Payton Renee Courtney
by on September 7, 2018

I'm just going to tell you about my day, and my week.

To start off, it's been crazy. Like really crazy.

I wake up, take a shower, get dressed, do my makeup, etc. The norm.

By the time i got to first block i could feel a knot in my stomach. I disliked this class more than having a pig foot, chocolate ice cream, pasta, salted sundae. Not to menton putting, the most non-social person in a group. Anxiety through the roof!

But in all honesty it wasn't that bad. But the day started to get weird in second block. Math. Yay, all those numbers that i don't understand.

Then i saw it. A friend of mine, i'll call her A, A stood in her chair and started fanning her face, breathing heavily. Then someone in the classroom yelled, “shes having an anxiety attack!”

It was shocking. I've had attacks multiple times, but never like that!

However i didn't find out what caused it until lunch.

Im outside with my friend S, when i look over i see A crying and talking to her brother. I asked S if we should go check on her, and make sure she's ok, and won’t feel embarrassed in front of people. Crying in public is something i can't do. Anyways, i go over to her and asked what was wrong and if there was anything i could do to help. However i don't think she could hear me, due to her loud cries. I asked her brother what was wrong and he told me she was being bullied. I was furious. But before i could ask who they were, she started screaming. I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth. She was saying that she wears makeup because she's ugly. It was crazy, this beautiful person believes shes ugly. (the previous was written thursday, i'm now writing on friday)The reason, society. People.  I can relate, sadly. I let what my grandparents said about me, get to me, as well as what other people say.

Anyways, one good thing did come out of it all. I made someone's day. I told A that i am going to give her a sticky note, with something nice about her on it everyday we were at school together. And i still plan to do so.

Now for another crazy thing that happened this week, a boy in my class, C, had a very unfortunate thing happen to him. I'm not going to say that deserved it, because i don't know what happened. But he was punched, straight, in, the, nose. He was out cold. Blood all over the ground and splattered on the wall from his gushing nose. Teachers were running to go help him. Then the girl in front of me collapsed due to seeing the blood. It was crazy. Thankfully someone caught her. People backed up as the teachers rushed in.

That's all i've really got to talk about for now, until next time.


-Payton  9/7/18

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