Payton Renee Courtney
by on January 23, 2019

Im going to be honest. Know one said life was gonna be easy, if it were then it wouldnt be life. But one of the worst ways to understand this....would have to be by people. Ive grown up with some people that have proven themselfs to be rather shady. Even people in your family.

Like mine.

Im not saying that i dont love my dad, because i do. But he hasnt really done right by me or my siblings. He has stood there and just watched what has happened to us. And acts like a child when he doesnt get his way. He tries to make you trust a lie, so he feels satisfied.

My grandmother, I grew up with her in my life, unlike my dad... she acted like the sweetest lady, but behind closed doors was another story.

And Phil...i dont call him my grandfather anymore, and i do not love him.... i would even go as far as to say that i hate him, even when i pray that god will show him a better way, so that he can go to heaven. But it always feels wrong, but right at the same time. (mainly wrong) In public hes just this old man. But when that fake him leaves, theres a real monster. The type of man whos proud of molesting children, and tormenting them for years. He finds joy in someone elses saddness. If thats not the devil with a tight grip on one man, then it is the devil. 

I feel like devil torments those who he thinks are the weakest, but god put them there because their stronger.

Im a teen, most teens are not able to be trusted, its just the age, they cant keep there mouths shut for a second.

But that doesnt mean dont give people a chance.Do give them a chance, when you at your highest thats when you find more friends, at your lowest, you know who your real friends are.

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Charles J Jones
Very smart girl to be so enlightened with wisdom at such an early age! You dont forgive others for them, you forgive them for YOU!