Payton Renee Courtney

Lives in Louisiana, United States Born on July 2, 2003 Female
My Story

My name is Payton Courtney. I just recently turned 15, I read a story that took me to this website. The person being abused was a women named Jean Markham. Jean was abused by the same person as me. He is my grandfather, Thomas Phillip Buxton. I was told stories of Jean, however all my grandparents said was that she left and that she lied about being touched by Phill. I was also told that my grandmother slapped her and because she did not believe her. This story is not just a message for the public, this is my cry for help, and hopes of talking with Jean about what has happened to us by this man. When I was 10 my father was givin custody of my siblings and I. We leaved with our grandparents, Thomas Phillip Buxton, and Debbie Buxton. When I first arrived at the home Debbie, who we call GG, told me that if I did not improve my grades that CPS would take me away from my siblings and that I would never see them again. About a month later is when the abuse started. My grandfather said that he wanted to play a game. He called it the butt pinching game, basically he would have us stand and he would pinch our butts and tell us to hold still as long as we could. When I say we, I mean he also did this to my now 12 year old sister Maisey Courtney. (she gave me permission to use her name) being so young, at first we just thought it was a game, however we realized that it was not a little too late. Phill would constantly grope my sister and I's chest and butt, he would always make comments about us becoming women, and that we would have vaginal hair. He would often say twat, he would try to touch us every day. At first I yelled at him telling him to stop. But as I became older I became extremely depressed and stopped saying anything. My sister and I would often stay in our room because we did not want to deal with his comments and non-wanted touching. Two years into the abuse I walked into the living room, we're most of the abuse happened, and saw him pin down my sister on the couch. He yelled at her saying "never call me a pervert again!" I was very scared, I yelled at him asking what he was doing and to let go of her. He responded by yelling "stay out of it or your next" He would constantly make us lay down with him, and Phill would try to go up our clothes to our private areas. He once flicked my vaginal area, and would always tell me about sex. He told me that I had acne because my body was horny, and that sex feels good, and that I should masturbate. And many more comments. The pain went on on for 3 years. GG only ever encouraged his actions. And would tell us to lay down with him. My grandma was also very abusive, she would emotional make my sister and I feel worthless. When I told her that Phil tried to rape me on my 13 birthday, she told me that I was not telling the truth. My grandmother would always call my sister fat and other things along that line. She was always forcing my sister to stay long periods of time at the house alone with Phil My father witnessed the abuse and acted as if nothing was happening. I just hope he didn't do that for Jean. If my father does see this, I want him to know that I am making a stand, and as a dad, you should have done something. I love you, but it all has to stop NOW. The summer of 2017 my sister and I told our mother and a family friend what happened. My mom decided that we were not gonna go back, and that we were going to fight. Sadly, my father lied in oath in court. And they believed him. My dad was to not ever let us see our grandfather again, however we still see him almost every day. And he tries to make me lie so he won't get into any trouble. My dad got us back and my mom was made out to be a liar, even though we have a court order my dad does not follow. Sadly Thomas Phillip Buxton has never been charged for anything from his multiple victims including his own daughter. I hope that my story helps you and that you feel more comfortable telling others what's going on with you. If you ever need someone to talk to you can find my Instagram and I would love to hear your stories. Thank you for reading everything, and please help me fight.