Kathryne Tamez

Lives in Jamestown, New York, United States Born on July 15, 1985 Female
My Story

Chautauqua County CPS took and kept my kids on false allegations. Our attorney's lied to us about our rights and talked us into pleading guilty without admission to neglect. We were promised our children home in 6 months if we cooperated. We cooperated and they used every excuse they could to not return our children. When it was finally ordered by the court to do home visits, they took the kids to the doctor and made the doctor write a summary stating we should not have home visits. They went to terminate our rights after we had done everything counseling, anger management, drug evaluation, budgeting classes, newer homes at the request of them, and parenting classes. We were there for our children the entire time and always had for them. We never neglected them. Knowing that they did not have the proper grounds to terminate our rights, the Judge got us involved with attachment therapy, recommended by one of their therapists even though it's not in the DSM-V. The attachment therapy was in condition of a suspended judgement. We later came to find out he had no intention on giving us therapy but openly admitted his intentions to speak against us in court. We have not seen our oldest children since 2015/2016 because of this. I have proof in the recorded confession of a social worker who believes in Christ that they do lie and edit reports to suit the relief their trying to seek from the court and have a system of making false allegations and having public defenders defend them. The public defenders lose on purpose and set their clients up for failure, effectively feeding them to the wolves. It was openly admitted to me by my attorney that the only reason we were not getting our kids home is because the foster parents wanted to adopt our children. The same thing is happening now with our youngest son. He is suffering just like my oldest children in the system. He was taken directly out of the hospital from birth and is now traumatized because of this. I believe the department has given us false hope about returning him just so they can create a bond and sever it. I believe it has become personal and they are trying to destroy us as much as they possibly can because I have fought back. I have learned and studied the law but I am getting nowhere with the Judge, even when I motion to quash on a show cause not properly served. If I cannot win on the grounds of insuffiency of service(an easy victory according to the most case law) it's clear the Judge is biased, working with them, and will terminate our rights regardless of what the law or what is the best interest of our child. They are doing this because they receive financial incentives to adopt children out and not return children home due to the ADOPTION AND SAFE FAMILIES ACT which offers cash bonuses for not returning children and adopting them out to strangers. I've filed a Judicial complaint and have heard nothing. I've reached out to countless legislates in this county and Senator Catherine Young but nobody is stopping them from doing what they are doing and at this point, we feel we have little recourse to change the course of destruction they are setting for our family. Our civil and natural rights are being violated in many ways. Social workers gloat about my child crying and fighting to not go back to the foster home during visits. We both live together, have had a home for our children to come home to for years. We both struggle with disabilities that they wont help us with. My husband works at a Soup Kitchen serving the poor and we are poor ourselves but we have and have always have had for our children. If there is any way you can help, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.