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by on October 14, 2018

TRUST RES No. RCS-06051956 US-01.010                 Posted 10/13/2018 An 30 Days 11/13/2018





Ronald Clarenceof the Family Siedlik, General Executor FOR the RONALD CLARENCE  SIEDLIK Estate©,  Publishes this  Public Declaration Legal Notice TO ANY And ALL”Heirs, Legatees, Trustees, and Creditors of The RONALD CLARENCE SIEDLIK Estate© And Hereby Give Public Notice that the Property Identifies AS RONALD CLARENCE SIEDLIK©,  and ANY And ALL”  derivations of that name , on the Certificate Identified AS OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH FILKE No.: 135-56-022998, The Property of The U.S. Treasury Account Linked TO the Certificate of the Estate© Identified AS  Last Four Digits xxx-xx-5769  And “ALL” State Certificates of Organization FOR the Estate© identified above, have been duly conveyed BY DEED from the Grantee TO  the Grantor, Ronald Clarence of the Family  Siedlik.


The printing of  This Public Declaration Legal Notice Is Notice of Merger of Title/Exchange of Estate© IS TO, “ALL”  Heirs, Beneficiaries, Legatees, Trustees, Creditors, et al of The RONALD CLARENCE SIEDLIK Estate© who objected TO the Conveyance of said  Personal Property may DO SO BY  Providing Written Notice with A List Of “FACTS” FOR Objection, Signed Under Penalty if Perjury BY Objector Under Notary Seal And Delivered BY U.S. Certified Mail To:



Ronald Clarence: Siedlik, General Executor

Bill Hewitt, Recorder

Lamar County Clerk of Superior Court

Lamar County Courthouse, Box 7

326 Thomaston Street

Barnesville, GA 30204-1669

Phone 770-358-5145


After THIRTY(30) Days of the Publishing of This Notice, NO  objections OR responses SHALL Therefore cause the Equitable and Legal Title TO “ALL” Cestui Que Trusts TO BE VESTED IN Ronald Clarence of the Family  Siedlik WHO SHALL TSHEN BE The ONE SOLE BENEFICIARY  And  The ONE  Holding BOTH EQUITABLE And LEGAL “TITLE” therefore Extinguishing “ANY”  existing Cestui Que Trusts Held BY “ANY And ALL”  Legal OPersons. The Property SHALL revert back TO  the original owner from whence IT  came and WILL BE EXCHANED INTO A Private Business Trust©/Estate©.

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