Madison Williams

Lives in Alaska, United States Born on April 21, 1987 Female
My Story

My name is Madison Williams, I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, and I have been through hell and back.  I have been abused since I was a child, about 3 years old is the earliest I can remember.  I would have to constantly be the "seen and not heard" kid.  My mother had me in high school, so I have never had a bio father, only abusive step fathers.  I always felt like my mother and step dads hated me for some reason, even though I was so sweet and a very good girl, at least until I became a teen!!! Naturally, I turned to boys, total statistic of a girl with daddy issues I was!  I got a boyfriend named Chris Jones.  He was my world.  He was my high school sweetheart, and He got me away from my mother's abuse.  She was unfortunately a major alcoholic.  She blamed me for a lot of things.  I couldn't do anything right, so, I started to just party with her and her friends!  I was drinking and smoking with her and her friends, and it was just madness! I still was in high school, so my grades were slipping.  I ended up getting pregnant at 17 years old.  I was told to "get rid of it"  and was taken to an abortion clinic.  I did not go through with it and was very afraid to come out of the room to the waiting room to tell Chris and his mother Leanne. 

I finally built up the courage, only to find that nobody was there for me.  I was left there.  I did not have a cell phone, this was 2004 and teens were not spoiled like they are today!!  I had to ask the receptionist to use the phone.  Once Chris finally answered, I asked him to come back why did he leave! and I told him I couldn't do this!  he said, well if you don't, I am not coming to get you.  I was so devastated!  His mother was the one behind it all, she is his puppet master. , all I wanted to do was get the hell out of that hell hole!  and I couldn't go too far or he wouldn't be able to find me, because again, no phone.  

He Finally showed up over an hour later.  I was starving because I wasn't allowed to eat if I was being operated on!  I was in my second trimester almost, and I was very hungry all the time!  I begged him to get me a dollar spicy chicken sandwich at Carl's jr and he fought with me about it.  His mother shunned me from the family.  I was never allowed at her house anymore, it was so hurtful.  My mother took me back into her home, and tried her best to deal with this new situation, but again, she was an alcoholic. She also hated Chris because he was very mean to me and very disrespectful to her! And she knew he was on drugs.  I dropped out of school to get a full time job at Target, I had o walk a lot of times to, because nobody would take me or pick me up!!! I will never forget after being on my feet for 8 hours, (they hurt so bad because of a medical condition I finally was diagnosed with)  and chris and my mother let me walk home in the rain.  I hated my life at this point, but this little sweet baby kicking made me keep going! I bought everything I could for our baby girl, with my paychecks and discounts from target.  To come home to a passed out mother on the couch, and I wasn't allowed to sleep on her bed, I had a twin air mattress to sleep on.  Even though she never made it to her bed.    

One day, Chris and I were in the room cuddling, and she snapped and actually got physical with me while I was 7 months pregnant.  SO Chris made me come with him to his mother's house to now live.  I hated that day.  But I was so used to being mistreated,and craziness, therefore I have learned to let things go and try to make the best of my situation. I started to work with his mother at her work, she thought it was important for me to make money but never ever made her son get a job!!!  It was pure torture having to commute almost an hour one way everyday!  Her driving made me sick to my stomach, really she just made me sick to my stomach,  but it was all for my baby. 

In April of 2005, I had a healthy 8 lb 6 oz 21 in baby girl!  It was 4 days after my 18th birthday too! what a way to enter adulthood!  She was the best gift God has ever given me (all of my children are!) I finally felt what true love was, the love I had for her, and the love she had for me was so powerful and unconditional!  I was so protective of her, everything was perfectly clean, I always kept her close to me, but one day, I laid her on a blanket my the couch in the living room to cook dinner, and all hell broke loose!  Chris and his older brother Jason, got into a bad fist fight and ended up pushing and flipping over the couch inches away from the baby!!!! Yes, it was time to move once again!  

I went back to my mom's, and it was actually really nice,  she mellowed out on the drinking, because she was so in love with her sweet little grandbaby!  She just adored her, and we had a really cool little family connection, for a few months.  Chris still came around to see us, high as a kite everytime.  He was very unpredictable, and angry at times.  One day everything changed.  I was very sick with 103 fever, so he came and took the baby and I to the store to get medicine and whatever else I needed.  He started a fight with me, and I told him to stay away from us, grabbed all the groceries, and the baby, weak and sick, and as I was walking up to the apartment, I hear him get something out of his trunk and then glass shattering.  He beat the crap out of my car with a golf club!! neighbors called the cops, and we have been seperated ever since.  Custody battles have been a complete nightmare, but I always won, because he was in and out of jail and just not stable.

Jump to 2008, I was 21, and I end up moving out of my mom's finally, because it was just time, I rented a room in huntington beach, about a mile from the ocean!  I had a good job, worked hard to get my diploma, and was so excited!  Well, I ended up drinking and partying with my room mate while Kayla was at her dad's, one thing led to another, and we slept together!  I got pregnant! with my second daughter.  It was surreal, because I was finally getting my life together, at least I thought! My mother's alchoholism was at it's worst, my whole pregnancy I drove back and forth to take care of her, check on her, I even had to take her car away because she kept drinking and driving! I went into pre term labor at 36 weeks on June 30th!  She was born,July 1st and my mother was so drunk, she forgot I was even pregnant! it didn't matter!  I had a new sweet tiny little 5lb 9oz 18 inch baby in my arms!  She was so healthy and never had to go to the NICU! Thanks be to God!

6 weeks later, on August 22nd, my mother went to be with the Lord.  I can honestly now say, I was so relieved.  She was hurting, and she peacefully went home in her sleep.  If I didn't have my two girls I would have been such a wreck!  I stayed strong.  I planned her memorial, with my nana, and I had to have her cremated, as that is what she wanted.  She was 39 years old when she passed, due to congestive heart failure/enlarged heart.  She was so beautiful and so full of love, she just had so much inside that it was time for her to go.  When my children ask why she passed, I tell them things like "Grammy's heart was so big, and Jesus needed her help in Heaven, so we will see her again one day, shes just really busy in Heaven with Jesus."  

I was so emotional, that in January of 2010, I felt it would be a good idea to marry the room mate of mine that got me pregnant!! I thought it was what God would want me to do! but it was never ever right.  We ended up spiltting up in 2011, (that didn't last long!) and I was glad when he moved out!  He was very abusive to me, and his dad who owned the house we all lived in! He moved in with two other women, and I started to run my own house cleaning business.  I also was going to school, a radio broadcasting academy.  It was busy and I was very tired, I lost a ton of weight because of the cleaning then at school until 11pm! and My ex and his father accused me of being out with a man or something like that!  they just would scoff at me when I would tell them I have to get to my classes!!  Even when I had the proof of all of my grades and everything right in front of them!  I quit cleaning houses as much,it was never easy for me, as I have pretty painful disabilities. 

I took job waitressing, at a huge place called Endless Food and Fun.  It was very large and a very high stress job!  I only had one pair of non slip shoes, and I ended up getting a few bad blisters on my heel.  Well, one of them ended up being really bad.  I went to the ER and found out I had a stage 2 infection!  I moved in a girlfriend of mine, Brittany Cecere and her little one year old daughter, I gave her and her baby my room, payed for her food and diapers and whatever else I could, in exchange for her to watch my two girls while I was waitressing/hosting parties.  WELL my ex Nicholas Casler and her were hooking up apparently while I was at work!  

One night he came by and caught her "Sneaking her boyfriend in"  and he lost it!  He was always a very jealous person.  Total narcissist.  He decided it was all MY fault somehow!  and when his dad, Richard Wilson, came back from a trip to Cabo, Nick started a whole crazy dramatic story!  He said things like "she had parties while you were gone." which never happened!  And, "she let strange men come here all the time." Again, never would happen, I am an over protective mama bear and trusted this woman! but she was obviously not who I thought she was.  I came home from my shift one afternoon, to Richard Wilson, with the most angry evil look on his face.  

Richard ended up getting in my face and I said “we need to get outside and talk because you’re scaring the kids and bam! He pushed me, I went flying across the kitchen, and my 2 daughters, my nanny, and her little girl witnessed it! I called 911, they came, he split my foot open that was at a stage 2 infection from my shoes. I went to the hospital, and he denied he ever did anything! I pressed charges. CPS was now involved, great.  They had to be because of the children witnessing it.

Richard Wilson, still to this day says “I fell.” I had to leave my only home I had. My two girls were now couch surfing. It wasn’t fair to my older daughter who was school age, so I agreed to allow her to stay with her dad until I got a place. Well as if life didn’t suck as it was, he kidnapped and hid her from me. Went to court and slandered me and said I’m homeless. I basically threw my hands up in surrender and gave him full custody, since he thought he could do a better job. This was all 5 years ago, and it almost ruined me. I now am a mother of 5 beautiful children, work for a Top 40 radio station, and live far from these crazy people. Unfortunately I’m still without my daughter, her dad has custody of her because I had to move out of state because I was homeless. I want everyone to know that abuse is never ok, it ruins lives, not only yours, but innocent little children!!