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Charles J. Jones, a TruthAvenger, shares his extreme and incredible life changing experiences of learning how to overcome the ignorance & illusions of being a product of the brainwashed, indoctrinated, “programmed” ignorant society, that unfortunately keep most people trapped in the “Gear of Fear”, and what he describes as a self-imposed “psychological prison”. Where most people are unknowingly, their own Warden. This keeps most from ever truly achieving any level of enlightenment. Thus, being unsuccessful, unevolved, unenlightened, miserable within themselves, their relationships, their lives, & ultimately, “stuck in stupid”, life after life after life.

Once being told that he is like the “George Carlin of metaphysics”, his delivery of “Raw Truth”, which emphasizes that “Truth, is born out of your own Being”, covers all areas of the universal spectrum from the Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction, to religion, politics, sex, consciousness, self-realization, the NWO, the Higher-Self, the Master Messengers, and Jesus the Christ himself. Just to name a few “controversial” topics. 

“Here is some truth that ‘channeled authors’ cannot tell you as 1.) it would ‘offend’ too many people and 2.) they as ‘enlightened beings’, cannot impede or impose on your God given free will. It is metaphysically impossible to operate from ‘in the Vortex, in alignment,’ and be ‘religious’ at the same time. Just like you cannot have Light & darkness simultaneously, or much like water & oil; they cannot, will not, and do not mix! Do you understand why that is?”

Charles does not hold back in his bold opinions & truths. He states that this book is specifically intended to be a positive wake-up call for humanity and for the advancement and ultimately, the “Ascension” of the Soul, but delivered in a way metaphysically & metaphorically speaking, where some people desperately need a high the head...with a chair! Charles states, “Life will only change when you discover your Divine power & WHO you really are. The Master Messengers have been trying to convey this simple message for eons: Gods don't follow, gods Create!  You change your Soul, only when you know your godhood Role”.