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My Story

Husband's Betrayal Left Me With A Federal Felony, Broken and Impoverished!

My story: I was convicted of a federal felony in 2010 of “Interference with an Official Proceeding” in relation to assistance I gave that delayed my domestic partner from going to prison for around six months while he had cardiac arterioplasty (heart surgery), gastric stapling revision, IV antibiotics for three weeks, and a psychiatric hospitalization. He had corruptly planned to avoid going to prison by filing an appeal he had already botched by forging various doctor’s signatures on notes and a report I gave him to give to his physicians that he thus subverted and attempted to blame on me. At the time I worked nearly 60 hours a week and over trusted Ruben, which was my fault. Due to my immediate and full honesty, I was sentenced to 60 days house arrest and three years probation. Reports also indicate my honesty prevented charges from being filed against the other physicians involved with my partner, Ruben. As the government’s report filed with my case state, I had no financial gain, just misguided affection for a partner who betrayed my trust, even bragging to his other physicians about how his forgeries were intended to harm me, as they did, costing my medical license and losing home and business.  Part of the reason I accepted the Government's plea agreement was based on the testimony of Dr. Herbert Sim-On Chin who accused me of 'tricking' or 'coercing' him to sign notes on Ruben's behalf.  I told my attorney that it wasn't true, that Ruben had seen Dr. Chin and so far as I knew was still under his care. Two months after signing the plea agreement I found the receipt from Ruben's initial visit to Dr. Chin and an email from Ruben's attorney asking me to coordinate Ruben's psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Chin but it was too late for me as I had already felt compelled to take the plea agreement or face prison.  

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Below is the exact details of what transpired...

While a resident at Harbor UCLA, I began working at Los Angeles Jail Mental Health in the summer of 1999 one day a week following the encouragement of a friend of mine who had worked there, David Stone, MD. I did not interact with him there but primarily with Brock Summers, MD, with administrative supervision by Drs. Stephen Shea and Thomas Klotz. During that year I worked mostly in the Inmate Reception Center where there were always Sheriff's Deputies present in a windowed observation area above and behind where the inmates sat and the interviewing staff comprised of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals sat in an area behind a plexiglass partition. Beginning in July of 2000 until June of 2002 I was a fellow at USC Institute of Psychiatry and Law where I continued to work at the IRC and in addition had two additional half days on mental health units where I continued to be supervised by the above physicians and others. Also beginning in July 2000, I began working part time in Whittier, California, at the Center for Behavior Medicine on Colima Road. By mid 2001, I had already decided not to work at the Jail Mental Health because of negative things I had heard about it and I didn't like what I saw in Twin Towers as the psychiatrists were able to elicit almost no useful clinic information from the patients so it seemed ethically puzzling to treat something that could not be solidly estabilshed. A psych tech that worked at Twin Towers Jail came to my private practice on the pretense of requiring psychiatric care but I believe her real mission was to beg me to work at the Jail Mental Health although I had already decided not to.


In any event, I applied to work at Los Angeles County Mental Health but had thought I would work at one of the outpatient clinics. I was offered a job at the Mental Health clinic on Skidrow in downtown Los Angeles which I turned down due to the very scary setting and that the area had not gentrified as it has done since so it felt like too challenging an environment. In the end, I was only offered one other position which was at Twin Towers Jail Mental Health. I decided to take the job at Twin Towers Mental Health despite my intial reservations as I knew many people there already and I was not making enough in outpatient work to pay my way. It was later I came to find out I was to be assigned at Men's Central Jail, a place I had never been and knew nothing about. Later, just as I began to work there, the Sheriff's Department Mental Health Lisason, a deputy, retired and was not replaced, thus leaving no one in the Sheriff's Department to discuss interdepartmental matters. Then it turned out I was the only Mental Health professional in the entire jail, a complex series of buildings so vast there were internal escalators and it was several orders of magnitude more populous than Twin Towers that had dozens and dozens of Mental Health Staff. It was just dawning on me how difficult Men's Central Jail would be for me needless to say I did not take care of myself by quiting even after developing new onset panic attacks on approaching the building on foot. I unfortunately came to believe I had Al-Anon isssues which made working around drug addicts, alcoholics and anti-social personalities more challenging than I had believed. This never was a problem for me with the general public as I seldom ran into patients who were blatantly manipulative or threatening that I could not manage appropriately especially as my outpatient work usually included a psychologist or other mental health professional who was providing psychotherapy so I could consult someone else about patient issues, though as it came to pass I was to be abandoned by the Sheriff's Deputies about four months after I began working there, which the inmates saw and understood some weeks or months before I did, and jumped at their perceived chance to gain any advantage they could. Once again, codependency, related to Al Anon issues, meant I was not inclined to take care of myself or my safety first.


The fact that these charges were fabricated can be easily seen by the way they evolved after that initial year after my departure from Men's Central Jail. I was initially charged with providing contraband to an inmate which was the only allegation levelled against me for nearly a year. The contraband allegation subsequently disappeared despite the fact the Sheriff's Department had put a wire on an inmate to ask to take a can of Coke on my desk, which he did, as I was not in the habit of challenging inmates when I could not be sure of assistance from the Sheriff's Department. I recalled having seen a documentary in the late '90s that appeared on the public television in Los Angeles in which a Catholic Priest who had worked in the jail for some years until he complained out loud that he believed that many of the men held in jail were deserving of better treatment in life, then he was suddently accused of providing contraband and forbidden from entering the Jail. I unfortunately am rather foolish and said out loud to numerous inmates that they were there for mostly minor parole violations and just needed better education and employment. It did not occur to me at the time but I believe my office was recorded the whole time. After the City Attorney and County District Attorney passed on contraband charges, allegations of sexual impropriety were alleged. These allegations were sent to the Los Angeles City Attorney and the Los Angeles County District Attorney who did not recommend charges be filed. I obtained an attorney in criminal law (who passed away suddenly in 2008) expecting criminal charges to be filed, and I carefully told him the incidents that actually happened, and he told me I had been sexually assaulted. That attorney, Carl Simons, and a notary public I hired, went to see the complainant in State Prison who told the attorney I was the kindest person he had met in the Los Angeles County jail and had not mistreated him in any way. He signed a notarized affidavit to that effect provided by Mr. Simons. Finally, the City and District Attorneys did not file any criminal charges. The Sheriff's Department did send a complaint to the California Medical Board then subsequently another complaint was issued more that a year later by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. It was obtained by Stephen Shea, MD, them head of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, who I had heard greatly disparaged by psychiatrists that worked for the State of California though I did not hear what knowledge the basis for their opinion was formed and I had had up to that point a postive regard for him. The fact that there were physicians willing to obtain false testimony on behalf of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca, who along with his top aides, would subsequently face criminal charges and imprisonment is really all you need to know. (I will add further details in an update)

After departing Jail Mental Health, I continued to work in Whittier. I ended a physically abusive relationship in January 2003 of nine years and I was single for about six months when I decided an adequate time had passed for me to widen my social activities in hopes of finding a new partner. I often advised people who came to see me to be very cautious, even to forego important financial and life decisions for a substantial amount of time after a major shock in life such as divorce or death in the family but I was unable to realize in my own life such a circumstance. In any event, I ended up in a three year relationship with someone who was happy to accept my generosity all the while planning a terrible betrayal. At Ruben's request, we went to San Francisco on Valentine's Day 2004 to get married. I sometimes wonder if the things that happened with him might not be related to an abuse of the sacrament of marriage. We were seen on the live news feed that CNN ran over that weekend. This is an abbreviated precis of the circumstances around meeting Ruben and intersects with the above story because I allowed Ruben into my life and trusted him to the point of trusting him utterly, for which I paid a great price. I allowed Ruben to interject himself into my affairs which I very much regret doing. My future attorney, John Harwell, was found by Ruben. It was Ruben's fraudlent activities in 2006, as recounted below, that was the final blow preventing me from keeping my medical license.

I don't entirely know why Ruben was in legal trouble. He never told me and wouldn't really answer any questions about it. The events surrounding his legal troubles all happened before I met him at some time prior to mid 2003. The only contact I had with his case was when I went to his sentencing hearing in early 2006. The judge recounted his charges which related to Health Insurance fraud by 'doctor shopping' to obtain excessive quantities of opiates. He told the court (and me in one of rare occasions he spoke about it that occurred around this time) that he was addicted to opiates and abused the medicine himself. In retrospect, I suspect he sold the medicine and he was likely a drug dealer. Ruben knew I had grown up with an alcoholic parent and that I had 'Al-Anonism' or co-dependency and knew how to bully and gaslight me into discounting the plain evidence of who he was and what he was doing, ridiculing me into not seeking help in Al-Anon though I accompanied him to AA for several years. He would repeat sayings heard in AA not to assist me but to dominate me, saying things like, "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?" which he repeated frequently over several years.

After Ruben went to prison in the fall of 2006, I took out a restraining order against him which he violated on his release from prison at the end of 2007. Because of what Ruben did (see below) I had to withdraw the appeal that Mr. Harwell told me at the time 'everyone who loses their licenses wishes to appeal and I seldom recommend it but in your case I definitely recommend you file an appeal.' As time passed, Ruben subsequently would not cooperate with the divorce I initiated in 2008 so I remain separated and married to him. I did not have the report detailing his betrayal of me as verified by his physicians and the FBI that was filed in Federal Court in 2010 until I had looked for it in the process of seeking a Presedential Pardon in 2016. If my circumstances allow, I will refile for divorce.

In 2013, at the suggestion of a physician who had previously had similar experiences as my own, I sought an evaluation and possible treatment at Promises in Santa Monica. Promises is a treatment center for professionals such as physicians and attorneys with alcohol, substance abuse or dependence and related conditions. I told the physician there my story in detail and he required I take a polygraph as a condition of receiving an evaluation from their program. The test question was to ascertain whether I had told the truth, regarding the sexual allegations made against me. I was determined to have told the truth that I had not engaged in any lewd or sexual conduct in that inmates presence. The Medical Board did not believe anything I said and was particularly derisive and rude during the hearing for reinstatement of my medical license. I sat at a desk beside an open door in an adjoining room where the Sheriff was supposedly sitting and the inmate had to pass so the allegation was particularly ridiculous but the Medical Board believed the Sheriff's Department who repeatedly lied to me on my way out the door, asserting that patients had total privacy, which is completely untrue. They made particular note of the portion of the Promises report that contained the polygraph. At the end, the lawyer for the State, David De Martino, at the end of my hearing in 2015, gleefully threw my case file in the trash can at the end of the table. My only solace is knowing that many of the truly guilty parties at the Sheriff's Department were sent to prison subsequently. Considering how the Medical Board behaved and what their finding were, I do not know if it makes any sense to pursue reinstatement again. Even if I had had the AUSA's report recounting the complete and immediate honesty I displayed to the FBI when I was interviewed alone, which is stated to have aided multiple other health professionals not being charged in relation to Ruben's behavior, and the knowledge obtained by the FBI of Ruben's boasting of having sent me to prison as recounted by two of Ruben's physicians, I do not know if the Medical Board would have found any differently, but it does make for an odd contrast in my eyes to preferentially believe numerous others who were clearly lying or misrepresenting their testimony about me, meanwhile, hidden in a Federal Courthouse is evidence of my truthfulness.

Thank you for reading and helping!

The below link is to a scanned copy of an email from Ruben's attorney wherein she asks me to coordinate preparation of the report for the court of Ruben's mental condition as it might apply to his legal circumstance. It specifically relates to Dr. Chin's expected cooperation in the matter while he later gave a completely different testimony to the FBI so that during the time I had to accept a plea agreement as I could not produce this proof that Ruben had ever seen or planned to see Dr. Chin thus proving that Dr. Chin's testimony was untrue.  At the time I assumed Ruben continued to see Dr. Chin but now I do not believe Ruben ever returned to Dr. Chin's office after the initial visit and instead forged Dr. Chin's signature and submitted it to his attorney. The receipt Ruben obtained from Dr. Chin's office will be attached later. Dr. Chin told me he had seen Ruben and was cooperating with producing the report or I would never have asked him to sign the additional notes. Dr. Chin did enrich  himself by lying about my contact with him by obtaining my medical practice in Whittier. When I produced the documents indicating that Dr. Chin's allegations were untrue, my attorney and I presented them to the AUSA in my case who derisively said before my attorney, the FBI agents involved and I, "we hate when people (Dr. Chin) lie to us." The complaint and charges were ammended subsequently removing the earlier language explaining the basis for the charge but leaving the charge unchanged.