial reserves draining very fast. That’s how it all started. We were both at that time dealing with major issues and were in desperate situations and did what we did thinking that it would save everyone from losing their jobs and homes but in the end we couldn’t save ourselves. That’s my whole crime in a nutshell. As I stated in my sentencing, I blame no one but myself and I own it. Case closed! If that’s not good enough for you, that’s on you! I am only responsible for telling the truth, not responsible for what you can or can’t understand.

Warning! If anyone thinks that somehow this declaration is my attempt on now being the victim, you are sadly mistaken, when in fact it is just the opposite and it has only empowered me even more. I have chosen a VICTOR mentality over a VICTIM mentality!They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…I say fuck that, lets start a lemonade factory!

My intent with this declaration exposing my experiences with Melissa is in hopes that someday or somehow, she will end this character assassination on me and stop interfering with my time with my son. My goal is to reclaim my right as my son’s father and re-establish my connection and relationship with my son that Melissa has done everything BEYOND her power to destroy! What does it say about a person who seeks to say and do whatever it takes at all costs no matter whose life it destroys along the path to keep their child away from receiving REAL love from the child’s REAL parent? I just cannot comprehend that mentality??? Is it not just cruel and evil-like?  Sometimes a person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves. That’s what I think happened to Missy. Just like with me and the doubling of the mortgages, you get so far out under that you can’t turn back and have to go down with the ship and so to protect her image and ego she must keep attacking me over and over for fear of what is happening right here and now. Do I seriously think I will ever get an apology from her, HA, I won’t hold my breath as true narcissists don’t ever apologize as it is not in their nature, but who knows, maybe this overdose of reality will change her much like my experiences changed me. I’ll say a prayer and hope for the best but as the saying goes, “A leopard doesn’t change their spots.”

The cold hard truth is Melissa never feared me…meaning she never feared me harming her physically in any manner, I think I’ve made that point pretty clear here, but there is something she did fear. She feared me not in the physical sense but in the sense that she feared me doing exactly what I am doing now…EXPOSING HER. That’s what she ultimately fears. Much like Toto in the Wizard of Oz peeling back the curtain to expose who the real wizard was behind the curtain pulling the strings and levers. Melissa J. Gilliland you have been officially exposed!

Melissa claims all this “Abuse” that I hope to God I have made clear here that it never happened in ANY way shape or form, so I ask you the reader, who is the REAL abuser here? Who has abused the court system, her connections, her “victimhood”, her knowledge of legal avenues, etc. I think it should be pretty damn clear by now.

I totally see now in hindsight how it all came about. Missy absofreakinglutely loved the attention she got when she was with me. We were living in Lebanon TN and you could say we became “Big fish in a little pond”. She got addicted to that attention. Hey for some it’s a dangerous drug. When we moved to LA she took one look around and went “Oh Shit”, this place is REALLY huge and reality set in that she was not going to stand out and get much “attention” from anyone here in LA like she did back in the South, its no secret California is famous for its beauties.


Funny to remember now, how when we were living in Tennessee her favorite show used to be the Real Housewives of Orange County. She was addicted to that show. In fact she became email buddies with one of the stars Vicki. Missy used to tell me to call the producers to see if they would be doing a Real Housewives of Nashville so we could be on it. I used to laugh at that. So fast forward to 2011 after my mother found out about James, she told me that one time back in the fall of 2010 when I was doing a lot of traveling for work, Missy had asked her if she had ever watched the show “Army wives” and Missy stated that this was her new favorite show. Well I guess we now know why…lol. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Missy knew how disgusted I was with her letting me down not helping me financially that she probably figured that our marriage would not last anyway. So when she saw James “The hometown hero” who was still riding high from the attention he was getting from his TV appearances for his actions in Iraq and BINGO, it was the “PERFECT” landing spot to ride his coattails and of course that’s exactly what she has done. So what is she now…a posing “Army wife” who has learned to shoot guns professionally, doing online videos, on a TV show, taking half naked pics in bikini tops and camo, passing herself off as some celebrity at expos signing autographs. (How cliché) Bravo! Of course she is loving every minute of it because in her world she is back to being PERCEIVED as a “Big fish in a little pond” getting all the attention from the gun loving beer drinking country boys who see her as some hot blonde “Redneck Queen” with big boobs and a rifle….and it’s ALL about the perception! Hey, let me make this clear, I am not mocking or judging as there is nothing wrong with that, I love my beer and love country music so more power to her, BUT don’t destroy other people’s lives just to protect and promote your own precious image. What does that say about you?

I believe in my heart of hearts that Melissa in an attempt to care so much about what others think about her, especially her family and friends if she had also been indicted with me, or that it was known that it was actually me who rejected her at the end of our marriage, that she had to create this BIG elaborate plan to make it appear as if she was innocent and also a victim. It has now become apparent that Melissa’s “Timing” of her fake divorce request demand all started and had to do with her knowledge of Goss’s indictment for her own financial crimes and Missy’s conversations with her back in early 2010. Thus knowing that I was very trusting, was pre-occupied in launching the new business and that I had a large guilt for the financial disaster that occurred and how we lost everything, she knew I would eventually sign the divorce with enough pressure if she could convince me that it was in the best interest of my family and for their protection.

BUT it was all for HER saving her own ass and no one else’s! Even though Melissa was EQUALLY involved in EVERY aspect of the “Crime” when in fact I could not have done it without her as she was instrumental in every deal that happened, my guess is that had we “stayed married’ then she most definitely would have been charged as well as part of the conspiracy but if she was divorced, she could “save herself”, distance herself from me, testify against me, claim that she had no involvement and any involvement was out of duress from me and further claim that she was simply a victim in all this and innocent. Pretty Damn Slick Miss!

Here is the evidence from the “Discovery” information from the FBI on my file which states “Consensually monitored telephone calls between Goss and Melissa Jones, and voice messages from Goss to others.” This document shows that there were many consensual calls between Missy and Goss that were recorded as “evidence” to use against me while we were married.  Great wife huh? The funny thing is Goss was someone I trusted, brought her into my organization, taught her how to be an investor and fired her after I found out she was trying to defraud me. Go figure! Well all is good, how much “Honor” should one expect from a woman who confessed to me directly that she sexually seduced the wife/widow (yes you read that right) of her own brother who died, at his own funeral into sleeping with her. WTF!!! SMH  Link

I guess Melissa and I should have made our wedding vows “Till death or indictment do us part” huh? So when its all said and done, its pretty damn obvious that this was and has been a TOTAL SET-UP for over 8 years from Melissa and I am bringing it to an end by bringing light unto the darkness or the Truth unto the lies.


At time of the posting of this declaration, I will be flying to Columbus in the week for court AGAIN for the right to see my son and for her trying to enforce that bogus $64,000 “Child support” arrearage that’s she claims. Let’s see what bullshit excuses she files or tries to delay this time. But of course she will blame it on “The advice of my attorney.” We had court on Feb. 1st and I flew to Atlanta on the 31st. of Jan only to be told when I landed in Atlanta that her attorney had the flu and had to post pone it. So I had to fly right back to LA. My attorney bought none of it as there are other attorneys in that office that should have represented her. My guess is that they were not prepared for me to “Show up” as I never sent in the filing to appear telephonically and thus decided to use a bullshit excuse to delay this. I will most definitely keep all my fellow Truthavengers updated on the results of our court hearing.

My ultimate intention is and always will be in PRO-TRUTH! I am not Anti-Missy or anti anything! MY intention here with exposing my entire Truth declaration is thinking if all this can happen to me, then I know that it is happening to thousands of other people everyday and how many people never get heard. How many just accept what happens to them because either they have no voice, no money, no power, no support system or no knowledge of the system, are scared of retaliation and a 1000 other reasons why. Its time folks, we have all heard about the “Times up movement” but what is really times up is that why has there never been a place like Truthavenger before. Speak up! Silence and powerlessness go hand in hand. Being unable to tell your truth and story is a living death, is it not? The right to speak is a form of wealth that MUST be redistributed and anyone trying to silence you is simply robbing you of your wealth. Speak the fuck up people!!!

I am however familiar with the fact that at times when one does speak up, it never looks good when it may be perceived that one is trying to make someone else look bad…I totally get that…so therefore before I carefully wrote this declaration out, I let it pass through 3 gates: Is it True? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Is it True? The beauty of this declaration is that there is nothing for me to lie about. The majority of everything I have stated and posted all comes from Melissa’s own declarations and filings anyway, so what is there to lie about?  I believe that the evidence speaks for itself. In fact there was so much information and evidence that I had to be selective on what was really important. The Truth doesn’t lie…it is what it is! You can wash a pig a 100 times but a pig is still a pig. You can’t change what it truly is. Same rule applies here, she can twist or spin this anyway she wants too, but in the end, it still doesn’t change the facts… The Truth is…Melissa lied, lied and lied!!!

Is it necessary? Well I can be honest and say this is all Melissa’s own doing. But there has to come a time when one has to draw a line in the sand and say that’s it, no more, I will no longer be character assassinated and victimized like this and denied my relationship with my own son. There is obviously a major shift happening within society with such powerful movements such as the #metoo and #times up and bringing awareness to situations where people have been victimized in so many ways and this my own version of just that. Now my intention is not to compare this with any kind of sexual abuse or rape as that is in a category of its own as it should be however, in general any abuse against another is abuse and wrong, no matter how you look at it and should be exposed and stopped.

There is a term for what Melissa has done to me and it is nothing short of that which called “Law Thuggin”. Several dictionaries describe a “Thug” as someone who commits acts or crimes for personal gain through stealing, intimidation, assault, lies and the like. Law thuggin is a term that applies when someone has been victimized, bullied, intimidated by, abused by or taken advantage of, by those whom have access to or knowledge of law, statutes, the courts and law enforcement agencies, against others who simply don’t. Just like a cyber bully only in law. A perfect example is a beautiful lady I know in Santa Monica. Her father built a very successful construction company that was worth millions, after her father recently passed, her own brother who is an attorney decided to abuse his position and profession by filing multiple frivolous lawsuits against his own mother whom ironically paid for his law school, just to gain total control to the large estate even going as far as filing fake police reports and incarcerating his own sister and forcing his own mother out of their own home. Pretty fucked up! He knows the system and is abusing his power for personal gain and thereby “Law thuggin” his own family. #Law thuggin,  #Truthavenger#Imatruthavenger#Protruthavenger

Melissa has been “Law thuggin” me for over 7 years now. It should be pretty damn obvious by now. I don’t know how else to end these constant attacks by Melissa, with all the frivolous filings in 3 State courts, the massive fraud on the court, the relentless character assassination, the lies to the Feds, the loss of my freedom, the what could have cost me my life scenario in prison and of course the thing that hurts the most is the constant attempts to keep me from having a close relationship with my only child, my son Cash but to expose it all and her. Thus here I am.

I know there is a fine line in making these type declarations and it not becoming a “Revenge” page or whatever else someone may call it or think it is and I have consciously tried to keep it from crossing that line, but sometimes the cold hard truth about telling the truth is, that the truth is, not so nice n’pretty.

Is it kind? Well for starters, I am not one to gain anything by tearing someone down. I do not believe in metaphorically cutting someone’s head off to make myself appear taller. At times, I am simply saying what I feel, what my experience with Melissa is and was and just adding my own personality to it. I admit sometimes I can be pretty bold and sarcastic but that’s just me. Sarcasm is my favorite language. I don’t come watered down. It is not being rude, it’s just being real.Everyone wants the truth yet no one wants to be honest. I’ve been told by many that I have a huge “Hall pass” to be a total asshole to Melissa for what she has put me through, Ok then what? How does that exactly benefit me? Then how would I be any different than her?  I know that hate, anger, revenge, and resentment is nothing but a self created sabotage slope.

Why should I also blame her husband James or her sister Barbie too or anyone else for that matter? I will give them the benefit of the doubt as I know full well that if she could deceive ME with what she did, she sure as hell could deceive them, which is what I believe she most likely did, so I hold no anger, resentment or ill will toward James or Barbie or her family. I am sure they thought they were doing the “Right thing”, that Melissa was being truthful as I know from experience what a master manipulator Melissa is. I have no doubt whatsoever that when they and others read and see for themselves with their own eyes what I have exposed here, they will see Melissa in a much different light and possible realize they have been deceived by her as well. I am quite sure this will be shocking to them as it would be to me if I was married to her now and found out the real truth what she did to her previous husband. I hope for his sake she doesn’t do this to James too in the event things don’t work out as I know this can not look good for the Gilliland “Brand Name”.

I however have no conflict with them nor do I want any. In order for there to be a conflict, there has to be 2 willing participants. I am not willing. I am at peace. This declaration is by no means any desire for a conflict but a means to expose the Truth of her actions in hope that it will eventually end a conflict and possible help many others whom have also experienced such events. As the saying goes, “Sometimes a good offense is the best defense” and I have been on the “defense” for far too long and it has gotten me no where. Time to change the playing field! Hell…even the nicest people have their limits. There was a great meme I saw that stated, “Follow your intuition, be smart, be brave, tell the truth, and don’t take any shit.” I say…Fucking Amen to that!!!

Yes I could be angry and at one time I was, then I read a quote by Buddha that stated, “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Fucking brilliant! Ralph Waldo Emerson also stated, “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness”, I have already done my “Time” and I choose happiness, plain and simple. Plus, when someone angers you they control you and essentially you are giving away your power to that person and only hurting yourself. I know better!

Yes, you can judge me, misunderstand me, you can gossip about me, your opinions of me are not my problem. I will stay kind, send love and be free in my authenticity no matter what others say or do. I will not doubt my self worth or the beauty and value in declaring my truth as it is my unalienable right and freedom to do so! I will never be a prisoner of my past as I know it was a lesson and not a life sentence. Sorry to disappoint you Missy. I have awakened!

How stupid are we when people get mad at those for speaking the truth rather than being mad at the people who lied. Let that sink in!!! It’s easy to judge and far more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods. Through judging, we separate and through understanding we grow. If you judge you will never understand…if you understand you will never judge. It’s so simple yet so hard for many. It is my experience that holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong, it makes you bitter. Forgiving them doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free. If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer but if you focus on the lesson, you continue to grow. You want to know how strong I have become…With Melissa, I had to learn to forgive a person that I sacrificed my freedom and everything for to protect her, who I knowwon’t ever tell me they are sorry…that’s REAL strength I would have never gained in a hundred lifetimes at the gym!


“Forgive that which angers you for the sake of that which pleases you” –Imam Ali

In case some of you have missed current events, there is a shift happening in the Universe and much of the corruption, abuses of power and intimidation that has been going on for decades if not longer is now coming to light. Whether it is in politics, government, Hollywood, pedophilia, sexual assault and harassment, sexual trafficking, police abuse, family court law, discrimination, racism, vaccines, GMO’s, chem-trails, false flags, whatever it is that hurts other people in some capacity, it must be brought to light, it must be exposed, it must stop! Truth is a religion of its own!!!Everyone wants to see change yet no one wants to be that change. Benjamin Franklin said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Until what happens to me either happens to you, a loved one or you are affected by it, then this will not stop or change. The world is changed by your example, NOT your opinion. So it all comes down to either, one is a part of the problem or part of the solution. Which one are you?


I send love to all the haters and wishing the best for Melissa and James and all her family and hope that she will one day come to the deep realization of what she has done and how it has affected MANY lives, not just mine, with innocent people going to prison, innocent people being investigated, innocent people being forced to experience life and death experiences, families losing time from their loved ones, a child being forced to not have quality time or anytime for that matter with his biological father and countless of other situations all because Melissa Gilliland wanted to save her own ass and create this fake false online persona to all her family and fans as she is some “celebrity” worth a damn. My intent is as I have been for the last 7 years…Keep Calm and Let KARMA finish it! Do you know about the 10th rule of Karma??? It states “One who stirs the shit, eventually licks the spoon”. Happy licking! I hope it was all worth it Miss…NOT too Pretty Slick Miss!

I hereby declare…Such is the truth!

Charles J. Jones