Payton Renee Courtney
by on August 30, 2018

welcome to my first blog!

before i start, Hi my name is Payton! (now that thats out of the way) I started going to a new school. this is the third week that I have been here. i thought it woud be almost impossible to fit in or not be very lonely. However i couldn't have been more wrong. there some bumps, but they dont really matter. over all everything went by very smoothly. I have not had any suicidal thoughts for almost a month! i havent felt better,I even go to my churches youth group with a friend! Did i also forget to mention that I am getting better when it comes to being in a church! 


nothing big has happened, but I have been making plans for homecoming! i already know that there is know way that my mom will et me get away with not going. sadly. but its fine, i just gotta try to have fun with all the great new people i've met. ill have to write another blog a little later, with of course HUMOR!!!!! 

write again soon, maybe a few min, idk.... HAVE THE MOST AMAZING OF AMAZINGIST DAYS EVER TO BE HAD!!!!!

Love Payton

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Charles J Jones
Very Nice Payton...You have a great positive mindset...remember that sometimes things arent as bad as they are but its your thought or perception of it that make it bad. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you "enlightening" yourself with some self-help books about metaphysics and mindfulness. It will ...View More