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Most people nowadays understand how important and valuable Press Releases are. In today’s society almost every thing that happens comes first as a Press Release in one form or another. Any major “Breaking news” event and even news or updates on celebrities, musicians, tours, new music releases are all done through Press Releases. If a new movie is coming out, a Professional Press Release is done. If an athlete is traded, arrested or signs a new contract, a Press Release is done and sent out. Press Releases are even now done when someone important like a politician/athlete/celebrity has “Tweeted”, which social media is essentially like a “Poor mans“ mini Press Release for the average person but not very effective in long term benefits. Essentially, the vast majority of the news that you see on TV, online or through your phone, all started out first from a Press Release.


Celebrities and corporations pay big money to keep their names and stories out there in the public. But what about the average person fighting to be heard to get their story out in all the major search engines, what are the options? If anyone does any research online they will see that a professional PR distribution can run well into the hundreds of dollars. For distribution PR here is the price between some common Internet Press Release distributors:

$775 $369 $499 $999 $499+ $460

To have a professional writer create it alone for you can also cost well into the hundreds as well. If you decide to hire an “Online Reputation Management” (ORM) type service, expect to pay well into the thousands upfront for most and some do require it to be continued on a yearly basis.


TruthAvenger understands that the average person simply just wants to take control of what is currently found online about them on the very 1st pages of the major search engines and is proud to offer “Positive PR” to all its community members who have earned their “Digital Badge of Honor”. This service offers the following:


  • Professionally written Press Release using the facts stated in your Truth Declaration by a professional freelance writer


  • Directly released and posted to the following SEO optimized Press/Media websites:






and through other top Press Release, Media and Blogger distribution sites worldwide.

If you are ready to take full control of your online reputation now by sending out a Professional Press Release for the one time fee of $79, please order now!


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